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The brushes I've tried just seem to separate or the bristles clump together. Any suggestions?
Any good concealer that will hide under eye dark circles. Any suggestions?  
Hello everyone!   I have fine lines under my eyes that are prone to creasing. It seems that no matter what I do or what products/tools I use my under eye area creases! Sometimes it creases so much that the lines are emphasized and look bigger. I am 21, and right now I am using the Urban Decay Weightless Naked concealer (but I have even used Mac Pro Longwear, NARS radiant, and drug store ones...) and I set with Mac Emphasize/Anastasia banana powders (I just ordered Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder). No matter what I do, I crease! And yes I moisturize and prime, and if I use more powder than my under eye area looks "chalky" (and still creases).   I've watched many YouTube videos but I feel that most of the girls who do the videos don't even have creases under their eyes...   Any help or tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.
I have a lot of acne and dry spots on my face, and I am looking for a primer to help smooth out my foundation, and maintain a high coverage.
I need a good foundation for dry skin over 50   Please help!
So when I put on my foundation is makes my skin look very unnatural and like I'm wearing a ton when in reality I'm not putting a lot on.(appears cakey and pores can be very visible) I am currently using Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.. just curious if anyone can help me out with my problem.
I am looking for a new blush. What is your favorite brand of blush from sephora? Also, any specific color suggestions? I do not like anything too pink. I like more of the plum/ginger colors. A hint of pink is okay.
I'm having a hard time getting color matched my color iq is 4y09 and I purchased the new Marc Jacobs foundation they gave me shade 36 I feel it's too light my mac foundation color is nc37. Any recommendations on what Marc Jacobs color I should get
I have acne scars and redness and I normally use Giorgio Armani lasting silk foundation, but I am going on vacation and want a bb or cc cream that feels lighter, but still overs nice coverage and if its waterproof that would be wonderful! Any suggestions? I was looking at the tarte bb cream but not sold yet.
My skin is acne prone so I am looking for something that is good for sensitive, more oily skin and has a matte finish. Any help would be great!
For those of you with the brushes- are they superly duperly amazing (like out-of-this-world amazing??
I tried the MUFE HD foundation for the first time in the store and loved the coverage and how it looked on me. HOWEVER, after like 15 mins, it started looking dark on me . In store it looked like the shade was perfect for me, but do you think I should go a shade lighter? Should I try for some other brand. P.S: The sephora associate did not apply any primer/moisturizer beneath the foundation. TIA.  
I am currently using two different foundations (not two different shades, two brands) because my skin can be so different depending on which part of my face we're talking about.  Do you think you could help me?  Here's what I need (and I'm not worried about shade - I'm quite fair, so I tend to choose light and just use a light bronzer to add some colour).   Chin - Prone to breakouts, blackheads (oily)   Nose - Prone to occasional breakouts, but corners are dry and flaky   Cheeks and Forehead - Normal   Under Eyes - Fine lines, puffiness      Also, my skintone is super uneven. Between freckles, redness around my jawline, and fair skin, I am all over the map! Because of this I like full coverage.   Although I have to be careful of moisture in foundation, due to the breakouts, I find a dewey or "radiant" look looks much better than a matte look for me (I'm 35 by the way).   So, do you think of a product that can take care of all that?   Thanks! Sonia    
I can never find the right shade of foundation for myself I need help and what is the best brand of foundation for dry skin?
How do I know what my undertones are?
Hi im extremely new to make up and i recently turned 31 so i wanted to try and change up my appearance and try something new i have always been ashamed or scared to wear makeup for fear of what others might think or say i just started wearing Nars concealer and kat von d tattoo concealer and i really like but i am not sure how to apply or wear foundation and eyeshadow or any other things if anybody could give me tips on what are good products and how to use i would be so happy and appreciative of everything you can tell me show anything helps thank you so much !!!!
Hi there! I have just purchased the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer & Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer during the sale and I am struggling to find the right brush to apply the TM's with.   I know using my fingers are the best option but I am one of those people who hate the feeling of anything messy on my fingers! I have tried the Sephora PRO Domed Stippling brush but it seems to soak up a bunch of the product, and a normal stippling brush sheered out both TM way a ton.   I do like a light-sheer coverage, which is why I love tinted moisturizers, but I am just struggling to find the right brush to apply the products!   Thank you for any help you can suggest!
My make-up fades by noon. I need a make-up that stays on.
I'm looking for a liquid foundation for combination (and sensitive!) skin that matches my pale / porcelain skin with pink undertones. I've been wearing hourglass immaculate liquid powder foundation in vanilla which matches my skin exactly, however it doesn't help me to achieve the dewy look.   I've blown a cringe-worthy amount of money on foundation already that only turned out to be either too dark or on the orange side even after research into the swatches and it's beginning to be a real struggle. I'm fairly new to all this and would very much appreciate recs! I've tried Nars sheer glow already (too yellow in Siberia, too dark in Mont Blanc) as well as guerlain lingerie de peau in its lightest shade which was too orange. Figured I'd leave it to the experts & those who are experienced! Thank you in advance!
Looking for foundation for normal skin, 59 yrs. old, yellow undertones.
I'm looking for a new foundation. I have really oily skin. I don't really have acne but I do get pimples every once in a while. I just need a good medium to full coverage foundation that has a matte finish.
How do you know if you have olive skin? Idk if I have it or not.. I do always have a hard time finding a good foundation color match for me.. :/ the only ones that look like a good match is makeup forever hd foundation, and it says it's for olive undertones.. 
I just purchased Kevin Aucoin's Contour Book Volume II and love it! But I'm new to using creams to contour. Any suggestion on the tool to blend the sculpting cream? Or the best tool to apply the sculpting cream? I'm new to the contour craze!
Looking for a concealer like Smashbox 24 hour concealer, that fills in acne scars (I like the Smashbox one, but the product gets everywhere!!!). Any suggestions?
Is it true that you are supposed to wear orange/coral blush to help disguise the redness of Rosacea?  I doubt anything will help, but just thought I'd ask.
Hi all!    I am looking for a bronzer that would look good on my very fair skin. I have tried hoola and it comes out a little bit too orange on my skin. I also have been using the smashbox contour kit. I love the grey colour in it, the bronzer is also too orange for me.    I am looking for a bronzer that would look nice on my fair skin as well as a contour colour that is not in a palette, but is just on its own! 
i previously purchased Diorskin nude 70, is that color still available?
Hello! I am currently using Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade Fresco. I have acne prone oily skin with large pores. I have used Double Wear for quite  a while and my acne is getting worse. Does anyone recommend products such as primer, concealer, powder but mainly foundation for my skin type? I thought about trying the Makeup Forever line. Does anyone know what shade I would need in Makeup Forever if I am wearing Double Wear Fresco?   Thank you!!
Hi, I currently use the make up for ever mat velvet + mattifying foundation with the cover fx pressed mineral foundation over it.. I am really into the dewy makeup look right now though. can you give me any ideas of products that will give me that look on my face?