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Is there a long wearing lipliner match for Kat Von D's lipstick in the color LOVESTRUCK?  I am currently using a berry type shade from Nars.  But I'd love to be able to switch it up.
I am looking for a liquid foundation... I have oily skin and break out on my forehead and jaw line, I am not too worried about full coverage though, I would rather have something light to medium so my skin feels like it can breathe. A lot of my current makeup is matte so i am really interested in something illuminating and dewy...Have been reading about Yves Saint Laurent le teint touche eclat illuminating foundation, Diorskin nude skin-glowing makeup, Nars sheer glow foundation...I live too far from a store to go try things so just want some insight! 
I wear Bare Linen 03 in the Bare Skin, but I was curious what shade I should get in the Orginal Foundation (fromt he holiday line) I want to by it before its completly all gone but I dont know which shade to choose
I find that my contour/make up doesn't stay throughout the day. What can I do to stop this and ensure my makeup keeps for longer?   Thanks xoxo
I Have a girlie guy friend who loves makeup but wont step out of his comfort zone how do I get him to try more of a verity of colors without over doing it
I personally love ingot and have a ton of their eye shadows and have recently thought of trying some of their foundations. Does any one have any reviews?
Hi, Does the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit applies for all skin tones?
I am looking for a new foundation. I am 20 years old with very mild acne. I use a dermatologist approved moisturizer and face wash. My issue is with our weather. We get cold harsh winters that destroy the skin and cause it to get very dry. I started using foundation last year to see if it helped protect my face. It was a mousse foundation and it saved my skin dramatically! They have taken it off the market and yet again I am on the search to save my skin before the weather gets worse! My acne is very sparse and under control. I just need a foundation that will protect my skin and keep it from caking up or drying it out worse! Any suggestions?
I know that it should be lighter but exactly how lighter, btw I am using color 55 deep cocoa Sephora brand liquid foundation. But I am interested in NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and don't know what shade to use.
A little over a month ago I stocked up during the sale and bought an extra Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation, and a Smashbox Concealer. I am finally ready to open the boxes and start using them (my old product lasted much longer than expected!!). I am just curious - how long is it okay to have them unopened before throwing them out?    I've read a lot about how long to keep them when they are opened, but was curious if unopened makes any differences in time or if it gives it an extension as to when it expires. Sorry if this is a stupid question... just curious!
I have fair skin but it tends to have a lot of redness. My t-zone can get oily but I also get a lot of oiliness on my nose. I like a more matte look and full coverage. Any suggestions? Let me know if any other info would be helpful.
If I'm the shade Sante Fe in Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, what would I be in Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation?
I am looking for a good bronzer for someone who is a golden honey #170 in dolce and gabanna foundation or NARS macao (dead match for me). Help
Hello there, I need help with my face!!   I have very pale skin, like "Dita Von Teese" pale but with freckles. I also have an extremely neutral undertone, there are no pinks or yellows in my skin. My skin type is combination, I get pretty oily in my T-zone and I am normal everywhere else, can get dry and red with the occasional break out.    My current routine gives me a very matte finish, and since I'm so pale it pretty much makes me look dead... I need a new PRIMER, FOUNDATION, POWDER routine that looks natural!! Not too matte and not too dewy. I would prefer a light to medium coverage so if I do get oily I don't turn into a grease ball monster.   I have tried two products so far that have failed, the Smashbox Halo powder and the Lancome Nude Miracle foundation. I wanted to love them both, but the lightest shades were both too dark for my skin and also too drying and matte. Any recommendations would be extremely helpful, thank you!! 
So I'm starting to think I need some concealer. Generally, I have always had really good skin. But lately, I have a spot on my chin and neck that is always broke out. I'm not sure who the best brands are for concealer. Something easy would be good. Any recommendations? I'm gonna have to get a color match because I'm also clueless about what shade I would wear. So far, online, I've looked at NARS and Stila.    Thanks!!
