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Hi all,   I am looking into a new foundation.  I am currently using the Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Foundation.  I like to change my foundation up every year. I just like to try different ones.   I am going into my closest Sephora store this weekend (which is like 2-3 hours away) and wanted some input on which samples to get before getting the original size.   So far I have on my list is:   Too Faced Born This Way MUFE Ultra HD Foundation UD Weightless Ultra Foundation   I have combination skin. I have heard many good things about these foundations I listed and thought I'd try samples.  I am looking for something that doesn't make me oily by noon-time and that lasts at least 8 hours for my regular work hours which I am sure many of you can understand!   Any other suggestions? I don't want to overload on foundation, but if there is another 1-2 other recommendations you all might have would be good.    Or even inputs on the list I wrote out and if those are okay to chose from and what you guys thought about it yourselves when using it!
So I have combination skin oily T-zone and dry cheeks, I want a new foundation but I like about 2 hours from the nearest Sephora. I have tried the MUFE Ultra HD but I don't know which shade really works Y315 Is a little bit too light but the next shade is too red. I really want to try Too Faced Born this way but I don't know what shade I would use. 
I recently paid a visit to my local sephora and got a few sample foundations that I like but would rather try one that other people with more experience recommend. Unfortunately I don't remember my skintone number but one of the sample foundations I liked the most and matched the best was MUFE y365. Has anybody used MUFE in y365 that can recommend a different foundation and in what shade? 
How do I know what color to choose for foundation if it s not in the color match of Sephora
I am looking to purchase a new, full coverage foundation. I have heard great things about the new Too Faced Born This Way and the Makeup Forever Ultra HD....any suggestions?!   <3
Starting from the spring and through the summer I have used Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted cream, but now that we are moving into the cooler weather I was wondering if there's something else that I should be using, or if I should be moving to a powder.
I really need a good foundation/foundation tips for dry skin. I also have some acne scars on my cheeks. However, whenever I put on my foundation and concealer it always ends up looking cakey and gross. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!! 
Hello, I bought a Dior Foundation while vacationing in Lash Vegas. The representative "matched" my color but, it looks oranges on me. I don't have my receipt or packaging. Would I be able to exchange it for another color at the SEPHORA in my home town?
So I'm having trouble finding a foundation that looks smooth over my skin. I have bumpy texture over my nose. Its very small bumps that look exactly like my skin color. Its always been there since I can remember and I've been exfoliating and cleansing, but it doesn't go away. Can anyone tell me what it is and how to treat it for smooth skin all over. Btw, my skin is really smooth on the rest of my face, it's just my nose.
Charles Mallory Golden Lily Compact.jpg
I think we can all use something positive today.  So here it is:   For those of you who (like me) fell wildly, madly in love with the Charles Mallory compacts that I posted about, the prices have dropped quite a bit!    I talked about them in this thread and posted pictures:   http://community.sephora.com/t5/Face/Mixing-Loose- Powders/m-p/1853292/highlight/true#M28789   ...but they were way too expensive for me to consider.     Well, now I'm wondering if someone in the company was looking online for comments about the product, and saw our discussion.   I want the peacock one so badly!  It is STILL quite expensive, especially with the exchange rate, but the price drop has me seriously considering ordering it for my birthday.
Hi! I am in need of new makeup that i can count on! I have the oiliest of oiliest skin (especially in my T-zone) and i want to be able to control it as much as i can. But i hate looking cakey! I need products that can control my oils without making me look like a cake face or feel super heavy on my skin. No matter what i do, my makeup always looks cakey within a few hours! Anything that can keep my oils down yet keep me looking natural is what I'm looking for.    Definitely need help!   P.s. I hope this makes sense!  
Hey everyone, I really could use some help/advice/suggestions on this. Now that we're going to be heading into autumn and winter, I want to buy a new foundation. I normally use BB Cream Spring + Summer, and Foundation Autumn + Winter. The only problem is, I have NO idea what foundation to get. Do you have any favorites? I've been eyeing the UD Naked Skin and KVD Lock-It foundations, but I'm really open to suggestions. For reference, I have dry skin and I use Smashbox BB Cream in Fair. Thank you in advance!
Hey ladies! I just purchased the new Backlight Priming Filter from BECCA. Does anyone have an opinion on it? So far, I think it works great as a primer. Not so sure about its "glow"? Anyone else?
I was an avid user of the original formula but sadly hate the new one. I am still looking for something with the same consistency and coverage.   My skin is dry and most things don't seem to be good for me. I use the LM hydrating primer with a serum and good moisturizer. I've tried Nars creamy compact and the Hourglass hylauronic tint foundation, but my face still feels a little dry with it on. If anyone has recommendations i would really appreciate it.   As i said, i have dry skin. To give you some type of reference to the paleness i am, i used to wear Rose Ivory for LM foundation. And i'm 23 if that makes a difference.    (also, trying not to break the bank, looking for something similar in price range as well)    
I was wondering what the best high coverage drugstore concelar is especially for covering large spots
I've been demand from the site Send an email was and he status of the request is successful what is the reason ? what I have to do !!! Is will be shipped or what Is there a problem? order number 3827515477
Dear Sir/Madam, I want to know if the sephora foundation '10 hr wear perfection foundation' in the shade '22 clair light natural (P)' is still available or has this product been discontinued? And if so, could you recommend an equivalent shade of foundation from the same sephora collection (the 10 hr wear perfection foundation collection). I would love feedback because I have an upcoming graduation and would love to wear this foundation. Thanking you in advance, Triona
Dear Sir/ Madam, Would you be able to recommend an equivalent shade of foundation as the 'sephora 10 hr wear perfection foundation in the shade 22 light natural (P)' from the mac cosmetics collection please? Thanking you in advance, treens
I need a new foundation asap! I have such a hard time finding a good foundation that good for my sensitive skin. I want some coverage to cover my blemish i have atm, but nothing that is known for being cakey. I love dewy or matte foundation, so i can work with both. id prefer a cheaper foundation, but so willing to fork out some dough for a good looking foundation. I need a new one asap, going on vacation in a week!!
 I have the Dior star foundation and it gives a slightly glowy look but, I want something more luminous and glowy perhaps a highlighter or a primer to go with it since i still have a lot of product left. I was thinking about trying Dior's new primer thats supposed to add more glow but I wanted to hear your thoughts and suggestions first.   Thanks
what is the difference between bb and cc cream? is it really necessary? i notice a lot of people mentioning it.
Hi so I've basically gone through probably 30 foundations in search of my hg. I want it to have that dewy satin look and work well with dry skin. natural is more the look I'm going for but i want that flawless coverage. I'm currently using yves saint laurent le teint touché éclat illuminating and i love it at first but it doesn't photograph well and i want to try something new!  
I've been trying to find a substitution for Lancome Ageless Minerale with Whit eSapphire complex in Natural Beige 10. Any one have any recommendations or luck in finding another brand that is really similar to it?
I want to order the Too Faced born this way and the only thing I have to match it to is nars Syracuse could someone help me?
Hi! I'm looking for a new foundation-prefer liquid but I am interested in powders if they look good enough. I have oily/combo skin and I'm not picky about what kind of coverage, I just want it to look natural! Thanks for your help everyone