Yes or no on foundation?

Hi! I havent worn foundation in a long time because it made me look cakey and orange. Now, I use only use moisturizer, primer, a little concealer where needed and bare minerals powder. I feel like I dont quite have the coverage I want but I'm afraid if I start using foundation again my oily skin will get worse and I will break out. What do I do??

Re: Yes or no on foundation?

I have definitely used some foundations that have looked cakey and some that turned orange on me (oxidized). It's all about finding the right ingredients that work for you. But not all foundations do this, and I've found some I love! The key is to trying before you buy. Definitely go into Sephora and chat with some of the ladies there to help you find what kind of coverage you what and match your skin color, and they can make you a sample that you can try for a few days.

If the idea of foundation scares you, like Imevans said, a tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream might be a better place to start!

Re: Yes or no on foundation?

All foundations are certainly not created equal. Yes,  liquid foundation does have a tendency to clog pores. Any dermatologist would likely reccomend you stick with mineral foundations like BareMinerals or Purminerals. However, there are plenty of oil-free foundations such as UD Naked Skin, Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation, etc. The key is to make sure you wash your makeup off thoroughly every. single. night. with a good cleanser such as my personal favorite, Philosophy's Purity.


If you're worried about cakey-ness, you could try a BB Cream (like Tarte's or Smashbox's) or Tinted Moisturizer (Laura Mercier or Jouer). 


I would definitely reccomend going into a Sephora store and letting them know what your skin is like and what kind of coverage you're looking for. They can match you with the right shades and try different products on you to see what you like best.


Good luck!

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