Hiya.   I went it to try the Hourglass Veil Foundation, I was colour matched to Porcelain, but both the shop assistant and I agreed it was much too dark. She then asked what foundation I usually use, and when I mentioned it was NARS Santa Fe, she was shocked. She told me I have "the weirdest skin undertones" she's ever seen.   Basically, why does something meant for pale people come up incredibly dark on my skin, while something meant for medium skin tones work?   I'm a neutral undertone and I guess a light-medium skin tone? I can provide a half makeup/half no makeup face if it's wanted.   Cheers xoxo
Hi there guys, I've been on the hunt for my holy grail foundation and i just cant seem to find the right one. I've tried various of foundations, i think almost the entire store of sephora and still no luck. My skin is currently semi-okay, currently using something similar to retina. When I apply foundation, I make sure to moisturize before with clinique dramatically different gel, and I still somehow get dry spots on my cheek, I mainly just use a beauty blender but I'm open to buying a new brush. Could anyone recommend a foundation and brush that'll help with pores and oily/combination skin that somehow gets dry spots? I'm also wondering if MAC's studio fix concealer is good at hiding pores aswell
My Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade has dried out a bit. It isn't as creamy as it used to be. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you and happy holidays!
Oky doky. I've been browsing for hours trying to find something exotic or new to try. I almost bought the alaska glacial mud, mostly because that is my home state, but had a bad feeling so didn't buy it. Does anyone have any recommendations for any products that you just never hear about?
Hello beauties!   So I need a new foundation.  I'm looking for something with either a satin or dewy finish and won't clog pores or cause breakouts.   I have combo skin, during the winter I get dryer around my mouth and chin and my nose.  I'm prone to breakouts.  I have warm to neutral undertones.  I prefer medium to full coverage because I have redness and uneven skin tone.    I really liked the Naked foundation by Urban Decay but it made me breakout like crazy.  So I want something similar to it.  The foundations I've tried are: Kat Von D foundation, Tarte Amazonian Clay, Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation, and Dolce & Gabanna foundation (which was ok but only had sample).  All of these were the liquid/cream type.  I've tried powder foundations but they accentuate my dryness during winter so I'm hesitant to try again but any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!
Does anyone know where I can find the Nars Algorithm Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette Holiday Set? I have been looking everywhere on this website but I'm not sure if I'm looking in the wrong places. I have searched at Nordstrom and they have been sold out since it came out! I know this item will soon be gone since its just a holiday set but I have to get my hands on one! Thanks for any help in advance, Happy Holidays!   Anna
My color IQ is 5y03, I was wondering what would be a match for the MUFE invisible cover foundation
I really like Marc Jacobs concealer. It is amazing! Only problem, it doesn't last long and is very expensive. Any suggestions on ones that you like, but are less expensive? MJ is like $45. Anyone have experience with one from Too Faced? TIA!
I wear Dr. Jart Detox BB cream with Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Natural Beige applied on top.  I am looking for a lip liner or concealer pencil/stick to use around my lip area to help fix/disguise lipstick mistakes/stains/smears during the day.  Any suggestions?
I wear Smashbox Studio Skin in  2.3 & im not sure what shade i would be in nars sheer glow. Someone help please
i'm looking for a more matte foundation with a medium-full coverage as i have a really oily t zone with acne/scars that i would want to cover. i've had my eye on a few, so please tell me if you've tried them and have a similar skin type!   Nars Sheer Matte Foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation    and if you had any other suggestions that would be really great!   (also open to primer suggestions)
Suggestions? I use a matte cream foundation (not sure of the brand) but would like something good for full coverage. I havent really shopped for any foundation at this store before. Help? (I just need some foundation now; can't wait. lol IM OUT! )
Does anyone know if the brush in the MUFE Powder & Brush Duo in the sale section is mini or full-size?  Thank you!   I already ordered the Bite Lip Love Kit earlier, but I'm eyeing this duo.