What's making me oily?

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I'm a little freaked out bc I have a work event in a week, and my face has been oily lately.  I'm normally combo skin, and rarely have to powder my face in the middle of the day (except souring summer).  I always wash my face twice a day with my clairsonic, at night I use argan oil or maracuja oil, and during the day I use korres oak day cream. I've been sampling different primers, so I don't know what the culprit is but here's where it starts....(anything that says ok, I've used for a while. Anything with a ? I've used within the past few weeks)


my face actually looks slick in the middle of the day. I always finish with powder, and have tried urban decay deslick and all night sprays but it hasn't helped. What is the problem?



smash box photo finish - ok

benefit pore professional - ok

hourglass mineral veil - ?

mufe hd primer - ?



bare minerals matte mineral foundation - ok

tarte bb tinted primer cream - ok (a little too matte sometimes)

mufe hd foundation - ? 


Other things I've used lately: 

lorac tantalizer for face

Dr Dennis gross alpha beta glow pads 

kate Somerville enzyme scrub & mask

Re: What's making me oily?

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Thank u ladies for all the responses.  I think I've made things worse with over exfoliating, mattifying masks, etc.  My skin has a way of telling me I'm doing too much.  I'll reduce using my clairsonic, and go back to my smash box primer to see if that makes a diff. And you're right about the season changing - I don't think my skin was ready for it to be hot just yet, and its been pretty hot in North Cali this past week.  I really want the HD foundation to work too.  The color blends perfectly on my face.  We shall see if its the same oil sheen after I make some changes, or I'll be sad to return it. 




Re: What's making me oily?

If you've been switching between all the products mentions and the problems are continuing, I think that the clarisonic may be the culprit. For some people's skin it can be too much and the skin either breaks out or overproduces oil to compensate for what's being taken a way. I would switch to using it once every day or even once every other day and see if that helps any. 

Re: What's making me oily?

I agree with the others that it's most likely the HD foundation that's making you oily and with the weather begining to shift I would definitely say you may need to change foundations or use a mattifying powder. Hope this helps!

Re: What's making me oily?

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If I'm not wrong, doesn't the hourglass mineral veil have SPF in it? That's usually a star culprit in promoting sudden oiliness :s

Re: What's making me oily?

Make Up For Ever HD made my face very oily as well.  I have combination skin that doesn't seem to agree with most MUFE face products, perhaps that's your issue as well.


Also using the Clarisonic twice every day doesn't sound like a good idea.  When your skin gets too dry, it actually tries to compensate by producing excess oil.  I know it sounds backward, but you might be drying out your skin by over exfoliating!  If your face is regularly getting too oily (even without the MUFE foundation) that could be a factor.

Re: What's making me oily?

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I was steered away from the MUFE'S HD foundation by Sephora peeps because I have combo/oily skin and was told it would slide right off. 


Another consideration for a change in your oil production is change.  Hormones, seasons change.  Also, could your skin be angry by all that exfoliation?  Are you losing your moisture barrier from too much of it?  is your skin dehydrated?  Lots of possibilities!

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