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I like the Kat Von D tattoo foundation, but its a little too heavy for me. Right now, I'm using the Makeup Forever HD foundation, but I want to try something new. I like the HD foundation and the finish, but I want something with a little more coverage. Any recommendations?
wondering whats the best bronzer for medium toned skin?
I have very oily skin, and I can never find a foundation for it. I have spent so much money on foundation. I always wash my face before applying anything. I use primers, setting sprays and nothing works. My face will get oily in a matter of minutes/ an hour. I What kind of foundation would you recommend me?
Hi there. I am a MAC NC45 when using the Studio Tech Foundation and a Medium Deep with their Loose Powder. Any idea what this would translate to in Cover FX shades? I really like that Cover FX is cruelty free and vegan and am looking to move over. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
If I'm Sand 1W2 in Estee Lauder Double Wear, what shade would most closely match that in the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation?
I'm going away for Christmas to visit my boyfriend's family. My boyfriend is from the Caribbean and it is extremely hot and humid - temperatures that I am not used to whatsoever. My makeup already comes off after an hour or two or ends up being blotchy, and I do not want this happening when visiting his family. I am looking for the perfect combination of primer, foundation, and setting powder that will create a full-coverage look that will stay in place all day! Thanks!!
Hello all, Would love some advice on which color match would be good. For makeup forever, I'm 118 or the flesh color and in Bobbi Brown BB cream, I'm natural.  I'm pretty sure I'm a light-medium skin tone with either yellow or beige undertone. It's hard to tell sometimes. 
I'm looking for a foundation that is transfer proof. I have oily skin and it need to help with my acne. I'm also fair skinned.
I have the Know Gen Do Aqua foundation in 213 which has the perfect undertone for my olive skin, but it's still too light for my skin that has seen the sun.  Does anyone have suggestions for how to darken it by just a shade?  I tried mixing it with a sample of 143 but then it lost the olive undertone and looked too peachy.  I was thinking about the Cover FX custom cover drops but I don't know if those would run pink on me.  Almost everything does.  Also, I live in the middle of nowhere so I can't drop by a Sephora or department store...or CVS...or Target...#middle #of #nowhere    
what primer is best for smoothing out texture for combination/acne prone skin? my skin is also pretty sensitive and gets really really oily but at the same time occasionally gets dry patches!!
I haven't done the official Color IQ color matching. However, I got matched for the Makeup Forever HD Ultra foundation as the shade R230 or R260, then I matched Too Faced Born This Way in Porcelain. I want to know how I can transfer those matches to drugstore foundations and makeup. Are there any websites or resources I can use? Thanks!
I am in need of advice on good foundations! I have sensitive and combination skin that easily breakouts out from products, and have uneven skin tone.  I currently use Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation and do like that it doesn't cause breakouts.  However, I am looking for a foundation that still is good for my skin, but has a more flawless coverage and finish.  On days where I don't wear full makeup, recommendations for a good everyday BB or CC cream with some coverage would be good, too. Thank you!
Hi, everyone!   I received a sample a while ago of the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau foundation.  I just tried it for the first time a few days ago, and needless to say I am in LOVE.  However, I don't know what shade to buy.  This is a very expensive foundation so I do not just want to wing it.   I am going to go a couple shades darker than I am right now because I will be fake tanning soon for a vacation.  Normally when I am tan I wear shade light/medium neutral in Tarte or I've worn Medium Sand before.  I have neutral to warm undertones.  Please help!   Thank you!
What shade in the NARS concealer should I get to highlight under my eyes? I am in the shade light medium in the Born This Way foundation. 
Hi everyone! I tried a sample of the old version of this foundation in store and was given number 34 to try. My color IQ number (tested in the winter) was 2Y06. Can someone suggest which shade would match me from the new MUFE water blend foundation? Thank you so much in advance!   On a different but related note, can anyone compare the coverage of Laura Mercier candlelight glow foundation with this one?
Hi,    I bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation months ago and am still in love with it. I am running low now and need to buy a new one. For some reason, in Canada this item is discontinued and keeps running out of stock, and there are no more fair skinned colours left!!! This is one of the only foundations that actually comes in a shade that is light enough for my skin. Can I order from the USA sephora?? How do I switch the website so I can see american dollars?? When I browsed on my phone, I got the USA site originally and they had all the shades in stock. Please help ASAP!!!   Thank you!!   Ciara
Hello all. I thought this would be a good thread to start and hopefully keep up as reference for those looking at foundation matches across brands. This can be helpful to look for colors in a specific range I am light-medium skin tone with neutral to yellow undertone  ... Here are mine LIQUIDS -MUFE HD 120 soft sand -MUFE MAT VELVET + 30 & a little 40 added -UD NAKED SKIN 3.0 -CHANEL VITALUMIERE AQUA b20  -CLINIQUE STAY MATTE 8 golden neutral (half shade too dark now, need to find a shade to mix)   POWDERS -MUFE PRO 128 (touch dark) - LM powder fdn no4 -CLINIQUE almost powder deep (touch dark light on bronzer) -BARE MINERALS READY golden tan (touch dark light on bronzer ) - BARE MINERALS MATTE med beige - LORAC WET/DRY w3  -MUFE DUO MAT 205 (being discontinued ;(   BBs / CCs - SB PHOTOREADY CC light - TARTE BB TINTED PRIMER light - DIOR DIORSKIN NUDE BB fair  - BOBBI BROWN BB fair   
What is an alternative to Laura Mercier's Mineral powder in the color Pure Honey since its no longer being manufactured?
I am 24 and have been struggling with acne recently. I am on a skincare regimen that seems to be helping, but I would like a BB cream to wear for light coverage. Many BB Creams are very rich and leave my skin feeling oily, leading to breakouts. Does anyone know of any that have worked for acne-prone skin?
My colorIQ is 1y06, what would be the color of smashbox camera ready bb cream for me?
Use Bare Minerals Original, but want to try something new that will cover up the redness in my cheeks but still feel light weight
Now that is getting drier, my non t zone is extremely dry and my t zone still gets oily. I want a natural looking foundation that doesn't cling to dry spots and doesn't seperate where I get oily. AND LASTS ALL DAY. I've been thinking about trying out: Tarte Amazonian Clay, Josie Maran Vibrancy, MUFE, Nars All Day Luminous and Becca Ever Matte. Any advice or suggestion
If I'm Y315 in MUFE, what color should I get in Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer?
I'd like the concealer to be a shade or 2 lighter to use for contouring also.    I was thinking light 5 or light 9?  Which would be best?   Thanks
I use to wear the old foundation powder in #7 whats the equivalent with the new powder? or the makeup forever pro finish? dont live by a sephora so trying to buy the best match!
i have really oily and acne prone skin and need a foundation that has full coverage but will keep me matt for as long as possible, any reccomendations?
My daughter has acne.  What type of foundation would be best for her to use - liquid or powder?