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Best Foundation Overall
what is the best foundation you've used overall? I've always pretty much used drugstore foundations and bb creams in the past but I have used an it cosmetics foundation and some kind of bare minerals serum foundation but I hated it. I really want to get a high end foundation and find something I like and is also good with skin. I am thinking about getting maybe either the Estèe Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Lancôme Dual Finish Mulit-Tasking Foundation, Born This Way Foundation, or the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Definition Liquid Makeup but I really don't have much experience with this so if anyone could help that would be great! thanks so much!
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hannah0009 / FRESH FACE / replied
I have combination skin but my skin is, really dry and I also have occasional breakouts that occur randomly I would like to cover up but I want more of a natural look. I... see post
Lightweight foundation?
Can anyone recommend a lightweight foundation/BB cream/CC cream that I can use when I am lounging around at home or running errands on a weekend? Don't want the full foundation look on days like that, and I don't have anything that isn't full coverage. Any help would be appreciated!
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luvyouall / NEWCOMER / replied
I use Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free Makeup; I love how light weight it is and its good for oily skin. You should try it.    see post
Foundation Help
Hi  I have been using the dior star foundation in shade 020 and liked it. However to my dismay, it has been discontinued on Sephora.com and I ran out of my last bottle. Can you suggest me a suitable/or better alternative?  Best, Sabi
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Hi @sabeeka, do you only want to purchase foundation from Sephora?  I ask because it seems Dior Star is still available at other stores such as Nordstrom and other depar... see post
What do highlighters to your face%3F What%27s the most popular brand of highlighting your face%3F
Can someone tell me what does highlighting do to your face? what drugstore brand and high end brand is popular for highlighters?
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nicoletop994 / NEWCOMER / replied
When do I use highligther? on seasonal occasions? on a date? Go clubbing? see post
What is the best lightweight summer foundation%3F
Hi! I have combination to dry skin that's acne prone, so I would like something that is oil-free. I am looking for a foundation that has light to medium coverage that is super lightweight. Thank you in advance!
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Hi @Sam813,   I suggest the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super–Charged Oil–Free Foundation. It is oil free and provides medium coverage. It also has hydrating properties w... see post
If an item is sold out online, will it be in stores?
I was planning on buying sephora collection highlighter but it's sold out! Will it be in stores?
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I have seen some makeup products in the uk online that I liked a lot  and lets just say if you live in the usa you wouldnt be buying for that shipping price lol.I'am sur... see post
The Fair/Pale Thread
With so many users looking for the right product to use on their fair/pale/alabaster skin, I thought it would be great to start a thread specifically for this.   Some of the main questions I see have to do with the following: - Foundation/concealer shades - Contouring - Highlighting   I'll be posting comparison reviews and photos of everything I can get my hands on with these categories, as well as any others that people would like to inquire about. If you'd like to give input as well, please list the following:   - Skin IQ/MAC ID/describe skin tone and undertones - Skin type - Foundation matches (make it clear what is a perfect match if you have one, and what is slightly off) - (optional, but highly helpful) Photos of your skin with and without makeup, swatch comparisons, etc. Please ensure there is proper lighting, with little colour overcast (like fluorescent lighting).     ME: Skin IQ: 1y02 (closest neutral "match") MAC: NC8-10 Skintone is very pale, neutral to cool toned, translucent, prone to burning and freckles. Some surface redness. Cannot tan whatsoever. Type: Currently normal/combo. Slightly sensitive. Prone to dryness/patches and oilier nose.   Foundation Matches: - Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer sx01 (99% match; more neutral toned, which evens out my redness perfectly) - CoverFX Custom Drops N10 (same tone as KA SS) - Dolce & Gabbana 60 Classic (perfect match) - MUFE HD Foundation Y205 (ever so slightly too light, but looks super natural with contour or blended with a drop of coverfx n10) - Giorgio Armani Luminessence (slightly cooler toned, great match though) - NARS Chantilly Concealer - DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 (slightly darker and too pink, but wearable, especially if wearing contour or bronzer) - KVD 42    Common recommendations that are too dark for me: Urban Decay Naked Foundation 0.5 (too dark for me, but would for for a tone darker than I) YSL (Touche Eclat concealer in 1.5 works though) GA  Hourglass  Tarte  EL  Too Faced Smashbox (fair is slightly too dark; would work for some a tone darker than I) Dior Foundations/serums (other than the one BB cream)   Too light: MJ Genius Gel cream 010     Foundation comparison swatches in natural light:   L-R:    Spoiler (Highlight to read) NARS Chantilly Concealer MUFE Y205 D&G Classic 60 KA SSE sx01 GA Luminessence CoverfX Custom Drops N10 DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 UD Naked 0.5   NARS Chantilly ConcealerMUFE Y205D&G Classic 60KA SSE sx01GA LuminessenceCoverfX Custom Drops N10DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001UD Naked 0.5      Contour: WIP     Highlighting: WIP     Let me know if you'd like any other categories, would like more info, or have any questions!    
