What makeup should I try?

Hi, I'm 15 and I have big blue eyes, dirty blonde hair,light skin (but not pale).My skin is fairly flawless, but I do have dark circles under my eyes,  a few acne scars, and my eyelids are kinda dark. I want to try some new makeup because I'm tired of the makeup I'm curently using.

Right now I'm using: 


-Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturizer. I don't really like it because looks too orangish on my skin. I want to try a liquid foundation instead of tinted moisturizer.


-Stay don't stray eye primer. I use it for my dark eyelids and under eye circles. I don't really have any problems with it.


-Sephora eyeshadow


-Clinique blush


-Makeup for ever powder. I like this powder.


-benefit mascara. I love this mascara 


Can anyone recommend a good light to medium liquid foundation, a natural looking eyeshadow (no neon colors), a good blush, a good eyeliner, lipstick, and anything else you think I could use?


Re: What makeup should I try?

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Lancome's Teint Miracle is one of my favorite liquid foundations to date. It's oil free and has some great coverage!


Time and time again, I'll recommend the NAKED palette from UD. Super natural colors, and endless combinations.


I like smashbox blushes, they have fairly good staying power, but I'm still in search of that perfect blush. I hear good things about NARS though, been meaning to try that out soon!


Stila has a liquid liner that stays on forever, it's got a felt tip applicator and comes in several different colors, if you want to go for a more natural look, I'd suggest the liner in "moss." The tube looks green, but it applies more like a blackish-green. 



Lipstick I can't say, but Revlon's lipstains are wonderful for everyday where.


Finally, I'd suggest UD's eyeshadow primer in Sin. It's a super shimmery primer that gets rid of any darkness on the eyelids. Application can be a little tough, but it also helps your eyeshadow stay on for way longer!



Good luck, hope these suggestions help! Smiley Happy

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