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I've always wanted to try wearing foundation, but I don't want to put my money towards something I found out I don't need. What exactly is foundation used for? When should I start wearing it? My skin is clear most of the time, except for the occasional spot on my forehead every once in a while. Usually I would cover that pimple up with concealer, and would just see no use in wearing foundation. Please help!
Hi there!   I am here to discuss, based on users' experiences, what is the best foundation for combo/dry skin. I am a 16-year-old teenager that is getting tired of drugstore foundations. It makes me look cakey, it rubs off easily and never stays on. More importantly, they don't help my skin. Due to hormonal changes, I am unfortunately leaning towards the dry territory. My eyebrows are the worst. I have brown hair, but instead of having brown eyebrows they're white from the constant flakiness around my eyebrows, in my eyebrows and eyelids. This all started once hot weather appeared. Before that, I was just pure dry during the winter. My face would burn or would have a burning sensation from dry skin. It was so bad that you could see the flakiness from miles away (exaggerating, of course). My friends kept telling about it. Way before that, I was nothing but oily. Right now, my face is a bit oily, but it's more on the dry side. As I'm writing this post, my face feels like cement but it has some oiliness going on. Any foundations out there to help my situation? I don't have a budget.
I'm looking for a countering kit to fit medium to light skin tones.
OMG! Have you all heard about the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation?     It isn't out yet and launching June 15th!  I have watched and seen so many reviews on it with my favorite YouTube Beauty Girls...and it looks so flawless and it just has the best reviews.   I was on the Too Faced website, and the price shows $52.00! Which is very pricey for my budget...but would it be same price on Sephora?   I don't buy from Sephora that often.  Usually just when my foundation runs out, I like to try out different foundations.  Right now I am using the Clinique Stay Matte Foundation.  And like it so far...   Would you all switch your foundation to buy the new Too Faced Born This Way?   Any thoughts or comments?
Can someone please tell me a foundation that doesn't make my face look all caky!! I feel like all the ones I try I end up having major cake face! I'm not looking for full coverage, but just a little more than a tint. Please someone help!! 
Hi! I'm running out of my Dior Hydra with SPF and am looking for something new to try. Lately it's been making my face feel really oily. I tried the Boscia and I hate it. It's so runny. Any other recommendations? I'm 39 and don't wear a ton of makeup but always wear moisturizer. 
Did everyone see? Jaclyn Hill and BECCA have collaborated on "Champagne Pop" Shimmering Skin Perfector! Set to release on Sephora, July 2nd! Get those credit cards ready ladies! 
I'm not sure if anyone knows but MUFE is revamping this formula. im kind of sad, since i do like the original. And its a really good match :/   if you search for thestyleandbeautydoctor she has a review up and theres a chart for the new shades. Mine is  very low so il be waiting  til i run out and the new one is available to try. My shade is 117 which is now Y225. I guess il keep my bottle to compare the color as well.   40 shades anyone else/ thoughts?   I also read on another blog: "Has the formula being changed?"   -As Dany said - they "did not change the formula, but added new ingredients to make it better". *  hyaluronic acid  (to bind moisture to the skin) * amino acid coated pigments (to stabilize pigment) *  mineral mica (to create radiance)
Good Morning, I was interested in puchasing the BECCA Champagne pop bronzer.  I don't see it available on the site....can you assist me with this please?
Im kinda excited about this. Out now on nars, and will be available at sephora Feb 1, $48 comes with a pump   I hope to find a shade in this, gobi in the original sheer glow was too light and i think the next shade up was a touch dark   "This new formula creates instant polished perfection with full coverage in a single, weightless drop. Its uniquely fluid, oil-free formula defies the expectations of long-wear foundation, delivering full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. Ideal for all skin types and tones in 20 global shades that leave skin at its most beautiful. Yet this formula is also, dermatologist tested. fragrance, paraben, alcohol free. The innovative new formula features a unique Weightless Long-wear Technology that moves with skin, delivering up to 16 hours of wear while always feeling light-as-air and an Even Tone Technology that immediately neutralizes redness, dullness and discoloration to improve skin’s appearance over time."
I was wondering, if I am darker in skin tone. Would a highlighter with peach undertones look good on my skin tone or ashy. I am interested in the champagne pop new becca highlighter. Thanks in advance.
I was curious to know if there was any way to make suggestions as far as what foundations work and don't work in regards to the skin tone numbers for the Color IQ.   I took the time out to swatch each of the liquid foundations my store carried for my color (1R13) and well...yeah. These ranges go from super light yellow, to deep, everything in the middle, some have a little more red, it's just a mess. Not to mention, out of all these shades I can only wear two without looking as if my foundation is too red or to yellow (Stila Stay All Day and MUFE Face and Body).  
I have pretty oily skin and i've been running into the problem of my pressed powders like my blush and bronzer getting a layer of matted product (i'm assuming from the oil transferring from my brushes) Im pretty good about cleaning my brushes regularly but i haven't found a solution to get rid of this weird film and i really don't want to waste product. Any suggestions appreciated! 
