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I have dry skin and need a foundation that is good for dry skin preferably around 45$.  I like medium to full coverage...any suggestions?  Thank you so much!
Hey!  I find that mixing the Becca backlight priming filter with my foundation helps it blend in for a more skin-like appearance (with a glow).     But does anyone have other recommendations for primers that mix well with their foundations?  I don't mean applied separately but mixed as a foundation cocktail! 
Hello! I am a 13 year old girl who just got into makeup. I always see people OBSESSING over their makeup and I wanted to try it out and I want to make myself more pretty. My face does have some pretty natural features, like a crease that is flawless, but its very "dull". My face is supper pale. Also, I don't have acne, but quite a few pimples and "dints". I just feel I can make myself look prettier and not dull. I don't have too much money, but I can spend a little bit. (Like at the most $75) If you have any suggestions of products I can use please tell me. Happy New Year and Thanks!!
Can anyone recommend a lightweight foundation/BB cream/CC cream that I can use when I am lounging around at home or running errands on a weekend? Don't want the full foundation look on days like that, and I don't have anything that isn't full coverage. Any help would be appreciated!
Hi, I'm thinking of trying a new foundation but I'm stuck between three options. I have oily skin and sometimes breakout though this has calmed down in recent years. I currently use MakeupForever Mat Velvet + foundation and I generally love it but sometimes I've noticed that after wearing it for prolonged amounts of time(which I don't do often) my t-zone can look oily. I don't know if I should stick with this as it does what I need it to most of the time or switch to another foundation.   The other foundations I was considering were Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Kat Von D Lock-It powder foundation. Has anyone used either of these? Are there noticeable differences between a powder and liquid finish foundation?
I need recommendations for a concealer. I am 54 with combination skin and some purple on the inside of the under eyes, but no bags. I have fine wrinkles under my eyes and at the corners. No deep creases or dryness (pretty oily this time of year).    Products i I have used this past year (only one is a concealer- so maybe that is part of my problem):    Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Eye Cream - made my eyes itch. Still have half a tube left. Only Ole Henrickson product that has caused me issues.    Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer - Great coverage, but too drying. Still using though. It would be great if I was 21 or even 31.    YSL Touché Eclait Radiance Perfectimg Pen - Was my favorite even though it technically isn't a "concealer". I ran out. Didn't cover my purple as much as I would have liked, but it didn't settle into my fine lines and it did make my eyes look more awake. I pretty much went to this instead of the Kat Von D until I ran out.   Help! TIA!
hi,im looking from a new high coverage foundation with a glow like finish and I can't seem to find a shade thats like gobi by nars in other brands so really my question is there anything like it.
Hey everyone! Ever since I saw this makeup posted on Instagram, I fell in love. Olivia Munn looks BEAUTIFUL!   I'm hoping someone could suggest some products to recreate this- mostly the lipstick and blush though. And maybe the eyes as well. I'm sad and slightly annoyed that the artist is ignoring everyones pleas about the makeup and what he used on her. Seriously, so many people have asked but he hasn't responded, yet has continued to post new looks every other artist I know posts the products along with the look.   Anyways, thanks ahead of time everyone   PS sorry accidentally posted in Acne!  
Whats my colour match in MAC if I use N80 in Cover FX
Hi, I am looking for a foundation for sensitive dry skin. It can be a tinted moisturizer or bb/cc cream as well. I am not really a person who wear makeup everyday. I sometimes wear it and sometimes no. I would be prefer to those product that won't get expired very soon.I personally prefer those kind of foundation that can applied by beauty sponge, because I feel if I use a brush or finger the product just sits on my face and looks like I am wearing a mask. As to my face, I used to have a lot acne, and now they are gone. I don't get break out that easily but I don't want those foundation that brings a lot of damage to my face. My cheeks are very dry and my t-zone is like a normal skin. That means that I still get oily on my t-zone, but it's not as oily as oily skin. I have some pores around my nose, but I think I could fix that by using some silicon based primer. Thanks very much for your help.  I really appreciate that.
