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Has anyone used Celebration Foundation Illumination by IT Cosmetics?
I used bare minerals for many years and loved it. But now that I am nearing 50 it seems to be/look drying. I've been using LM silk cream foundation and LM Tinted moisturizer. I've just been hearing great things about IT foundation especially after reading the anti-aging ingredients! Anyone used it? Advice?  Celebration Foundation Illumination :  Formulated with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Peptides, Anti-Oxidants and Drops of Light™ Technology for the ultimate, soft, candlelit glow complexion. This full coverage foundation is infused with key ingredients such as Niacin, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose, Silk and Aloe that help to leave skin fresh and hydrated, never dry or cakey!  
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Next Darker after Sephora Foundation #14
I'm currently using Sephora 10h foundation in Clair Light 14. Can you recommend the next darker shade (pink undertone).
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any Stila's One Step Complexion Brush #33 users?
Its hard to believe that 90~95% of this brush's reviews are 5 star "amazing, wow, etc"  I went to SDM to look for Dior's flat foundation brush and the lady looked at me as if I'm crazy in preferring the flat version of foundation brushes.. but I have dry skin and its very easy for buffing brushes to accentuate the flakiness and dryness more     but anyway, has anyone tried this brush and liked it? how do you use it? do you like it better than buffing or flat foundation brushes? 
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New Dr. Jart+ BB Radiance Beauty Balm
I just noticed online that there are a couple new Dr. Jart+ BB creams.     I'm kind of interested in the BB Radiance Beauty Balm. 6117?skuId=1603802   It says it isn't in any stores around me, maybe it isn't out yet except online?     I'm hoping to see swatches sometime or see the color IQ number.  I really like the Black Label Detox BB, but I need to make sure this will work with my coloring too.     Has anyone heard about it or tried it?
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SEPHORA COLLECTION MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo
Currently I am pale from living in Buffalo, but I have the ability to get a decent tan come summer when I will be back in California. Which SEPHORA COLLECTION MicroSmooth Baked Blush Duo color should I invest i
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Peter Thomas Roth CC cream
I received a sample of PTR CC cream a few weeks ago and was keen to try it after hearing really good things from a friend. When I first put it on, I had a brief yet terrifying Oompa Loompa moment, but after putting on my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish foundation over it, my face my complexion looked the best it has ever looked!   Unfortunately, by the end of the day, the CC cream was still there but my foundation is nowhere to be found! I was an Oompa Loompa once more   I primed using Hourglass primer, set using Laura Mercier powder and the Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.    What went wrong? I'm so confused....    HELP!
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Hey loves! I'm looking for a new concealer.
Hey loves! I'm looking for a new concealer. I always use the Clinique concealer in deep. I was wondering what would be my color in a MAC concealer?
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bareMinerals liquid foundation is online!
I know a lot of you were curious about the new bareMinerals foundation, so I thought I'd let you know it's on the Sephora website! It isn't in stock but I can confirm that it is in the Color IQ system so if you want to see if you've got a likely shade match, you can do so
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My conclusions on makeup/skincare on days I go to the gym
Hey BTers,   I asked you all a while ago about makeup/skincare tips for days that I work out. Based on your suggestions, here's what seems to work well for me:   1. In the morning for work,I keep it simple by just wearing either foundation or BB cream, blush, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Because my eyes are really sensitive, I don't wear any eye makeup before I work out because I don't want any residue getting into my eyes when I sweat.   2. Before I work out, I use a makeup removing wipe to get as much of it off as I can. Then of course tie my hair back.   3. After I work out, I use a mild face wash to remove the dirt and sweat. I don't use my regular cleanser because it's fairly strong, and since I use it morning and evening, I thought midday too would be too hard on my skin. I follow that with a mild toner (no alcohol) to remove excess dirt.   4. For makeup, I put on BB cream, mascara, a bit of eyeshadow, pencil my eyebrows and lipstick.   That's it! I hope this helps anyone wondering about skincare/makeup on days you work out.
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Face Powder Face Off
I've finished up my loose face powder and an trying to decide whether to replace it or try something new.  Has anyone used both TF Primed & Poreless and the new UD Naked Skin Ultra Definition powders?  
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need suggestion.pls!
which one is better, compact powder mac or chanel.for daily. and long lasting. ( i know both is awesome ) but i need suggstion to choose one of them need help .
