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I am COMPLETELY in love with Tarte's Amazonian Clay matte blushes. So much so, that I have eight and have gotten rid of all my Nars blushes. I think they actually made me break out, or contributed to my breakouts, not too sure. I had Nars Super Orgasm in the past and hated it. Ended up exchanging because it was too chunky for me. Do the Tarte shimmering blushes have glitter in them? 
Has anyone tried Graftobian or Kryolan cream foundations? I saw a YouTuber use a Kryolan Palette for contouring and highlighting and now I want one   There's a ton of different Kryolan ones. I was drawn to these in particular:      Or should i just save money and get a coastal scents concealer palette?  
Hi guys! I'm going to a birthday party tonight for an adult at a lounge/club. Im going to do a smokey purple eye. What color blush and lip do you suggest? I have never done a purple smokey eye so I'm trying to not look like a clown tonight. thanks!   
I have very dark circles under my eyes and I've been using a drugstore concealer to hide them but I've never been really satisfied with it. It's extremely noticeable and settles in the creases under my eyes. What's a good under eye concealer that is potent without looking cakey and will last?
First off, I have NEVER used foundation in my life. And I have 6 different types from different brands in my loves list. I NEED some help at finding out which is the best for starters. The brands and types are: BUXOM Show Some Skin Foundation, BENEFIT Hello Flawless Foundation, MUFE HD Invisible Foundation, UD NAKED Foundation, KVD Lock-it Foundation, and BOBBI BROWN Stick Foundation. I already have the correct colors for each one. WHICH ONE IS THE BEST FOR BEGINNER FOUNDATION USERS?
I have severe acne and scarring, which leaves almost "craters'' when I put on foundation. I've always used BareMinerals "Fairly Light" in Matte but I found that it doesn't provide the full coverage I need and comes off very easily. I'm looking for a good foundation that provides full coverage. Regardless of price, what would be the best foundation for severe acne, scarring, oil and redness? I've tried tarte's new clay foundation and liked its coverage but the color isn't my favorite and leaves my skin looking a bit oily. Recommendations? Thanks!
How many of you contour and highlight? Seems like that's all anyone talks about these days. I just recently tried it and didn't really see much of a difference plus I felt gross wearing that much makeup. I prefer just a bb cream and powder once in a while.  
So I am trying to learn how to highlight and contour. I have some questions gathered from the tutorials and videos I've read and watched.   1-what is the difference between a bronzer and a contour? 2- if a product says highlighter then can you use it on all the parts of your face that need highlighting?   So I have found Maybeline BB creams and they work really well for me in the place of a foundation, primer.   I am going to upload pics of everything I have..     I have : -Maybeline BB cream I have 2: medium deep (makes me look tanned), medium ( is one shade too light).     -Maybeline liquid concealer   that is light for me and I'm wondering if I can use this as a highlighter in all the parts of my face that need highlighting?   -Cover Girl Tru Blend Concealer fix stick   and it's lighter than my skin tone.   -L'oreal Luminizer highlighter pen- this goes on kind of shimmery and white so I think it would look grey on my face like on my cheeks and chin and stuff   -benefit watts up highlighter ( the one that came in sephora birthday gifts)   -Maybeline Fix Me Foundation Stick- darker than my skin tone  -Maybeline Fix me Foundation Powder- one is much darker than my skin, and one is a bit lighter for my skin     Wow I had no idea I had so many products. It's silly because I buy drugstore since it's cheaper but I guess for the amount I spent on this I could have just had an artist at Sephora pick exactly what was perfect for me :$ So I know I have enough products and wondering which to use. I already know where the highlights and contours are supposed to be placed   Just wondering if I should put the BB cream all over my face first as a base color and then add the contour and highlights?   I am not sure if I should just put the contour and highlights on my face where they belong and then blend in, without a base of color first?   Is there a way to put this makeup on without making it look like there is a lot of makeup on ? I'm wondering if I can get away with just using dark and light BB creams from Maybeline for everything?   Sorry for such a long post and thanks in advance   Also I have these brushes and I use the second one from the right for my contour. Is that right?    
Its on the site now, The design of the item is awesome. Seeing that its a magnetic closure is awesome. Btw the description said this is the 30th anniversary item for Guerlain.... And resisting this temptation is the worst.
I am going to Hawaii in a little bit and since I will definitely be going to the beach, I am trying to decide on a waterproof concealer to get. I am currently deciding between:    LANCĂ”ME EFFACERNES Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer   or   MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer   I would use it to cover redness, acne/acne scars, and dark circles. I want at least a medium coverage since I would not be wearing any other face product. Which one would you recommend/like better?   Thanks!  
I was wondering when the new contour kit by Anastasia was going to hit Sephora stores and if I could get on a waiting list in store now?
