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Wondering what new palettes Kat Von D will have, as well as what's to come from Tarte and UD!!! Who else is with me and what are you excited for? Can we expect these the end of this month?
I have normal, acne-prone skin and fair asian skin color.  I don't have any acne, but I have a little bit of acne scar, acne marks, and redness.  I would prefer medium coverage. Full coverage would be nice, but I don't like to look heavy.  I have tried some foundations and it is just so hard to find the right one for my skin.  I recently purchased bareminerals matte foundation, but the sales associate gave me the wrong color. I really like the finish, but I think the foundation is giving me red spots.  I will be visiting the store later this week so I just wanted some idea before I visit the store.  What would you recommend me?    I have tried Bobbi Brown skin foundation and that didn't give me enough coverage. Nars sheer glow & sheer matte didn't work out for me.   
So I was watching a youtube video of Vintageortacky and when I saw her Charlotte Tilbury blush, my jaw dropped. I had my eye on the YSL peachy one but .. this... just beats it, and can I say cute packaging? I wasn't going to jump on the CT bandwagon, but according to Cora this gives a nice natural peachy touch.. yep.  This blush is called Ecstacy.    And this one is the one Cora used called First Love. 
Hello! I've been using Bare Minerals Ready Foundation for maybe 2 years now and it has worked great. Not sure what's changed with my skin, old age? But for some reason it just doesn't look great anymore. I'm 36, have oily skin in the T-zone and have big pores. I've never really liked liquid foundation, but I'm willing to try other things. Any recommendations? Thanks!
Advice needed.  Looking for a makeup that has coverage but isnt heavy.  I have trouble finding a foundation (liquid) that has coverage but doesnt settle into my pores and look heavy.  Any suggestions? P.S.  I have combo skin type... oily only in the T-zone
I am looking for a fuller coverage  face powder to wear over a liquid foundation. I have tons of freckles, I am a nurse so work long hours so it also needs to be long wearing. I love the coverage of liquid and powder together. The problem is that recently my go to powder was discontinued. It was a drugstore brand. I have tried Clinique and it gives me a cakey look. I am not adverse to wearing only a liquid foundation but I don't want it to settle in my lines and again I want a full coverage. Any help would be appreciated.
I love Lancome's Teint Idole but the shade that I was matched with a year ago isn't quite right. The shade is 140 Iviore. There is one lighter shade, but there is no description of what the difference is. Does anyone know? It seems like this one has a yellow undertone and I am more neutral. 
I know that a good primer helps, but I don't want it to disappear on me
becca champagne gold
I was looking on the Ulta website and saw a new BECCA pressed powder shimmering skin perfector in champagne gold. I wondered if anyone has seen swatches of this. I already have Moonstone, Opal and Rose Gold so the question is do I need it?? LOL...of course. But I was really wondering how different it is from Moonstone. I'm not sure how to link a picture but you can find it on Ulta or the BECCA website. It says it's limited edition (ha ha, so was rose gold) and it has the same stamping on it as the holiday rose gold had on it.                                    
I didn't start using foundation until the beginning of this year, so I don't know much about foundation outside of the basics. I am in love with Urban Decay's Naked liquid foundation, but my problem is that the shade I got matched to works great for my face, but then when you look at me as a whole, my face is lighter then the rest of my body! I returned the color I previously bought and the woman who was helping me out said if we went any darker in the UD line, that it would be too dark. So instead, we found a match in MAKE UP FOREVER that works, but I really prefer the UD foundation. How would one go about trying to mix shades to get their perfect shade? Is it just better to stick with the already made shades? Just need any advice on this!
Hey guys , so i'm pretty new on makeup. I have dry skin and i'm a little bit white. So can you guys help me out from skin care till makeup( face makeup, and eyes and all the brushes that i should use). Thank you . 
I've tried different primers and no primers, different foundations, different white foundation MIXERS to lighten all my different foundations. I've increased my moisturizing, tried different methods of exfoliating my face, using sponges, Beauty Blenders, foundation brushes, stippling brushes, and even gotten rid of all the peach fuzz on my face. Nothing  helps. I always end up with these patchy clumpy pieces of foundation all over my face, even in areas that aren't usually dry on me. My nose looks like a mottled flaky mess and in short my foundation just looks disgusting. I'm not slopping it on my face either like the "friendly" girls on another forum kindly suggested I was. I put maybe a pea sized amount on each cheek, my chin, and my forehead and this still happens.   NARS Sheer Glow caked, Illmasqua Skin Base caked like mad, Laura Mercier's Silk Creme is caked on my face as we speak, Kat Von D caked (of course), Loreal's Lumi cakes. The only base makeup I have ever been able to use without it doing this is Missha's Signature Perfect BB cream in #13, but I cannot build up the coverage at all without it getting cakey in spots.   I don't understand what's wrong with my face or what I'm doing so wrong. Sephora associates don't know what's what to suggest (I just get more moisturizers tossed at me). My face feels and looks flawless and soft   without makeup, but the second foundation comes into contact with it everything goes to the dogs and I just don't get it.   If anyone has a suggesting as to what is happening and how I can prevent it I'd love to hear some input.