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I've never gotten an actual colour IQ done but know from looking at a bunch of helpful shade references online (like Imaginarium of Makeup) that I'm between an NW03 - NW... see post
Lorac Blush - Soul -- replacement?
Hi everyone!   I use Lorac's blush in the shade Soul every day, and absolutely love it. It is my HG, however, I recently learned it has been discontinued.It is a mauve color in the pan, however it shows up as a nice rosy but tanned glow on me. For reference, I have sort of golden skin with yellow undertones, and tan easily.    Has anyone ever used the Soul blush, and have you found a similar shade of blush that I might be able to replace it with? Please help! I've hit pan on my Soul blush! 
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raisinghelen / NEWCOMER / replied
did you ever find a replacement?  I'm curious to know cause soul was my FAVORITE as well. see post
sephora pro dimensional highlight pallet
I am deciding whether to get the sephora pro dimensional highlighting pallet because there arent a whole lot of good reviews.I mean I do want a very dewy, wet look but not sure if its worth the money.... any reviews?
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HALL OF FAMER glossforevery1 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
@areah I saw this in store and swatched it - the bad reviews are for a reason :( its not good at all!! I highly suggest if your going for a really dewy wet look - trying... see post
I`m new to makeup and was wondering what kind of products should I get?
It depends. - Do you have skin discoloration you want to cover or feel you look pasty? If so then start with a tinted moisturizer or BB cream and a blush. - Do you lik... see post
How do I make my foundation less patch? I am a beginner to makeup and need help.
I`m new to makeup and it seems whenever I put on my foundation it`s patchy and looks horrible. Is it the way i am applying or am I missing something? Can someone please help me?
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BEAUTY PRO eleonorarosa / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
@keeley123,  Tarte Rainforest is a good foundation for dry skin. When I mentioned the formula I was referring to your skin type (not the color match). For the way you ... see post
Hi @metta46,   Is there a foundation shade that you already use that you feel matches you pretty well so I can better assist you with a match? Also what is your unde... see post
Hi @metta46,   Is there a foundation that you currently wear, so I can best assist you with a new foundation match. Also, what is your skin type like?    Best Wi... see post
What would you recommend for beginners%3F
What products would you recommend to beginners, I've never used high end make up or brushes and finally have the money, I'm pretty pale and have a few blemishes. Open to suggestions!
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BEAUTY WHIZ greeneyedgirl107 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
@Aarianne Investing in a good foundation is an excellent idea; ask a SA to help you find the right shade.  I also find high end eye shadows to be worth the price.  NARS ... see post
LONG LASTING FOUNDATION with light to medium coverage?
Hey there!   I am looking for a VERY long lasting foundation that provides light-to medium coverage.  Everything I've seen on youtube that is tried and tested long lasting has been heavy stuff like estee lauder double wear. I have combination/oily sensitive and easily clogged pores. I've tried MUFE ultra hd foundation, which only lasts maybe 4 hours, and then gets incredibly oily. I have light/medium olive skin. Please help =D
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Hi @tinitiki,   If you are not already, I would definitely agree with the recommendation for using a primer and setting spray. I have combo oily skin and I can't liv... see post
Colour match
My colour ID is 5Y01 Im wondering what shade I would match best with for the Dior Forever Skin foundation
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Hi @Madds24,    There doesn't appear to be a match in the Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 35 as the lightest shade is a few shades darke... see post
Skin Tone and Type Good Foundations?
I have a normal skin type and I'm pretty pale with a cool skin tone. I have problems with my foundations staying on even when I bake and use finishing spray. I usually go for drugstore foundations, and I feel like I've tried every drugstore foundation. Any good foundations I could try?
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@Aarianne If you're having trouble getting your foundation to last, try a powder foundation! I am also very pale and the best match I've found is actually NC10 in the St... see post
Foundation help please
  I am approaching 50 and I have been using Make Up 4Ever HD foundation. I like it but I feel like it doesn't give me enough coverage. I see women everyday who look as if their face is flawless. I know they all can't be that perfect. I need recommendations on a good full coverage foundation that is going to make me feel better about my complexion. Thanks so much!!
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BEAUTY BOSS themusefactory / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
Hey @Tammy13 Do you think it's possible that you're being to hard on yourself? Maybe seeing others better than they really are and seeing your skin worse than it really ... see post
Shiseido Synchro Foundation Shade finder?
Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with this color matching for the Shiseido Synchro foundation, since it's only available online.   I'm 4.0 in Urban Decay All Nighter foundation 021 / Linen in Dior Air serum foundation 02W light warm in Guerlain Lingerie de Peau (it's a touch too pale for me, though the next shade up had too beigey-pink of undertone)   I'm Asian with kind of yellowish undertone and combination skin.   Thanks so much in advance!
