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hi! so i've recently stopped wearing foundation and am trying to start wearing concealer only. i only have a few pimples and a small facial scar that i like to cover up, but i feel like whenever i use concealer on its own, its just very noticeable and stands out. i have many different concealers, all in the right colors, but i just feel like whenever i just wear concealer it is obvious that i am trying to hide something. so, i've started wearing bb cream to kinda camouflage the concealer in with my skin, but i just can't find a good one. i really need it to last all day and provide light/medium coverage without looking like i have makeup on! please let me know any suggestions/advice on the concealer problem / any recs on bb cream.
I am Medium Tan in Bare Minerals Mineral Powder.   Thanks so much <3
I recently splurged on myself and gave myself a custom makeover where I fell in love with the foundation used...Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in the color Beige Dore 10. I've had the product for a few months and was worried about it running out, so I went re-order online and that color option wasn't even there. I went to my local Sephora and they had a tester for that color but there were no actual foundations that I could buy. When I asked, the SA tried to find it online and in the back but couldn't explain why it wasn't in the system or when it would be back. I just want to know what happened and when can I expect that particular color to be available to purchase. Also, what would be good matches for that color. (I tried using the Color IQ match with the YSL Beige Dore 10, and that color didn't come up as an option for me to match colors with other products.)  If anyone could help or point me in the right direction to just clarify what happened, I would love that.
My entire body gets tan except my face. I have tried multiple face self tanners (Clarins Tanning Milk, Bare Minerals, St. Tropez), but they all break me out. Any suggestions for a good face self tanner for sensitive skin? Thanks!
What is a good powder foundation for combo oily skin? I use Kat Von D and it is starting to slide right off. It seems like it is just a layer on top of my skin that can be wiped off. How can I change this or what is a good recommendation?
I love the highlighter in the Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Naked(Original), but want to move away from purchasing the palette again. So any good dupes?  Help please! And thanks. 
Hi everyone! I was hoping I could get some advice.  I have just really started getting into putting make-up on and I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on brushes.  I want to get some nice brushes to put on.  Thanks!
I bought these and they just came in today so I will be reviewing them as I wear each shade.     Today I wore Highly Waisted and I did put a bunch on because you all know how I love that glow!  I don't find it to be the most pigmented highlighter or anything.  It's fine but not amazing.  It applies nicely but I can't say to the blendability because I was going for a bam sort of look.  I wasn't intending to blend it into the skin.  I only wore it to dinner so  I can't speak to the longevity but I will be wearing a different shade to work tomorrow so then I can tell you how it lasts.     Here is a picture of me wearing Highly Waisted:  
hello, I'm going on a beach trip in two weeks and from all i've read for essentials tinted moisturizer is one of them and all through sephora the laura mercier is the one favorite I've seen. i'm a NC15 in the mac but a 4.75 in the giorgio armani (blended perfectly). from experience from makeup counters i am Fair with a red undertone so what would i be?. also which of the moisturizers is the best between the broad spectrum, illuminating, and oil free laura mercer tinted moisturizers? Thank you!
I received a sample of Luminous Silk and just love it. My color id in this foundation is 5. However, I'm intrigued by Maestro Fusion (id is 5.5) and Designer Lift also, but neither of these are available in stores within 100 miles.   My questions are these: 1. how do I compare these 3? how do I know which one I should choose? 2. what color should I get in Designer Lift should I choose to purchase this one?        
Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.29.40 PM.png
So I was looking for a daily wear BB or CC cream with a higher SPF than what I've been using, but I've been advised not to rely on that for sun protection.   What's your favorite sunscreen to wear under makeup that isn't greasy and doesn't leave you looking ghostly, and doesn't make your makeup run or otherwise cause problems?
According to Sephora color id, my color is 5 in GA Luminous Silk and 5.5 in GA Maestro Fusion, but it won't give me a color number in GA Designer Lift which is only available online. Which color should I get??
I am in need of the BEST oil control primer please...   I looked up on Sephora website and came up with these:   NARS pro prime pore refining BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector SMASHBOX Photo Finish HOURGLASS Veil Mineral Primer BENEFIT POREfessional DR JART PORE MEDIC Pore Minish Primer   I tried all the above except for DR JART, but i only used once or twice for each and can't compare or review.... anyone used these? can tell me which has strongest oil control?  I think BECCA? Because it has the most matte texture, but dont know the ability to actually control oil from coming out. thanks!