I'd like to try Cover FX Creme Concealer, but I don't have time to swing into the store. Currently I'm using Cover FX Mineral Pressed Powder in shade N30. I'm leaning toward shade N Medium in the concealer. Seeking advice...thoughts, tips....should I go lighter with the concealer?
 it works, but with summer ending and my summer "tan" (if you can call it that) fading, I don't know what to do. I know I won't be able to find a match in her foundation line with my lighter complexion but the formula is perfect for my skin. It sits matte and lets my natural oil give me a slightly dewy- NATURAL LOOKING skin glow. I love the coverage and how it smooths out all my weirdly shaped pores, and it works with my Smashbox primer. My only gripe which I was able to look past is sometimes it smells like doritos and you have to work fast with it.  Current color IQ is #3Y03 In other words, I'm looking for a full (I mean I don't want to see my actual face full) coverage foundation that works best with combo-oily skin that is similar in texture and formula to Kat Von D's. (Preferably with packaging that allows you to get all of the product...) 
Hello ! Anyone would recommand an illuminizer for oily skin?   Thank you
Does any one know the best liquid or cream foundation for people who have freckles? I want to look natural, and last a long time?
Is there a difference between a "regular" powder brush and a mineral powder brush? My Real Technique Powder brush is really scratchy so I am looking for a new one. Will a mineral powder brush pick up non-mineral powders? AND will a non-mineral powder brush pick up mineral powders? 
Hi all =)  I tried finding previous topic on this but unable to so any link to previous post or if you have answer will be greatly appreciated ^__^     My face is really dry right now so I started to wear moisturizer and/or oil under my primer.  I tried several combination with different result: -  moisturizer (caudalie lip and eye and ole henriksen truth creme/ origin day ginzing), smahbox primer, bb cream, then smashbox powder.  I find using thosse moisturizer makes my face darker than it was before, resulting in my neck being much lighter than my face (so no good =I) - tarte oil, smahbox primer, bb cream, then smashbox powder.  Using this, my face so much streak it's not even funny.Applying powder makes it better but I spend so much time trying to get my bb cream to blend from the ugly streaks =(     With winter coming, I know there will be time to use moisturizer under makeup.  Do you guys have any recommendation for moisturizer that won't change the color of my makeup?  I'm pretty happy with my makeup routine right now but any recommendation for anything that should be change would be appreciated.    Thanks =)
Ok. So I discussed the diff. w/ a cpl of BT'ers about this Pressed Skin Perfector vs. the liquid. I have went back and forth and decided on this formula. However, with the suggestions in the last Post I am unsure of the correct color. I would think that either Opal or Moonstone would be perfect for me. I just don't know which one I should go with. I have never seen these in person ( & can't just run over to my Sephora & try it out, way too far). I have light to med. Skin w/ neutral undertones. I would like to be able to use this easily and however I would like. What do you suggest for me to seal the deal? Thanks in advance
I've been trying to find out what my skin tone is. I've been told by different people that I'm combination, golden, warm, and even Olive. I did the color iq today and I got 3Y08. Can this # tell me what my skin tone is?
hey guys i m really into maakeuppppp i love makeup from sephora.... i m using Kaat van d foundation which is really good i want to try HD forever makeup can someone tell me if it is a good foundation or no? also i want to get microdermabression done is it good fr skin or no?
If you only had money enough to buy one, which would you choose between the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette & the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette?
I am going to a Bat Mitzvah with a Great Gatsby Theme tomorrow.  I went to a vintage shop and bought some open toed sandal type heels, a black maxi dress and even some jewelry (yes, I am going to wear jewelry).  It is silver toned (the gold looked too gaudy) with pearls, of course.   Any ideas on hair and makeup?  I am definitely going to do red polish and lipstick (have not picked the actual lipstick yet but am thinking it should be matte, right)?       I even stopped by Inglot tonight to play and got some eyelash glue (she suggested black over clear) for the false lashes I received in the Glitz and Glam kit.  I've never worn falsies before, so I would appreciate any tips on application or removal please.  
HIHI! As some of you know, I jumped on the Estee Lauder Band Wangon and tried the double wear. But I am having issues with my primer. I like using a green primer (MUFE) to counteract my redness and CoverFX mattifying primer to keep me matte. Does mixing two primers work less effectively? AND would it be too heavy?
I would love face primer recommendations! I have tried Makeup Forever's primer, which did nothing, Smashbox original (which broke me out like crazy!) and the Laura Mercier, which is ok, but did little to nothing for the long wear help of my face makeup.      I don't know a lot about ingredients in primers, but I am pretty sure that the silicones in the Smashbox was the ingredient that broke me out.    I use a smashbox pressed powder and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation!
Hi Ladies and Gents,   So I have heard all of the hype surrounding the new formulation of the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and now I'm intrigued.  My question is how does it compare to the old formula?  I have tried the old formula and I HATED it.  It was extremely drying on my oily skin and the closest color match was entirely too red.  What's your opinion on the new versus the old formula?    
Winter is almost here and I definitely need to switch to a foundation with a dewier finish.  Last winter I used Japonesque Luminous and it was fine...not as dewy as I would have liked.     So, do you have a fave?  Tell me about it!  It doesn't matter if it can't be found at Sephora and cost is not a big concern.     I need to get to a Dior counter to get a sample of Star. But I've read that it may be more matte than I'd like.