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Hi @kittygarza,   Based on your shade in the All Nighter foundation it looks like your best shade would be Golden 4. It has a Color IQ of 2Y06 and the Color IQ for y... see post
how to use my color IQ online
I got color matched at the store, but can't figure out how to use it online for foundation
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Not for lips? see post
Favorite silicone free primers
I have tried so many primers and every one that is silicone based like smashbox, hourglass, porefessional, for examples makes my skin actually more oily. I get oily in my t-zone and area next to my nose where my pores are larger. Then I have dry areas around my mouth, went a little too heavy on AHA's so I am correcting that. While I get oily I feel my skin needs hydration and have changed to a more hydrating skincare regimen which has helped.    In the morning I use in order  the REN hydro boost, Skin Inc B3 serum, Sisley Hydra Global mouisturizer and then a primer. I do like the Too Faced Hangover but still get oily and the plain Laura Mercier primer.    Any other oily/large pores sufferers out there like me that can not do silicone primers? I just want something to help my foundation stay on longer as the oils can break down foundation on my chin and cheeks. I was told the only way to fill in pores is with silicone so gave up on that as they make my foundation slide right off and my skin more oily. Would love some suggestions of what works for others like me stuck in silicone free land.
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BEAUTY PRO missconduct / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Hey guys!   I wanted to bump up this post because I'm having an issue with silicone based primers now too. When I use them, they cause the foundation to rub off my chi... see post
Foundation help!
I wear Bobbi Brown Foundation. I really like it, I do have one issue. I have dry skin and this foundation leaves me shiny around my eyes and forehead. I don't know if I should change brands or use something on top of the foundation. I usually don't like to layer a lot. I usually use foundation, blush and mascara on a daily basis. Working mom, not a lot of time in the morning....
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Thank you! I will order one of these today. see post
Best beauty blenders
What would you recommend to be the best beauty blenders to put foundation on?
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Hi Jennabug18,   If you are just getting started using a sponge for your makeup application, I would recommend the original beautyblender :) There are different vari... see post
Foundation shade missing?
Hey ya'll so I really wanted to get the marc jacobs gel foundation (i don't remember the exact name but it's not the full coverage one). I knew the shade that matched me but when I looked the shade just wasn't there. Not that it was out of stock or anything, just the shade block itself was missing. The shade that's lighter than it was there and the shade darker. Help?
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Hi @slaymylife45,   Oh no! Like @ellie50 mentioned sometimes we don't carry every single shade and I'm sorry for any inconvenience. It's also possible that the shade... see post
Dark Skin Favs!
Hey, Looking to stock up and wondering what are folks feeling? Full face!
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3 different color IQ numbers but consultant said all are too dark
I went to 3 sephora stores and got 3 different color IQ numbers: 2Y06, 1Y07, and 2Y07. The second store with 1Y07 recommended Laura Mercier in Blush. The third store got 2Y07 but she said it is way too dark for me and she ended up hand matching me and recommended Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer in Nude and YSL Touche Eclat number 2.   My question is what is my correct color IQ so I can see my matches? Should I just pick one of those? 
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@kso1225This is useful information, thanks for explanation.   Truly I was hoping I could punch in a number and lo and behold all my ideal lip colors would spring up on... see post
Face makeup never lasts
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Hey all - I need some help! I start work at 8 and by about 1-2, all of my makeup has faded and started to break up on my face. I have acne as well so it unfortunately starts to peek through. Even if I touch up with concealer, it will only give me like another two hours or so and it still looks far from how I started the day off. My skin is pretty oily, but I also have dry patches that my makeup start to cling to by that time.  I've always had issues with this even with using different products, but I currently use: Caudalie SOS Serum Smashbox Photo Finish Primer water L'oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation or Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB Cream Nars Creamy Concealer and/or Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer Physicians Formula Bronzer Tarte Blush Smashbox Photo Finish Primer water I've tried a couple of primers and powders with the above, but they didn't seem to make a ton of difference or they made my face super dry and cakey.   Thanks!
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Thank you! @MariekeBT :) see post
Need foundation for VERY dry and acne prone skin.
My skin is very dry and it is uneven and has some blemishes. I used to use Hello Flawless Benefit foundation and then I didn't want to pay that anymore, so I switched back to drugstore foundation. And it has ruined my skin. So I need to go back to the good stuff. I started using this moisturizer from Clinque and acne wash that is helping but I ned a foundation now. 
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Polka224 / FRESH FACE / replied
clinique is great for blemished skin! see post
Primer recommedation
Hello! I'27ve been really into fake freckles lately and I hate it when my oily nose ruins my hard work after a few hours of wear. Could you recommend a primer or setting spray/both for combo dry skin. I have dry cheeks and forehead and oily nose. It's such a pain I am almost ready to purchase two products-one for dry and one for oily skin and use them together.
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Polka224 / FRESH FACE / replied
I love benefits primer!  see post
Is the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir good for oily skin?
I was interested in trying something new but didn't know if this would make it skin worse especially with warmer months approaching. 
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Hi @cathynyc,   Using an oil is actually recommended for those with oily skin! It can help reduce the production of oil. To put it in super simple terms, your skin k... see post