Your Holy Grail Foundation?

If you have combo or oily skin, what's the best, can't-part-with foundation?

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It sounds like we have the same skin type and color(I think). I'm fair with neutral undertones, I can't remember if it's pink or yellow that I have a bit more of, but it's made it so difficult to find a match. I've yet to find the perfect shade eitherSmiley Sad. I've never heard about Illamasqua's Skin Base in pure white, have you heard good things about it? I know you haven't bought it yet, but I just wondering.


I just bought the YSL Teint Eclat. Have you found it to be too sheer? I purchased it in the lightest shade, Beige 10, but it seems too light for me. I've been trying to see if I can find a tinted setting powder to see if it helps.. I wonder if the next shade up could have been better.


And if you don't mind me asking, which of your foundations have you found to be the best for neutral undertones?


Sorry for bombarding you with questions! I just couldn't help myself after seeing your post.


I'm still on that seemingly never ending search for a HG foundation/BB/CC/tinted moisturizer. Really I'll take any of them if it matches. Or is at least a close match for now.

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I'm B10 in YSL, too.  I love the shade, but I found the coverage is too sheer for me.  At least with these post-breakout marks I've got...

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Exactly. I don't mind my blemishes showing through, because I'm fine with concealer, but it's so very very sheer. The color is so close though and I really want to figure out a way to make it work. (if it's even possible)

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I have heard great things about Skin Base!  The pure white color is designed to be mixed into other Skin Base shades or other foundations to help lighten them.  FaceATELIER makes a very similar product called Zero Minus, which I intend to try as well.  It's really a great idea if it works, because you would just have to find a foundation that matches your undertones (or is neutral!) as light as possible, then add a bit of the white to perfect the shade for your skin.  I'm not sure when I'll be purchasing, but I might get a sample from Sephora to play around with first.  If you'd like, I can message you about the results when I get the chance to experiment!


I have Beige 10 as well, and the coverage level can be kind of weird, honestly.  When I first started wearing it I thought it was much too sheer.  I switched to a lighter oil free primer and skipped my heavy moisturizer, and applied a slightly more generous amount of the YSL foundation, and the coverage was much closer to medium.  Because it contains sunscreen, it can provide a whitish cast to skin, so I would recommend a tinted powder or even a very light bronzer if you're worried about the color match or appearing too light.  If the shade is just wrong, don't hesitate to return it either!


I think my Smashbox foundation is probably the closest - I have it in 1.1 and I think it matches my skin very well, it's just a hair too dark.


I feel like I should tell you, if you haven't tried Bobbi Brown's Skin Foundation you DEFINITELY should.  The color match on me for Alabaster (00) and Porcelain (0) was unbelievable.  The only reason I didn't keep it was because my skin is just a little too oily for a hydrating foundation like Skin Foundation, but if you're a fan of BB creams/have normal to dry skin, it could easily be your holy grail.  Alabaster is perhaps a touch pink, but I think Porcelain is very nicely neutral - please take a peek and let me know if it works out!


Feel free to ask any questions you want, I also have lots of experience with fuller coverage concealers and super pale skin. It's helpful to hear what works and what doesn't from people who are around the same shade! <3

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I'd really love that! Please let me know how it goes.


Hm. I'll have to keep trying with the YSL. I have Laura Mercier's oil free primer from kits I had before, so I use that sometimes. It's probably not so 'light' though.. The shade of the foundation might be wrong, maybe, but I have no clue where my receipt went. It makes me feel a little dead looking. Sleeping more could help that though. But now I'm on a mission to find a way to make the ysl foundation work.You had me make an impulse buy because of your love for Smashbox, I'm going to try the Photo Set pressed powder as soon as it arrives. I really need a tinted setting powder. I have no clue where to start though.


I looked at the Bobbi Brown online and I think I'll get a sample next time I go to Sephora. I've always been told Bobbi Brown's undertones were probably too yellow for me, which is inconvenient since Laura Mercier is too pink. I'll find out soon(:


Thank you! I really appreciate any and all advice for concealers and really any other make up, particularly since my skin has been so difficult to match.

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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra

Looks natural, full coverage, and doesn't leave my face oily at end of day when used with a light dusting of finishing powder. Smells good (not chemically), doesn't enhance acne prone skin, variety of shades, has a pump on bottle for nice packaging! I always feel put together with this foundation and it feels lightweight even though it's full coverage. 

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