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I'm thinking of taking the plunge and getting the Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation.  I live in a hot/humid climate so I need something that will hold up in the heat and my oily t-zone.  I also have redness on my cheeks I like to cover up.      Those of you who have it, do you like it?  Is it worth the $55 in your opinion.     Thank you!!
Hello ,   I have acne prone and oily skin. I'm looking for a good foundation that's oil free and has a medium to heavy coverage. Any suggestions?    Thanks so much!  
okay so whenever i use a primer, at the end of the day, my foundation looks patchy and idk what to do about it. I use setting spray and have triend many different primers, high-end and drugstor
I need a foundation that I would wear on my wedding day.. I have combo skin. Somewhat oily in my T Zone 
Hi What color laura mercier secret camouflage concealer should I get ? I wear Estee lauder Double Wear foundation in 2C1 Pure Beige. Thanks
Hello everyone!   I'm currently trying to find a new foundation. Right now I use the MUFE Water Blend in y305, but I started to have problem with my skin like acne (it's driving me insane). So I need a foundation that has more coverage than that maybe more like a medium coverage but something light and moisturizing like I don't feel it's foundation with a natural/radiant/dewy finish. I was looking at the Too Faced BTW, the MUFE Ultra HD, Smashbox studio skin or NARS sheer Glow. Do you have any recommandation? I need help please!
Hi. I am trying to order a foundation. I am a medium tan sand in the Rainforest of the Sea and for the original sephora collection I am 30 medium sand but I wear loose power on the sephora makeup forever a pink honey. Any recommendations for HD forever shade I should order?
Hey   My shade in Estee Lauder Double Wear is 1W1 Bone and since it's a very yellow toned color I was wondering wich shade I should get in the light version? 0.5 ? The other colors look pink?   Thank You
Can you recommend a concealer for mature skin?
My colorIQ is 1y06, what would be the color of smashbox camera ready bb cream for me?
 I'm 65, my face is dry with red cheeks and nose. Ideally I would like a tinted moisturizer as I do not like the feel of heavy make up or powder.   
hello, my name is Nicaury.  now, my questions are, I'm dark, but not VERY dark, more like a milk chocolate, caramel type of dark, my foundation shade is 310 in the fit me foundation, and my problem is that the highlighters I use are from drugstores and they always show up very light on my face, they fade as well and it has a lot of fall out. I do not have money to buy my own make up, I do not have a job and I have a huge dream and goal of having my own room. which highlighter would you recommend for someone that's the same skin tone as mine? how to I apply for a job at sephora? how to I create a resume even though I am not experienced at make up? the way I learned was by watching make up videos and teaching myself.   thank you for your time. 
Hi. I have heard so much positive about the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation, and i really ant to buy it.But i have a problem. I don`t live anywhere near a store where i can buy it, and i don't know which colour that fits my skin tone I use Mac studio sculpt foundation spf 15 in shade NC20. Maybe by knowing this, you guys can find the right colour for me from Kat Von D? <3
My boyfriend and I are going to be getting our 1 year pictures taken soon and I needed recommendations on a good foundation for photos.
im very very pale and i have a very hard time finding a combination tone pale! any suggestions?
What colour would i be in the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation? I am Mont Blanc in Nars Sheer Glow and really want the Born This Way Foundation
i ordered the 10HR wear perfection foundation free sample, and i really like the middle foundation its called Medium, but when i went to order the full sized they have like 8 different mediums how do I know which medium is right, because i like the medium on the free sample
Please suggest base makeup products for me- I have a medium true olive undertone skin, The foundation finish that I am looking for is something that does not look yellow, but adds glow with medium to full coverage. Also my under eye area is quite tricky in the sense that it has red, purple and black undertones ! I have tried concealers with correctors but they look too ashy. I have a combination, sensitive skin type. I come here hoping some of your inputs will be valuable in my quest for my base makeup shopping! Thanks.
What is the best powder or product I should use when I bake my face? I just got the Tarte Shape Tape and I am kinda new to the whole "baking" thing so I needed to know what to use after I apply my concealer?
What's the best, highly recommended highlighter that has a glitter glow matte look, but doesn't shed off the face?
I am on the hunt for a new liquid foundation that doesn't leave a white cast in my pictures. Suggestions? I have combination skin that doesn't need a ton of coverage.
Hello everyone, I have combo skin and am using the Kat Von D lock it foundation. I have a matte primer that I have not finished. Would a matte primer and matte foundation clash? Or should I use a hydrating primer? Thank you.
I have combination skin: dry on my cheeks and very oily on my t-zone, especially because it is really humid where I live. My foundation stays put all day everywhere on my face, but on my nose, especially on the creases on the sides of my nostrils.   I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear lately and it controls my oil the best, and I have even tried mattifying primers with UD's Deslick setting spray. This all helps with the oiliness, but my foundation still breaks up/creases on the sides of my nose. I also set my foundation with the Laura Mercier setting powder, could I be using too much? How can I stop this from happening? :/   Also, any tricks for preventing your eyeglasses from rubbing off your foundation?
Does anyone have any recommendations on a medium-full coverage foundation that is good for people who have very sensitive skin? I have fairly normal skin type- a little dry- but recently have been getting allergic reaction breakout to what I'm using- in need of something new! Thanks!