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Is Dior Forever in 022 REALLY a match for 1Y05 or is that a mistake? The description says its for pink undertones. I currently wear the 020 because I'm 1Y06 but feel like I need something a little lighter for winter. Should I go with the 022 or the 010? Also, the 020 seems to oxidize on me and go just a bit Orange but it's not that bad and still looks good.
I wanted to try the Dior Airflash spray but don't have time to try it in stores will be ordering online. Would the color #300 be a good match for me? for Reference i wear  Barcelona nars sheer glow and  Guerlain Lingerie in 03 beige natural . Thank you girlies!
I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury Highlight and Contour brush. The shape of the brush is perfect for highlighting, however, the brush feels like a cheap drugstore brush. Anyone know of a luxury brand that has a brush this shape? 
I'm a little a lot peeved.   Sephora carries 17 of the 20 NARS foundation shades online, they have all of the light shades, all of the medium shades, but are missing three of the darker shades: New Guina (which is actually a medium-dark shade), New Orleans, and Benares. Is there any particular reason Sephora doesn't carry these shades? I think what bothers me is the fact that I fall into that darker range that they're missing, and online they only have two of the four dark options even available to buy and in store (or at least every store near me - and that's eight stores) there's only one.    So why Sephora, why? Finding foundation is already one heck of a task because I am on the darker side of the scale, and it doesn't help when all of a brands colors aren't made available and literally half the options for my skin tone, which weren't many to begin with, are gone.    Can anyone shine some light on this? 
In case anyone was wondering about the packaging on this, here are some photos with my Naked2 palette for comparison. It's needlessly big, so I am going to try to depot them into an old Trish McEvoy magnetic folder, which is about 1/5 the size. If it goes well I'll post the process photos for anyone who is thinking of doing the same thing.
Wondering what new palettes Kat Von D will have, as well as what's to come from Tarte and UD!!! Who else is with me and what are you excited for? Can we expect these the end of this month?
Recently Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12hr Blush in Blushing Bride switched from a shimmery plum to a "plumy rose." I'm considering buying it but as I don't have a store with it in stock nearby, I was wondering if anyone has the new formulation that they could swatch or a link to a swatch online?   How do you feel about the new color formulation?    
I was looking for some inspiration for some Halloween makeup ideas. THey can  be simple or grand. I would love to hear what others have done and new ideas for a party look. TIA
I went to the contouring class at my local sephora. They recommended using the Bobbi brown stick foundation but I'm not sure which color to get. My color iq is 1y02. Also if anyone has another recommendation for cream contouring!
Some days I just don't have time to blend out my liquid foundation correctly and next year when I go off to college I want to spend less time on my makeup so I was wondering what mineral foundation has good coverage and is pretty fast. I need to be able to cover the discoloration I have in my skin and my acne scars. It would also help if you could tell me what type of brush you recommend with the powder
I'm going to post a picture of me without makeup. Because hey, I love makeup, but I'm also working on embracing my face au naturel, too.   None of this "I'm not wearing makeup" when you're wearing a tinted moisturizer, brown mascara, and have a slight flush to your cheeks and lips. I'm talking no makeup AT ALL (No, not even clear lip balm).   This is me, about 10 minutes out of the shower.   Anyone else brave enough?    
I did an extensive search last night looking through every MUFE color(until my eyes hurt!) after seeing this beautiful blush in a how to, but could not find it in any search feature.  I then realized the how to video was from 2011!  I'm assuming it's discontinued?  Couldn't find it on MUFE's site either.   MUFE N.26 Fuschia-Matte finish. Thoughts?  Tx so much!    
I wear Kat Von D foundation in 56 and I want to pick up Make Up For Ever's full cover concealer but I'm not sure which color would match my skin best. Any suggestions?
Has the names of the sephora microsmooth baked foundation changed? Because I cannot find the colour 'Deep 56'
I'm trying to find the perfect shade of Kat Von D foundation, there isn't a store near me. So.... I'm between a light and medium leaning more toward light, my veins are green so i am assuming i have warm undertones, but also have alot of redness on my cheeks. Right now i am the shade buff beige in the fit me foundation but its actually just a tiny tiny bit to dark but nothing drastic. Im usually always in the beige colors, but maybe just a tiny bit lighter now because of the fall and winter months. Please help!
If I wear shade 40 in MUFE Bronzer, what would my bobbi brown shade be?
I am color matched for Laura Mercier Secret Camo #3.  Does that correspond to the Undercover Pot #3?  What are the differences between the two products?  And does the Secret Camo come with a brush?  Thanks!
I have $130 to Sephora, and no idea what to buy. What products should I purchase, and why? Thank you in advance!
Yes, I used to purchase a full size of Bronzer, highlighter and blushes. Every time, I traveled I had to pack all of them with me. which took a lot of space. Now, I am looking for palettes that  has 3 of them in a set. Which Brand would you recommend for me? I knew Urban Decay and Tarte have one... what about another brand.  never try these brand before expect the UB eyeshadow.  Thank you so much 
I use #12 concealer by makeup forever. Which color foundation by makeup forever would go best with this conclear and med/ brown skin
I don't have the best complexion. Bad skin, actually. I've got acne marks, and really large pores on my nose, plus a broken capillary or two, but I really want to achieve that beautiful, no makeup look, without pasting on so much gunk on my face.   What's a good, medium-full coverage foundation that settles like second skin? I would like one that makes you look radiant. I have oily skin, so maybe satin finish would do? Or dewy, but could be helped by a finishing spray of a good primer (like Mineral Veil).    
I really wanted to grab something from NARS this holiday season. I don't have any experience with the Nars face products so just wondering if the shades in this palette would be suitable for tan skin. Would love your feedback! 
what shade to i use in Bare skin foundation if i use matte amande 2 in lancome dual finish??
Hi!   I recently decided to try a new foundation, so went to Sephora got a sample of the Dior Diorskin Star Foundation. The makeup artist at the Eatons location who helped me find it said there was a specific brush you need to use for it though. I remember it was from the Sephora Collection - but don't remember the name of the brush. If anyone could help me out in figuring out what brush to use that would be great!       
Hi everyone! I am a bit new to makeup, and I was wondering if you could tell me what are some of your must haves? I don't have a load of money but little by little I plan to make my collection grow(:
I recently purchased the Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink foundation and I love it!  The only problem is I am not able to close the lid.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions?
Hi Ladies,  I am just wondering when you guys use the original bare mineral and do you use the matte one. I have both, but am thinking do if I really need both of them. thank you
I always get flash back in my photos. I wear the Nars Sheer Glow in Gobi and I get flashback in that.   ** Just realized my atrocious spelling in the title. Woops
If I wear Ivory 3 in Clinique, What shade would I be in Kat Von D? Interested in trying a new makeup, but live 9 hours away from the closest store.