Hi I'm looking for a natural brow color . When I shade in my brows with powder I can see the brown shade kind of a reddish undertone... It doesn't mix well with my dark brown almost black eyebrows. I was wondering if anyone new of a good powder mouse or pomade to work good.?       Trying to post a picture  to show but I don't know how. 
I've used UD naked foundation for over a year now, but I feel it is very hard to take off. I have to wipe my face off before my shower, then I wash my face in the shower and wipe my face off again. I feel like it will lever come off! Is there any short cuts? 
I just received an email from Hourglass that their Ambient Lighting Palette (with incandescent light) is back. Does anyone know if this means it's a permanent part of their collection, or is it LE yet again? What do you think?   I have to say I'm   disappointed it's not a blush trio or an ambient bronzing trio but this is still amazing because it's three shades of ambient lighting powder that I don't own.   EDIT:  refinery29 confirms that this palette is a  permanent part of the Hourglass cosmetics line! Still awaiting confirmation from Hourglass!
Hello, I have very fair acne prone oily skin with some acne scarring, I have been looking online and there seems to be a lot of foundations out there, but am having a hard time narrowing it down.  I am quite a distance from a sephora so I do tend to shop online usually. I was curious on thoughts about these or any other suggestions you might have: Clinique Stay Matte Clinique Even Better Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Make up forever mat velvet +   Thanks so much! 615186
Can someone tell her that these tips are probably not safe for the skin? I mean who puts Preparation H around their eyes?! That's something that I've never heard of. 
So I have been using aloe vera gel on my face as moisturizer and putting my Maybeline BB cream on top, and then a translucent powder by Marcelle. My makeup stays on all day and it's the right skin tone for me which is SO hard to find being an indian girl. My only problem is my face looks kind of sweaty an hour later despite putting the powder on. I look like I'm wearing ALOT of makeup but I'm not. Any ideas on how to fix this?  
Okay, I know how crazy it has been today, but Anastasia just posted on her Instagram that the palette will be released on Thursday this week. Official announcement will be made by Sephora tomorrow... 
For reference, I'm the shade 117 in MUFE HD, Warm Ivory in Bobbi Brown Skin foundation, and Gobi in Nars Sheer Glow. I want a tad bit lighter conealer so that I can highlight the face when I'm highlighting and contouring. 
Hi everyone I'm looking for a medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish that's long lasting, I've tried NARS Sheer Glow, and Giorgio armani luminous silk, and nars didn't last, and Armani isn't that dewy. I have combo skin so I need it to hold up in oily t zone. Thanks for any advice!!
So I did a Personal Beauty Consultant Advice thing at Sephora like 2 months ago and after trying like 10 different foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizers I finally landed on the Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation. It was the only foundation that I tried that didn't look cakey on me, however I want a way to add more coverage to it. I have the MUFE Full Coverage Concealer and its perfect for the single blemishes here and there but I want something that I could combine with the Smashbox foundation to give me extra coverage on my forehead, chin, and nose.  Also, I have combination skin with dry patches of my cheeks, forehead, and chin and an really oily nose. Could you guys also recommend a good primer that gives me a youthful glow since I'm a teenager while controlling my oil? Thanx girls! xoxo
So a while back in Jan and even recently i asked the MUFE location near me if the duo mat was still being discontinued and they said yes. Then 2.5 mons ago i wrote to MUFE to ask them and they just NOW responded with this: "Thank you for your interest in MAKE UP FOR EVER. We have heard our consumers loud and clear, we will not be making any changes to the current distribution of duo mat. The quantities and shades available will remain the same. Please know that your customer satisfaction is greatly valued and we appreciate your feedback."   UPDATE: response email to clarify "Due to overwhelming customer response and love for the product, Duo Mat is no longer be discontinued. It is our priority to service you and meet your needs. However, if your local Sephora is out of stock on your favorite shade, you may always place a phone order through our NYC Studio."   I hope this is the case as the duo mat does keep me mat longer.
Hey Beauties!   I just stopped into Sephora yesterday and was trying my hands out with the newly formulated Guerlain Meteorites! I hadn't tried them previously but have been lemming them FOREVER. I thought that with the new formulation it would be a perfect time to try them out. Long story short, I ended up purchasing the colour 03 Medium. Originally, I thought the colour should be chosen roughly based on skin tone, but one of the Sephora reps said it was more to do with the undertones and redness in your skin. She chose to put 04 Dore on me! It was beautiful, but definitely gave me a bronzed look. For day to day I'd much prefer something illuminating but that won't alter the colour of my skin. I have light-medium skin - more on the light side in winter, but get quite tan in the summer. Do you think I selected the right colour?    Any feedback would be much appreciated  xox
Hi everyone! Hourglass ambient lighting palette is live now! 82309?skuId=1606086&country_switch=ca