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I was at Sephora yesterday and asked an SA if she’d heard when the Hourglass Holiday Ultimate Ambient Lighting Palette would be released. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t know a release month. She did inform me that Hourglass has mini pans in the works – like what the flagship store has to create your own palette. She didn’t know if it would be limited to the ambient lighting powders or if you could mix and match powder, blush, and bronzer. Has anyone else heard about this?
I am looking for a foundation that would last in the SUPER hot and humed climate of Costa Rica while looking natural and not paisty/cakey. Also, it ihas AWESOME ingredients. (I have super sensitive skin) Also, I already use Dr. Jart BB spf 45 for my sunscreen and primer. Any ideas team?   PS, I have combination skin and falls on the lighter and cooler side of shades. THANK YOU  
I hope i can get some reviews from BT, anyone used it? which one should i buy 1 or 2? I have yellow undertone. I'm really confused.
I don't have acne, but my skin easily breaks out with new products or products that are too harsh. I prefer medium to light coverage and something that doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I would characterize my skin as combination.
What is a good powder foundation for combo oily skin? I use Kat Von D and it is starting to slide right off. It seems like it is just a layer on top of my skin that can be wiped off. How can I change this or what is a good recommendation?
I am trying to change my routine to include a foundation that is natural looking (light coverage, except areas with discoloration).  I have tried the following three because they are a color match for my skin (SO hard to find in most foundation lines).   They are...  Cover Fx Drops, Urban Decay Naked foundation and YSL's Touche Eclat.   Do you prefer any of these foundations?  Why?  I tried them all at the store and they all seemed nice.  I would love to hear your thoughts!  Thank you!!!!  
I like my brows more on the thin side and I usually use a Maybelline pencil to define them and fill in sparse areas. I'm dying to try the Anastasia pomade lately but I'm worried it's mostly for thicker looking brows? Need opinions from those who have tried it please.
Despite the Color IQ, which has helped tremendously, I (and many others) still find it slightly difficult to really get a good color selection sometimes. The Color IQ probably doesn't take into account the fact that some of us are in between foundation shades nor the fact that foundations simply oxidize sometimes.   I thought I'd make a list of foundations and powders that I have used and sampled that have matched me fairly well. I'll continue to update this list alphabetically if you, BTers, who have the same skin tone as I do come up with more shades from other lines, because I can only try and use so many foundations (and some brands are just difficult to access.)   In MAC terms, I'm between NC25-NC30 . NC27 if such a thing existed   (*L - Liquid, P - Powder, BB and CC- self-explanatory ) -Becca Ever Matte (L): Olive -Becca Luminous Skin (L): Camel -Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous (P): Light -Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even (L): 3.5 Warm Beige -Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (L): 3.5 Warm Beige - Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (L): Mix 51 and 53 -Burberry Sheer Luminous (L):  05 -Burberry Velvet (L): 203 -Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (L): B30 -Chantecaille Future Skin (L): Cream - Chantecaille Just Skin (L): Glow -Diorskin Airflash (Aerosol): 021 -Diorskin Forever (L): 021 -Diorskin Nude (L): 021 -Dolce and Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy: 100 -Estee Lauder Double Wear (L): 2W1 Sand - Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (L): 2N1 Desert Beige -Fairydrops Candy Bar (BB): Mix of Light Ochre and Ochre -Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk (L): Mix of 4.5 and 5.5 - Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (L): 5.75 - Giorgio Armanin Maestro (L): Mix of 4.5 and 6.5 -Guerlain Lingerie de  Peau (BB): Mix of Light and Medium -Guerlain Lingerie de Peau (L): Mix of 02 and 03 -Guerlain Parure de Lumiere (L): Mix of 02 and 03 -Guerlain Pressed Meteorites (P): 02 -Hourglass Immaculate (L): Nude -Jouer luminizing tint (L): golden -Jouer moisture matte (L): nude -Kat Von D Lock It (P): 52 -Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo (L): 52 -Koh Gen Do Aqua (L): Mix of OC-2 and BE-1 -Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation (L): 123 -Koh Gen Do Triple Lighting (P): OC-2 -Lancome Teint Idole 24H (L): 250W -Laura Mercier Creme Smooth: Sunny Beige - Laura Mercier Silk Creme (L): Medium Ivory -Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (L): Nude -Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless (L): 5 - Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge (L): 2 -LORAC Porefection (P): PF3 -Marc Jacobs Genius Gel (L): 32 - Marc Jacobs Perfection (P): 300 -Missha Perfect Cover (BB): Mix of 21 and 27 -MUFE Face and Body (L): 32 -MUFE HD (L): 140 -MUFE Mat + Velvet (L): 40 -NARS Sheer Glow (L): Punjab - Revlon Colorstay Whipped: 320 -Revlon Photoready (L): Nude -Peter Thomas Roth (CC): Light-Medium - SK II Facial Treatment Cream: 420 -Smashbox Camera Ready (BB): Light -Smashbox Camera Ready (CC): Light -Stila One Step (L): Tone - Tarte Amazonian Clay (L): Light-Medium Honey (Peach/Neutral undertone) or Light-Medium Sand (Yellow undertone) - Tarte Maracuja Miracle (L): Light-Medium - Urban Decay Naked (L): 3.0 for warmer tones; Mix 3.5 and 4.0 for neutral tones -YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat (L): B40 -YSL Top Secrets BB Cream (L): Mix of Light and Medium -YSL Youth Liberator Serum (L): Mix of BR40 and B30       (***Updated 12/5/2013***)
I was wondering if sephora does samples of highlighters? I'm really interested in the Becca highlighter pressed but want to know if I'll like it with my normal makeup.