I've been wearing Stila's CC Color Correcting Cream Broad Spectrum as my daytime go to cream. I really like it. It looks good on me (I wear the Light shade), natural not heavy, it's not oily, doesn't make me break out and so on.   However, as summer approaches I need something with a higher SPF.   Please recommend a daily wear BB or CC with high SPF. I'd like something somewhere between matte and luminous; as I get older I find truly matte products look harsh and aging, but neither do I want to be sparkly. I have fair skin and I've had trouble in the past with products being too dark or too orange.
What is a good setting product for Combo/Oily skin? I have an oily t zone and my kat von d makeup sometimes slides off...Any suggestions are appreciated
Hi everyone! I'm interested in trying a Tarte blush but I don't like blushes with any shimmer AT ALL. Can anyone tell me which shades are completely matte and if you have a favorite? I have light, oily skin. (I'd normally just go to the store and try them on, but I've hit pan big time on my old blush so I need to order ASAP. )   Thanks in advance!
Hi! I used the search bar for this topic, but a few of them were older and didn't get too many responses, so I hope no one minds I started another one.   I do not have oily skin; if anything, it's normal with some dry patches in winter. I have always had a very sweaty face in the warmer months, and the more products I use, the worse things get.   So here's my routine: -I use Vaniqa cream, which slows down the growth of facial hair, on my upper lip. -I use a moisturizer or serum, depending. -I use Neutrogena sheer touch SPF -then I will use a very light foundation (either a BB cream or Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation or Loreal True Match).    So, I have all these products on my face, and they start sweating off and mixing, and it looks and feels gross. You can actually see it building up. Applying powder only makes it look cakey.    The thing is I am also very pale (MAC NC 15, Pantone 3Y01) and my skin is thin, so I need a high SPF and I also need to even out my skin.    I would appreciate anyone's suggestions! I was thinking about a primer, but I am hesitant to add in another product!  
I'm looking to purchase products for the sole purpose of staying on in the heat. I show horses, so I'm dressed in heavy layers from head to toe, so I need something that will survive hours of dust and sunshine.  Any recommendations for face products (foundation and contour if possible), and also BROW products... I can't live with my brows sweating off! Thanks
No matter what I use, my makeup just can't last for a long time. I don't want to wear a heavy duty foundation like ELDW everyday either.   On a regular day, I wear Smashbox's BB cream along with the MUFE Full Cover concealer. I also use Urban Decay's De Slick spray before and after I apply makeup, the Hourglass primer, and I set it with the MUFE HD finishing powder. Yet no matter what, my makeup still manages to slide off and my spots are peeking through by the end of the day. Help!! 
does anybody use these? I have Melon Pop and was going to grab another color but wasn't sure which one to get.
Any suggestions for a Long lasting and sweat proof foundation? Use for gym and sports!    
Trying to find a new foundation brush currently using an estee lauder one but it leaves streaks, I switch back and forth from my estee lauder double wear foundation and my kat von d lock it foundation, i really like more flat top kabuki type brushes. I've been debating between the sigma f80 and the shiseido foundation brush any advice?
Hi guys, I find that throughout the day my skin becomes flaky. I use Laura mercer tinted moisturizer and lancome dual finish powder. I have dry skin, so I I just apply like dusting the powder to my face with a brush, but it still makes me look flaky or not well-blended after a few hrs. All I want is to have a natural look and I'm trying to have a simple makeup. FYI, I apply with my finger except for powder with a brush. Someone told me apply it with a wet sponge or spray mist to refresh it, but it's still the same. Any idea how to avoid flaky makeup, any comment is a great help. Thanks guys
I currently use tarte amazonian clay full coverage foundation and I absolutely love it, However summer is coming I wanted to switch to a powder foundation. Which tarte airbrush foundation goes with medium tan honey? or do the shades coinside with each other?