Hi there, could you let me know when/if I will be able to purchase Dr. Jart premium BB with SPF online in Canada? Thank you so much! ~Kelly
Browsing the new colors of Sephora's Colorful Blush, I spied this!     Could this be the perfect cool, grey-toned contour for us pale girls? I need this, like now! They also have several more contour colors as well as highlighters. Worth taking a look at these.    http://www.sephora.com/colorful-blush-P291430?skuI d=1661123
I use Laura mercier silk creme foundation and just had to buy a new bottle but i do NOT like her new updated oil free silk creme, I even tried the moisturizing too . Its not the Same coverage as the original. I feel the original was a little thicker and had better coverage. Is there another foundation brand that has similar coverage as the original silk creme foundation? I also have acne scars and I like something med to full. Nothing too full coverage as kate Von d , and that is why I use to love Laura mercier silk creme. So sad it changed. . Any suggestions would be great!!!
I am wanting to order the Born This Way Foundation, and I don't want to order the wrong shade.  If someone could help me, that would be awesome.    I am shade 1.0 in the Urban Decay Liquid Foundation.  Please Help! 
If I have fair skin with pink undertones should I buy a golden or brown bronzer?
I just wanted to post this in case it has gone live US also, so those who love the products and fabulous packaging don't miss out.   I treated myself to the cream version of bronze and glow and the makeup bags
I have neutral undertones and I love the Sephora 10 hour foundation, but since it's summer my skin is darker than it usually is. I'm very light complected, but tan super easy. I have Light Ecru and Medium in the foundation...Light Ecru is way too light, but the Medium is too dark. Is there one that falls in the middle and don't have yellow or pink undertones?
I am looking for an all over face/powder brush that has minimal shedding, my brush from MAC is constantly shedding and it is irritating. Any suggestions?
When I first tried Prescriptives Flawless Skin Concealer it was love at first sight. Weightless, goes on silky, mind blowingly good coverage, and not too oily or drying for my fickle skin. It was magic for my under eye circles. NOW, it is no longer sold in stores and they don't ship to Canada. Alas, they might even be discontinuing or reformulating it (fools). So, I think it's time to break up with my true love of concealers (have been trying to for a while since it has always been hard to get, but I hang on to the teensy remnants I still have in the container). Can anyone suggest another miracle worker that is especially good for under-eye? The Shisedo stick looks promising based on reviews, but again is apparently difficult to get (why do I always fall for the hard to get ones?). Everything I've tried in stores has been super underwhelming and does not compare to the prescriptives.  PS. I read other posts about under-eye concealers, and they recommend all these multi-step options with primers and correctors and so on. Nuh-uh. NO. I work unholy hours (hence the dark circles) and have all of ninety seconds to spend on my face in the morning. My primary objective is to get those circles covered so that I don't terrify my coworkers into thinking the zombie apocalypse has finally arrived. ONE STEP PEOPLE. Simplicity & perfection - I had it once, I will not give up until I find it again!
I have recently started to explore face Illuminators and highlighters.   So I have selfishly started this thread to hear more from all of you.  Your favourites, how you use them, thoughts, opinions, recommendationss etc.   To clarify - when I say highighters, I don't mean the "contour/highlight' kinda highlghter..  I mean the shimmery (or not) stuff you put on your cheek bones etc.   I have medium/deep skintone.  So here is my experience in testing some:   Burberry Golden Radiance liquid Illuminator Rate: A Use:  I mis it with foundation to thin it out an dapply it.  It is subtle and pretty.   Guerlain Terracotta Terre D'ete Tan Enhancer Rate: A Use: Although it says Bronzer, I use it as an overall illuminator/finishing powder.  Use a light hand   Guerlain Holiday Meteroites Rate: A- Use: I use a light hand at the end   Hourglass Radiant Light Rate: B or B+ Use:  It is okay.  Can look pwdery too quickly if I'm not careful.   Revlon Illuminator in Bare Rate: B- Use: I mix it with foundtaion.  It is okay in a pinch.    Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Rate: B A Use: I mixed with foundation.  I now like it. I am not a big CT brand person, but I like this product and plan to purchase.    Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #11 Rate: B Use: Mix with foundation.  It looks pretty, but is a pain removing.  It seems to sink into my skin and needs extra cleansing, and I don't like that.  
Hi! anyone out there have oily t zone/dehydrated combo skin have a good foundation? i've tried the new nars luminous one and it's good but not my fav for my skin type. I use the MUFE nourishing primer which helps my skin a lot. any recommendations on what to lean towards?!
I recently ordered Georgia Armani luminous silk foundation in shade 7 and I love it; however, the color is too dark since I haven't gotten my summer "tan" as of yet. What lighter shade would you recommend?
Anyone know any great matte foundations?  
I have sensitive combination skin, and I'm allergic to chemical sunscreens. I'm looking for a liquid foundation for a photo shoot and would ideally like to still look like my skin is glowing while keeping my t zone matte. Fragrance free would be a huge plus. Any recommendations are welcomed!