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Bottom Line: Best Cheek Color Shade in the World
No matter what your skin tone is, it's hard to find "the one".  They're either too red, too orange, or oxidize like crazy.  Personally, and with fair skin, Tarte's "Exposed" is just the most perfect neutral.  But, I can see where Ebony shades of skin would just look washed out with it.   So, after years and years of holding shades up in the light at the store, trying shades bought at the counter and only to find it really didn't look that good in normal conditions, I do believe I've found it.   Bobbi Brown's "Pale Pink".  Oh my lawd, it's amazing!  In the pan, it looks like a raspberry/hot pink.  I'm extremely fair complected, so just 1 single dab of my brush into it gives me just enough for the apples of my cheeks and swept into my hairline.  GORGEOUS.  Makes your skin look youthful, healthy, and alive.  Doesn't change colors, lasts all day.  In fact, I've read it's Bobbi's personal favorite to use on all her models and looks, especially on the apples even if she's using another shade for the cheekbone.   As for its use-up rate, I've had this tiny pan in my 500 point VIB bonus since the fall, and I've just barely pushed off the imprint left by manufacturing.     AMAZING stuff!
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Picking foundation shade
Im a 3y08 color iq match and would really like to try out the makeup forever mat velvet. I would like to know what shade to pick that closely matches my color iq match.  Thanks.
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Foundation match
What shade would I be in Guerlain Lingerie foundation if I am MAC nw 25?
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What shade NARS foundation closest to Bobbi Brown Golden shade foundation?
Hello all you wonderful people!   I've learned so much from all of your posts.  I am interested in just trying out the NARS sheer glow foundation by ordering online.  I currently use Bobbi Brown's Golden shade.  Anybody out there have advice on which NARS shade is closest to BB's Golden?   Thanks for all advice and input in advance!   
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lancome to becca
i wear lancome foundation 160w and now want to try the Becca foundation. What color should i get in the Becca mate foundation?
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Similar shade to Nars Laguna?
So I like the color of the Nars laguna, but the formula of the product is just not working for me (I've been having difficulties picking up the products with a variety of brushes).  So I've been hearing everyone gushing about the Sephora collection bronzers so I figured I would give one of them a try.  Does anyone know which shade would be similar to Laguna, Bora Bora or Los Cabos?   I have medium skin tone (I wear bare minerals matte in medium), so I think one of those two shades would be a good contouring shade for me.  (: thanks!
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kat von d foundation
what shade would i be in kat von d foundation if i am nc42 in mac studio fix powder?kat von d
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matching compact shade with foundation
I have compact from Benefit "Beige - all the world's my stage" shade. which shade of foundation would go with it from range of Benefit and Makeup forever
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If I'm light 48 in Kat Von D Lock it foundation.....?
what color would I be in Makeup Forevers HD foundation? I don't have a Sephora near me so I can't go and get my color match. Thanks xoxo <3 Spoiler (Highlight to read)         .
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Buying Bourjois from US?
I've tried and love Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.  I even have a backup of it.  However, I've been really wanting to try the Healthy Mix Serum.  I usually buy my Bourjois stuff from asos, but they don't have the serum one.     Has anyone found another place to buy it online?
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What palette is a makeup artists must have?
Im a beginning makeup artist and am curious: What is a must have palette?
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What primer would work best with Stila Stay All Day foundation?
The Stila Stay All Day foundation was recently recommended to me, and I know that this foundation is water-based. I tend to not stray from my foundation comfort zone, so I'm not sure on this one. What primer would work best with it? 
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MUFE HD powder - pressed or loose?
Hello ladies,   I have been eyeing the new pressed MUFE HD powder for the a while now.  Currently, I only have the loose powder and while it does wash me out a little bit, I do like the finish.  The pressed powder just seems more portable and travel friendly.   Does anyone notice a difference between the two?   Also, for those of you who have tried it, do you apply with the sponge provided or a brush?   Thanks!
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What shade should I get in the Bobbi Brown concealer and corrector?
I'm shade Warm Ivory in their foundation for reference
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Summer to winter shade change someone help?
I know finally switching shades LOL I kind of put up with it for a while but now I'm completely done my kat Von D foundation I was light 48 and after summer was over I noticed that it was a little dark for me. Now I'd like to go down to a lighter shade, light 48 says that it's a medium with beige undertone any suggestions which shade I should use next?
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I'm a 3.2 in the smashbox 15 hour foundation. What color should I use for the high definition concealer?
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Foundation help!!
I have a tinted moisturizer that I have been using for a long time and would like to purchase a pressed powder foundation.  The tinted moisturizer I own, Sephora perfecting tinted moisturizer in medium peach, is not to be found on the website.  In  order to find the right shade for a pressed powder foundation I would like to use the color IQ but for the color IQ the shade of a previous foundation is necessary.  What color would I be in the new tinted moisturizer or in general?  If it helps, in bobbi brown face touch up stick I am warm beige.  Please help!!! 
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