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Hello!   I'm 20, with fair skin and I have oily/sensitive acne prone skin, and I have yet to find a decent foundation routine. I have large pores on my cheeks, a ton of blackheads and rough skin on my forehead, like sort of checkered fine lines if that makes any sense. Every single foundation routine I've tried so far just accentuates the awful look of my skin, no primers, that I've tried seem to make any difference. Does anyone have any tips/brushes/makeup products to suggest? They all need to be long-lasting as well, preferably a luxury one, I never seem to like drugstore ones.   Products I've tried: -Beauty blender -Stippling Brush -Revlon Colorstay -Lacome Teint Idol -Covergirl ready set gorgeous -Loreal Tru Match -Loreal Tru Match lumiere -Two Faced Primed and Poreless -Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer -Smashbox photofinish -The porefessional -MAC studio fix powder -Lancome LaBase pore primer -Clinique Superprimer -Laura mercier translucent powder -MUFE Skin equalizer step 1 smoothing -Benefit Hello Flawless powder   Thanks so much!  
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I feel like I have been on a search for my holy grail foundation for years. I have combo, acne prone skin. I also have rosacea, which I wish to cover. But I don't want coverage that is too heavy because it looks unnatural with my freckles. My favorite foundation I have used is Urban Decay Naked Liquid Makeup. I am wearing it in the picture below. HOWEVER... It never lasts for me. I have tried various primers and even the UD setting spray. Can anyone recommend a similar finish (natural/dewy) on a foundation that will last all day (esp in the warm summer) on my skin type?  Thank you!!  
I need a new pressed powder. Any suggestions?   Thanks!
What is the best liquid bronzer? I have not tried any yet but I know there are a few to choose from, I have been eyeing the Armani Liquid Summer but I'm not sure if I should spend the money if there's something better.
Hi everyone! Here's some quick background about me and what I'm looking for:   I have very pale skin and problems with redness and oiliness. My favorite foundation used to MUFE Matte Velvet in #15 (Alabaster), which matches my skin wonderfully. BUT, more recently, my skin has become a lot drier and I'm having to stay away from matte foundations. I like the coverage and feel of MUFE HD Invisible, but the lightest shade doesn't match Matte Velvet 15.   Other foundations I've tried / am trying: -Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing in I20: Like the feel, wrong shade/tone -Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in 00: A little bit thinner than MUFE HD, but a better shade for me   So, I'm wondering what super pale foundations out there people with difficult combination skin/assorted problems have tried and liked? I'm considering giving Givenchy Photo Perfect foundation or Urban Decay's Naked a try based on what I've read in this forum, but I'm on the fence. Of these two and any others you can think of, what would be most comparable to the coverage offered by MUFE HD Invisible Cover?   Secondly, I do have some MAC Face and Body in white that I mix with my existing too-dark foundations, but I'm finding it's a little too watery and causes my foundation not to blend well on my skin. Are there any similar pure white foundations that aren't as watery that people like?
I think both of these contour and highlight palettes are gorgeous but I seriously have no idea which one to buy! I don't live close to a Sephora location, making it harder to swatch the colours on myself to see which one would look better. Help please! I have fair skin with a cool undertone.    { Anastasia Beverly Hills   Contour Kit in Light to Medium} { Kat Von D   Shade + Light Contour Palette}    Edit: While I do want the palette that best fits fair skin with a cool undertone, I also need it for the powders to look natural and not so harsh/super defined. {Make sense? Haha}
hi.  I would love to try the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation but since it's only sold online I am not sure what color to order.  I am currently using the Diorskin Nude Air serum in color 010.
I am needing help finding a shade in Kat Von D Lock It foundation. I am Fairly Light in Bare Minerals, and Nude in Revlon Colorstay. Thanks!
I would like to purchase the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and the Creamy Concealer, but I do not know what shades I should purchase.  However, I do know that my Color IQ  Color Match is 1Y07.  Thanks for your help.
What brand and/or product would you recommend for an everyday face foundation or bb cream. I will be starting Nursing school in the fall and want to have a quick routine so that I look presentable. I have acne and scarring  but hope that they clear up with the Retin A by the time I start school. I want something that is about medium coverage.? I can never stand light coverage. Also, maybe long-ish wearing because of my oily skin.    I have no idea what to use. i am so used to full coverage foundations.
Hello I'm a teenager; my face is very dry and has some bad acne spots. I have very fair skin so I like to cover my face to reduce redness and cover acne marks. Any good products that I should look into? I've tried Makeup Forever (too heavy) and Stilla CC Cream (not my color). Any help please?
Can you suggest a blush?   I have the Clinique cheek pop in melon which I love but I want another option for summer. Ginger pop is too red. Nude pop doesn't show on me. Peach pop is too pink. i tried the hourglass dim infusion which was too orange. i have NARS orgasm in the multiple but it's too shimmery. can you please suggest a warm blush for me?  
Hello! What color is equivalent to Nars Santa Fe Powder Foundation in Diorskin Nude Air Serum SPF20? Thank you!
When you are purchasing a concealer, do you want to buy a lighter or darker shade to that of your foundation?