Hello everyone, I am new to this thread and was just wondering if any of you could help me out. I have sensitive, combo oily skin and no matter what primer or foundation I seem to use (tried several liquids and bare minerals powder), it breaks apart on me a few hours later. It separates on my face and it looks splotchy mid day. I have also tried primers but none so far have helped with this. I try touching up with a powder once im noticing oiliness to see if that would prevent or conceal the splotchiness but it just makes it look worse. what could be causing this? and what do you recommend to prevent this? Thanks for any tips!
What concealer should I use to completely cover grey skin pigmentation?
Everything I try looks absolutely orange! I thought I could hold out and not wear foundation until summer and hopefully tan, but as all my pale girls know, one does not simply "tan". I am horribly sunburnt after only a few days of sun (another day of sun? no, thanks). I went to sephora with some concerned gal pals, and we swatched every foundation we laid eyes on. Sadly, no match was found. Alas, I was able to open my blissfully unaware friends' eyes to the pale girl struggle. Any tips?? A concealer suggestion would be nice too! (please I'm desperate)
I've been having issues with foundation sliding off my skin and looking cakey shortly after application. I have tried every mattifying primer (Becca ever-matte, MUFE mattifying, estee edit pore vanishing stick, nars pore & shine control, tarte tinted BB treatment, hourglass veil mineral, smashbox, porefessional, etc.) and nothing works. I always pat the primer in rather than rubbing it in, as well, and this does not help.   My makeup doesn't apply properly to my nose or upper lip area (slides off, looks cakey right away) no matter what I use. I've tried a beauty blender and several different types of foundation brushes.    By midday, any foundation I try pills on my cheeks, and becomes very cakey and gross everywhere on my T-zone - particularly around my nose. Shine is also a major issue.    Currently using Nars Sheer Glow foundation, but this also happens with tinted moisturizers, Lancome Teint Idole, and Smashbox BB Water. I also set with UD De-Slick.    Current skincare: Olehenriksen Oil Control Toner, Good Genes, FAB Mattifying Moisture Gel or Clinique Dramatically Different Gel, and Origins GinZing eye cream.  
I just ordered an elf color corrector palatte, concealer and the NYX contour palatte. Never done it before. My usual routine is.. cleanser, toner, moisturizer, smashbox primer, makeup forever hd foundation and matte setting spray. In which order do I add the three new products,i've read several differnt ways and don't want to do it wrong. I’m 52 with normal to oily skin. Lots of little wrinkles, and creapy eyes as well as old acne scars. I just want to feel pretty again. Thanks, Holly
I have dry skin and I'm looking  for a foundation that photoghaps well. I currently have Make up forever and Loreal true match Lumi and they look amazing in person but I look washed off and pale in pictures. Can anyone recommend one?   Thanks
I love the bareMinerals READY Foundation Broad Spectrum in Medium Beige and the bareMinerals READY Touch Up Veil in translucent.  I recently went to order more when there was a VIB promotion and I see that both of these products have been discontinued. :-(  Can someone recommend similar products that they've been pleased with and possibly suggest the shade as well?   Thank you!
I used to wear Mac's Studio Fix foundation in NW18, recently I have tried NARS Sante Fe (which I have liked until recently it seems to not last as long as it used to - probably due to the summer humidity rise in good ole GA). I have combination to oily skin (dry around my chin and tips of my nose, but very oily T-zone). I'm thinking about trying the Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation, but of course am hesitant about jumping into a powder foundation. I loved MAC until it starting irritating my face after a few years, and I really want a full coverage foundation that doesn't make me feel oily and lasts all day. Opinions? Also if I go with the Lock-It, what color is comparable to to Mac's NW18? Also, I have bad bags under my eyes, any suggestions for the best under-eye coverage?? Thanks so much!!