Hi everyone!  I have a beauty problem that I'm seeing is not as uncommon as I used to think, but I could use some proper advice on how to proceed.   I am ethnically doomed when it comes to having naturally coarse and dark (visible) hairs everywhere!  My olive complexion makes it such that the dark hair is not hidden, but actually more noticeable as a result.  It is not peach fuzz, either.  The only areas of peach fuzz I could live with, like with my cheeks and forehead, and upper arms.  Everywhere else, including my forearms, armpits, chin, lip, and legs are wiry and very dark.  So when I was a teen, I started waxing everywhere but my legs, and smooth results lasted maybe 2-4 weeks, depending on where I waxed.  I never even touched my brows until I was out of high school, and at first they required constant maintenance.  These days, not so much.  I can actually get by with plucking them once a month and still have them look great!  If only I could say the same for the rest of my face :-(   In between waxing, I've also tried hair removal creams and sugaring and threading.  Since sugaring is the same as waxing, but cold, I can say that my results with that were the same.  I even tried the Vaniqua hair minimizing cream, but with no success there.   When I was pregnant at the age of 25, I had to resort to waxing on a weekly basis to keep up with my facial hair!  That fast hair-growth never died down since, and I've even had my doctor run hormone tests on me, and I'm within the normal range.   I tried to use some depilatories, but I was not a fan of using chemicals, particularly when I ended up with two rare phylloides breast tumors in my early 30s, that though they were benign, I worried were more likely to have occurred because of my use of depilatories and possibly even cosmetics for covering up the hair.    So finally I broke down and started shaving my face.  The thing of it is, my stupid coarse hairs have never changed.  But it sure was easier to shave than to keep waxing, especially since I started to notice that waxing was causing me to get premature wrinkles!!!!!!!  I invested in a Tarte concealer, because of its natural ingredients, and dabbled with Bare Escentuals as well as Every Minerals for foundations that were good for my skin, and a microderm abrasion cream to help exfoliate my face.  All of those things seemed to help!  At least, they DID.  When I ran out of my microderm abrasion cream, I tried others, or tried to do more natural methods (such as baking soda masks and sugar/salt scrubs).  Those also helped, but I was cursed with having eye problems that resulted in some rosacea symptoms, and I had to be even MORE careful about what I put on my face.   Meanwhile, the hair kept coming, and my makeup wasn't cutting it.  And my doctor assured me I'm still in the normal range for hair, I don't have hirsutism, nor am I peri-menopausal, and any PCOS I have often thought I might have seems to have corrected itself in the past few years.  I'm about to be 36 and here is what currently is happening NOW: I cleared up my roasacea and am back to using a microderm abrasion cream a few times a week, and I shave nightly, sometimes in the mornings too based on what week I'm on with my monthly cycles, and how new my razor blade is.  My smart hubby had us join The Dollar Shave Club, so that makes it even easier for me to devote a blade a week to the cause.  BUT I am getting frustrated because my hair is always visible, even when my skin feels smooth from shaving!!  The shadow appears to never leave me :-(  Even with using my coverage that used to work before.  And some days, it makes me crazy!  I want to know what I can do to adequately cover my problem areas without packing on chemicals or having it wipe off when it rains or if I'm outdoors and get sweaty!!  I go to the 500 race annually, and this year I'm a bit freaked out about looking scary by the time the race ends - and that's even if I shave that morning.  What can I use that is not too expensive and is maybe all natural or with few ingredients?  Are there some tricks to employ as well???  Help!  
I'm thinking about purchasing this... Does anyone have any thoughts on this foundation? Coverage, finish, performance on dry, oily, or combo skin?  TIA!!
Hello, pale girl here looking for a liquid highlighter.  I am stuck between the Nars Copacabana and BECCA Pearl.  I prefer liquid so I can use it on my décolleté as well.   http://www.sephora.com/illuminator-P284301?skuId=1 307578 http://www.sephora.com/shimmering-skin-perfector-s pf-25-P375987?skuId=740712   Here is a pic of me for reference.  This was taken in the natural light with only a tinted moisturizer applied.  I am usually the second shade in on most foundations: light, neutral.     I would be especially grateful if any fellow pale ladies has swatches of both of these.  I cannot find a pic online that has them side by side.  
I am open to all liquid and cream formulas (including BB/CC/TM), prices, and brands. The priorities are:   1. Doesn't settle into lines/creases around my mouth 2. Looks natural and even in bright daylight/sunlight  3. medium coverage and not completely matte    Thanks!
When I apply my foundation it doesn't have that smooth flawless look I'm using a primer and everything I have oily skin and been using the makeup forever primer....