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I'm now using MUFE HD in Y345, I'm trying to find concealer that's a shade lighter than my skin tone.   I'm thinking about Too Faced Born This Way Concealer.   Also what do you guys think on the MUFE foundation? I have combination/oily skin and it makes my skin looks really natural/good!
Riders!   I am looking at getting riding lessons, but I have never even put on a racing helmet, only ones for go carting with a head sock on. So my question is, will wearing a helmet rub makeup off? If I decide to not drive and ride everywhere instead, will I have to give up makeup?      
As soon as I saw this was out I rushed online to buy it, but everyday since I've been checking the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and it's constantly out of stock. Yet, I see people getting their glow kits each day on Instagram. Is there another place I can buy it?
So I'm 19 and about to be a sophomore in college. I only know how to use lipstick and even my mother hates it (not that I'm concerned about it). But the problem is, I don't know who to go to or where to go to or how to start. Whether I should start out small with tinted moisturizer or something else. I've been watching youtube videos but Im more of a kinetic learner. Plus I do need help since I want to pick out just a shade lighter than my skin tone. I just want to start out simple and look natural. Also if I were to walk in to Sephora, how would I be assisted? Any help is appreciated!
I love highlight but whenever I put on my Anastasia glow kit it just looks super powdery and the highlight doesn't really show up, any suggestions on how to fix that?
What is a good foundation that isn't heavy or cakey and looks natural and lasts all day?
Hi, so I'm 15 and in high school, I do wear a full face of makeup to school but I feel my foundation is not working for me, i've been using too faced born this way and is just feels to heavy and it gets into my fine lines and laugh lines. I'm trying to find a foundation that feels light but still has an ok coverage but not as heavy as my too faced one. so I'm just hoping for any suggestions, thanks   and my skin type is normal to oily and I do prefer matte finishes
I am trying to find a replacement for Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm. Any recommendations?
Ok Guys - need some help!  My favorite foundation of all time is nowhere to be found at the moment and I'm hoping it's just because it's a fluke.  Searching for Guerlain Lingerie de Peau in Beige Pale - #01.  I've checked most major retailers online and I cannot find it.  Any ideas?
Hi. I'm hoping for recommendations on which shade I should order in the Born This Way foundation. I am currently using the following and they are a good match for the most part:   1) MAC Waterweight - NC20 (best match I have) 2) Armani Luminous Silk - shade 4 3) Guerlain Lingerie de Peau - 02 - beige clair   I've tried the Color IQ match lookup for the Guerlain and Armani, but there wasn't an exact match for the Too Faced.   Thank you!!!
i have really bad acne scars on my cheeks. i really want to cover them up. what is the best makeup to buy that will hide them.
I need help finding a powder/bb cream/foundation for school!   I'm fair with combo-oily skin (oily in t-zone, normal/dry with KP on cheeks). I want something that feels lightweight but lasts all day with my crazy skin. I also want something that will be natural looking---I stick to light neutral looks for everyday occasions, and my school allows only modest makeup (no neon yellow eyeshadow or black lipstick). As far as acne, I have very minor blemishes/blackheads, but redness is somewhat of a concern for me, mostly on my cheeks.   I'd appreciate recommendations on face products (foundations, primers, concealers, powders, etc.) from Sephora, the drugstore, MAC, or even other stores! I just want something comfortable and nice-looking  
Help I have dry combination skin, I use a good serum, moisturizer, hourglass mineral veil primer, setting powder and setting spray as well and no matter what I do, I can't prevent my foundations from oxidizing I've tried all ranges of foundations - from highend to drugstore and from moisturizing creamy ones to dry matte ones.. UD naked, EL double wear, GA lasting silk, Nars sheer glow, Toofaced born this way, etc all are at least 2 shades darker about 4 hours later
I dont know what should be a beginner product for someone who has never contoured before, 
Hello everyone! I recently purchased a matte foundation palette (Ben Nye to be specific), since I am starting out on my makeup artist career. I had such high expectations from this product! When I tried it on myself last night, it looked TERRIBLY bad. I was SO disappointed, and still feel like this. It looked VERY dry on my skin, it looked cakey, was hard to blend...just terrible. I'm only sorry I spent so much $ on this product. Any recommendations on how to make it smoother rather than dry, or any other foundation recommendations for all skin types?   HELP!
If I use Bare Minerals original foundation and the shade I use is fairly light if I wanted to switch to the Complexion Rescue (also Bare Minerals) what shade should I get? the Birch1.5 or Vanilla?
I have oily skin and I tried the urban decay oily skin setting spray and it didn't work for me! What else do you recommend for oily skin?
I have two tones in my face. The more prominent one is that pale olive colour on my cheeks. Everything looks too orange or pink on me. What would be best for me. Shade 1 or 1.5? I'm not ghostly white btw. But pretty pale.   For reference, NC15 is my shade in Mac Prolongwear concealer and I consider it a little light for my skin. But I rather light than too dark. Which NC20 is.
Not skincare, but skin makeup what are your holy grail products?    Blush? Foundation? Brushes? Bronzer? Highlight? Concealer?    I think I'm going to re-vamp my skin makeup for the new school year. 
I have combination skin: dry on my cheeks and very oily on my t-zone, especially because it is really humid where I live. My foundation stays put all day everywhere on my face, but on my nose, especially on the creases on the sides of my nostrils.   I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear lately and it controls my oil the best, and I have even tried mattifying primers with UD's Deslick setting spray. This all helps with the oiliness, but my foundation still breaks up/creases on the sides of my nose. I also set my foundation with the Laura Mercier setting powder, could I be using too much? How can I stop this from happening? :/   Also, any tricks for preventing your eyeglasses from rubbing off your foundation?
I recently went to Sephora and bought NARS foundation, Becca color corrector and too faced born this way concealer along with Dr Brandt primer. I was looking for coverage to hide hyperpigmentation and rosacea I am not happy with the coverage or products. Is there another color corrector and foundation/concealed that can be recommended? what should I do? make another appointment.
I want to buy laura mercier smooth finish,but I just don't know which should I choose.I am a chinese;maybe a liitle whiter than just yellow,just a naturall one.and I don't want a light cover
Around my nose, and chin is where it gets dry and flaky. After applying foundation I can see my foundation being sinked into my pores on my nose. My chin has a couple pimples and I can see dry outlined circles. I tried using a moisturizer along with a face primer and that didn't help, but with a light concealer over my blemishes it looks cakey . Any ideas or tips?  
Is Stila's Stay all day foundation reformulated or just repackaged?