Hi! I am looking for a good concealer(s) recommendation. I am going to try to give as much information as possible about my skin, concerns, and what I have tried in the past in hopes that it will help. I am willing to spend a slightly higher-end price, such as Too Faced/Tarte/KVD-level, but nothing exorbitant (such as from luxury brands like Burberry). Since I am going to college in the fall, a drugstore or more affordable concealer would be awesome, but at this point, I really just want something that works and makes me happy even if it is a little pricier.   First, my skin. I am fair-light complected with some freckles. I have acne, both whiteheads and blackheads, with the occasional cystic acne periodically. I don't have the worst undereye circles/discoloration, but they definitely look tired and sallow most days with occasional purplish tones and millia-like spots. I have some discoloration and veins around my nose and on my chin from healing blemishes. In addition, my skin is combo: slightly oily on the chin and forehead, more oily on the nose, and normal-to-dry everywhere else.   Second, my concerns. I want something that won't look matte, dry, or peely on my undereye area. I'm ok with medium coverage or even slightly sheerer if it brightens. I like something more hydrating, but not so much that it doesn't last. If I could get a concealer that does this and conceals smaller areas (like acne, the veins around my nose, or discoloration) that would be awesome, but I'll take separate recommendations for the different concerns. As far as acne goes, I find most stuff needs layering and so it makes the blemishes look dry and cakey. I want something that needs very little to cover, blends easily into the skin, and is matte but not overly drying.   Third, here's what I have tried and why I wasn't satisfied: Maybelline FitMe: this looked pretty nice on my undereye after a few hours, but midway through the school day it made my undereyes look dry and like it was coming off in flakes and patches. I also found that in certain lighting, it looked like it hadn't actually blended with my foundation no matter what I did. Physicians formula in the white tube with the pink cap: I liked the idea of something sheer and natural under my eyes, and while it looked good in my bedroom lighting, it oxidized to an orange mess and flaked/peeled away within 1-2 hours. Maybelline Master Conceal: This stuff is okay, but it manages to look dry on the oiliest part of my face (my nose) and cakes up in the creases of my nose. This can't be avoided because I have prominent veins around my nose that I prefer to cover up. It's okay under my eyes, but I think it looks a little dry. Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser: this stuff looks fine but I think the formula is too thin, as it has little lasting power and looks like paper flakes under my eyes after a few hours. It does nothing to cover my blemishes properly and I think the applicator gets so disgusting. MAC Concealer Palette: This was both thick/tacky and greasy at the same time. It looked heavy on blemishes and my undereyes without really covering anything. It didn't blend well with fingers, brushes, or sponges on my dry areas and just slid off my nose on oily days. That's everything: I hope it's not too painfully long to read. Thank you for any suggestions/ideas for application of what I have: I am currently trying to finish my Master Conceal and Dark Circle Eraser before buying anything new, so if anyone has ideas for how to make them work until then that would be awesome too!
The BB Cream I use is getting harder and harder to find. (Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream in Fair-Light) Was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a BB/CC cream you've liked.   My skin is dry and prone to redness. I also live in a very sunny place so I'd like an SPF of 20 at a minimum, higher is great. I'd like a product I can wear on its own with a concealer over top it as part of my basic daily routine.   Thanks so much!
i been using born this way natural beige and wanna try Estee' Lauder double wear but can not really tell what color is closest to it can anyone help with that?
Please help! I have rosacea, which leaves me with temperamental, sensitive, and very red skin on my face. I am otherwise fair skinned. I am still seeking a good moisturizer that works for me, but I moisturize, use Smashbox primer (have tried numerous kinds), use a beauty sponge (have tried brushes) to apply Urban Decay All Nighter foundation, set with CoverFX setting powder and DeSlick spray. My foundation STILL separates and looks like garbage and it's embarrassing. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas on how to get my makeup to stay flawless?
I switched my KVD after 2 years and I got the smashbox 2.1 I never had a problem with my nose until now. I tried to set it with a powder before and after setting spray etc. doesn't stay and when I contour the product comes off only on my nose, and sometimes my face. But rarley. I use the primer by cover Fx for acene ? Should I use the smashbox? Or is just  the foundation? Also I've been breaking out but I thought it was normal due to switching foundations cause it happened when I moved to KVD. How can I fix this problem?
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What is the best long wear foundation?
What is the best medium to full coverage matte foundation for dry skin? Preferably liquid.