I am considering shelling out the dough for this foundation.  I tried it in the store and got a nice color match and the light coverage I was looking for.  However, I would love to hear what anyone has to say about it - pro or con - because as we all know, foundation is tricky and I would be very reluctant to use, then return, something so expensive.
I use a spray brush cleanser on my brushes once a week. I have noticed that I need to clean my foundation and concealer brushes more frequently for optimal use. Should I be cleaning all my brushes everyday? I've heard of some people using oils and conditioners and was thinking of just leaving my bushes in a container filled with a mixture of water and shampoo after application while I am at work then removing them when I get home and spritzing them with hair oil (maybe once a week) then air drying them till morning. Is this a good idea? I would still clean them with the brush cleanser once a week. Do you think hair oil should be lightly spritzed after each shampoo/water soak?
Anyone else find this super annoying? I have a bunch of foundations in my current collection that I love - both drugstore and some high end that I've tried that all seem to have SPF in it. Now during the day when I'm just going to work or whatever obviously I don't mind, I wear moisturizer with SPF on a daily basis anyways. But my foundations I prefer to wear on a night out (due to coverage, flawless-ness, etc..) always seem to have SPF as well. I'm alright pretty white as it is lol so it's pretty frustrating. I kind of wish they didn't include it in foundation so that if you feel you need it, you could just add a moisturizer underneath.
I'm a NC30 in MAC studio fix fluid and I was wondering which one should I pick from the Ultra HD - MUFE - and the airflash - Dior.   As a BB cream, I'd like to know which one matches in Clinique BB acne blemish.   If you have other sugestions, I'd be pleased!   tks!!!
I never find foundations that work with my combination/acne prone skin, however MUFE HD has made me look halfway decent these last two years. I have read so many reviews that the new formula does not cover imperfections/redness or last all day which is necessary for me (often at school or work 8 plus hours a day). Is there another foundation that is similar to MUFE HD in that it covers imperfections, is long wearing, and does not look cakey??? My last bottle of foundation is running low and I am getting very nervous.
I'm going to post a picture of me without makeup. Because hey, I love makeup, but I'm also working on embracing my face au naturel, too.   None of this "I'm not wearing makeup" when you're wearing a tinted moisturizer, brown mascara, and have a slight flush to your cheeks and lips. I'm talking no makeup AT ALL (No, not even clear lip balm).   This is me, about 10 minutes out of the shower.   Anyone else brave enough?    
so im looking for a lightweight light to medium foundation ive heard a lot about many different ones but im never sure which one is truly good and for a reasonable price.
I normally just use my finger to create the line and then brush with my bronzer brush to remove the harsh line. Ive been debating between the mars kabuki brush and the kat von d's new brush.... any advice?? 
Hi, I'm about to go into high school next year, and never really wear make up. I just realized how expensive makeup is, and didn't really want to purchase both concealer and foundation. I also don't want to be wearing so much because I feel like that would be heavy. I don't really have a lot of acne, just some spots I'd like to cover. So can I just wear concealer on problem spots and not need foundation?   Thanks!
If I have the Rose Gold highlighter from Becca or even NARS Orgasm illuminator, would I really need Champagne Pop? I feel like they're all a bit similar but I could be wrong. I think Champagne Pop is gorgeous but dishing out another $38 for it makes me sad. LOL.
If I normally wear Nars Sante Fe foundation, what would you suggest I wear in the summer when I am more tanned?
I was told that the perfect contouring shade for my skin would be Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow in wheat... which of course Sephora doesn't sell. Anyone have very fair skin with pink undertones who can suggest comparables?
Hi! so i got the Anastasia contour kit and i have no clue how to use it. i have looked up sevreal youtube how to videos and still cant get it right. i have a heart shaped face and no matter how i try i just look the same every time! 
Does anyone have a suggestion for a setting powder with some lasting power? I use the Tarte 12 hour foundation that I love but I have had a surge in oil lately and can't seem to keep my face matte at all. I also notice my making coming off on my phone so I need something to set it and something that stays put for the majority of the day.
Okay, this is the second post I've started in the last ten minutes.. LOL. Girls, I'm in need a new blush- not right now, but for Christmas. (Yes, I'm an early shopper!) I have the bareMinerals blush(almost out of it!) and loved it, and I once got a sample of the Tarte blush and loved it also.. Right now I'm using the Josie Maran coconut water cheek gelee- I got it a few weeks ago when I went to Sephora, (I just got the $13 travel size one!) to hold me over till I could get a better blush for Christmas. I've never tried the JM cheek gelee until I bought it, and its okay. I don't think I'll be getting it again after its gone.. The good thing is it does last all day long- because whenever I touch my cheek it feels as if someone put ear wax all over! LOL! I don't put too much on, but I hate touching my face and feeling that sticky-ness!  I am really interested in the Tarte 24 Amazonian clay blush, bareMinerals blush, or the Clinque cheek pop.  I prefer blushes to be in a compact, like the tarte one, but then again I don't mind the bareMinerals blush packaging. Please help me!  Thank you! XOXOXO PS. Whatever blush I choose in the end I will need a shade also-- if anyone can suggest a blush shade with the blush brand they recommend that'd be greatly appreciated! I have red hair, a light(ish) complexion, and brown eyes(don't know if that helps or not!)  Thanks again! Oh and I also have freckles... Lol. 
What color NARS Radiant Concealer color should I get if I wear Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 4.5 or MUFE HD Foundation in 118/Y325?
How does Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer compare to Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer? I've been looking for a good concealer to cover acne & blemishes that does not easily crease/crack and is relatively longwear. A friend recommended either of these two products to me, and I can't decide which one seems better.
hi, I'm going into freshman year and i need some concealer that will cover my dark bags fully while still looking natural and cakey. my bags aren't awful but they certainly need coverage help!