Hello lovelies!  I'm desperately searching for a new full coverage foundation! I have dry skin around the corners of my mouth and an oily t-zone. I have a couple of pesky blemishes around my jawline and some faint acne scars on my cheeks that I've been trying to cover up.  I'm looking for a liquid, matte foundation that will hydrate my dry skin without adding any oiliness to my t-zone but still giving me that full coverage. I've tried a bunch of different things in my makeup routine and I'll share them below: Applicators : -Beauty blender -Sonia Kashuk brush no. 4  -Sephora professional mineral powder brush no. 45 Primer : -UD Pore Perfecting primer -Smashbox Photo Finish primer Foundation : -UD Naked (I like this one but not enough coverage after a few hours) -Clinique Even Better Makeup (pretty good but not great) -Tarte Amazonian Clay (way too drying on my skin, but LOVE their concealer) -Bobbi Brown (Don't remember much about this one but not worth the $50)   I do use a powder but they're just drugstore ones like CoverGirl and E.L.F. I was considering purchasing either Smashbox Studio Skin, Clinique Acne Solutions makeup, Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo foundation, and I've heard good things about Make Up Forever Mat Velvet.   I'd be so appreciative for any and all tips and advice! Thanks!!!    
Yes, I know this question has been asked before, however, I haven't really seen anyone who can answer my specific questions about the two blushes. Looking at swatches and reviews online don't help, they're all so different and there are so many varying opinions!   I am looking to purchase either one of these blushes (not lip gloss), but am not sure which one. So! I'd like to know, primarily, which one is pinker. I know both lean pinky-peach but if one has a more pink tone I definitely would go to that one. Second, which one's formula is better (I don't mind glitter at all, I love it!) Third, which one would be better suited to very pale skin. THANKS!!
hi! so i've recently stopped wearing foundation and am trying to start wearing concealer only. i only have a few pimples and a small facial scar that i like to cover up, but i feel like whenever i use concealer on its own, its just very noticeable and stands out. i have many different concealers, all in the right colors, but i just feel like whenever i just wear concealer it is obvious that i am trying to hide something. so, i've started wearing bb cream to kinda camouflage the concealer in with my skin, but i just can't find a good one. i really need it to last all day and provide light/medium coverage without looking like i have makeup on! please let me know any suggestions/advice on the concealer problem / any recs on bb cream.
I am Medium Tan in Bare Minerals Mineral Powder.   Thanks so much <3
I recently splurged on myself and gave myself a custom makeover where I fell in love with the foundation used...Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation in the color Beige Dore 10. I've had the product for a few months and was worried about it running out, so I went re-order online and that color option wasn't even there. I went to my local Sephora and they had a tester for that color but there were no actual foundations that I could buy. When I asked, the SA tried to find it online and in the back but couldn't explain why it wasn't in the system or when it would be back. I just want to know what happened and when can I expect that particular color to be available to purchase. Also, what would be good matches for that color. (I tried using the Color IQ match with the YSL Beige Dore 10, and that color didn't come up as an option for me to match colors with other products.)  If anyone could help or point me in the right direction to just clarify what happened, I would love that.
My entire body gets tan except my face. I have tried multiple face self tanners (Clarins Tanning Milk, Bare Minerals, St. Tropez), but they all break me out. Any suggestions for a good face self tanner for sensitive skin? Thanks!
What is a good powder foundation for combo oily skin? I use Kat Von D and it is starting to slide right off. It seems like it is just a layer on top of my skin that can be wiped off. How can I change this or what is a good recommendation?
I love the highlighter in the Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Naked(Original), but want to move away from purchasing the palette again. So any good dupes?  Help please! And thanks. 
Hi everyone! I was hoping I could get some advice.  I have just really started getting into putting make-up on and I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on brushes.  I want to get some nice brushes to put on.  Thanks!
I bought these and they just came in today so I will be reviewing them as I wear each shade.     Today I wore Highly Waisted and I did put a bunch on because you all know how I love that glow!  I don't find it to be the most pigmented highlighter or anything.  It's fine but not amazing.  It applies nicely but I can't say to the blendability because I was going for a bam sort of look.  I wasn't intending to blend it into the skin.  I only wore it to dinner so  I can't speak to the longevity but I will be wearing a different shade to work tomorrow so then I can tell you how it lasts.     Here is a picture of me wearing Highly Waisted:  
hello, I'm going on a beach trip in two weeks and from all i've read for essentials tinted moisturizer is one of them and all through sephora the laura mercier is the one favorite I've seen. i'm a NC15 in the mac but a 4.75 in the giorgio armani (blended perfectly). from experience from makeup counters i am Fair with a red undertone so what would i be?. also which of the moisturizers is the best between the broad spectrum, illuminating, and oil free laura mercer tinted moisturizers? Thank you!
I received a sample of Luminous Silk and just love it. My color id in this foundation is 5. However, I'm intrigued by Maestro Fusion (id is 5.5) and Designer Lift also, but neither of these are available in stores within 100 miles.   My questions are these: 1. how do I compare these 3? how do I know which one I should choose? 2. what color should I get in Designer Lift should I choose to purchase this one?        
Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.29.40 PM.png
So I was looking for a daily wear BB or CC cream with a higher SPF than what I've been using, but I've been advised not to rely on that for sun protection.   What's your favorite sunscreen to wear under makeup that isn't greasy and doesn't leave you looking ghostly, and doesn't make your makeup run or otherwise cause problems?
According to Sephora color id, my color is 5 in GA Luminous Silk and 5.5 in GA Maestro Fusion, but it won't give me a color number in GA Designer Lift which is only available online. Which color should I get??
I am in need of the BEST oil control primer please...   I looked up on Sephora website and came up with these:   NARS pro prime pore refining BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector SMASHBOX Photo Finish HOURGLASS Veil Mineral Primer BENEFIT POREfessional DR JART PORE MEDIC Pore Minish Primer   I tried all the above except for DR JART, but i only used once or twice for each and can't compare or review.... anyone used these? can tell me which has strongest oil control?  I think BECCA? Because it has the most matte texture, but dont know the ability to actually control oil from coming out. thanks!