What colors are right for me? Help!!

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Hi Everyone!


As sad as it is, I'm almost 39 years old and still don't really know what my skin tone is, whether I'm fair or light, what undertones my skin has, what colors look best with my golden brown eyes and red hair and light freckles, and what to avoid! I've heard you should look at the veins on the inside of your wrist to determine skin tone, but honestly they look both blue and green to me. I'm so tired of not knowing what I'm doing! lol You can look at my profile photo to see what I look like and hopefully one of you more enlightened makeup gurus can help me. Hahaha!


Thanks in advance and happy Friday!


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Below I've listed makeup tips for redheads:


Eye Products for Redheads

Most earth tones eye shadows and eyeliners work great for redheads—green is an exceptionally good color.  The shades in the Clinique line I’d recommend are:  Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow in Cider, Gold Rush, Rum Spice, Lucky Penny, Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Copper Canyon, and Coffee Shop.  For eyeliners, try Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Moss or True Khaki, or if you prefer a creamier application, try Cream Shaper for Eyes in Egyptian or Brown Sugar.  To create the perfect lash look, if you are very fair and have blonde lashes I recommend a brown mascara (not black or black/brown) so your makeup doesn't look too harsh. When filling in the brows, be careful not to go too dark. You want to use a soft wheat or auburn colored liner.  You should stay away from black.  Eye makeup gives you more variety in the color wheel because you can use browns, taupes, violets, moss greens, light pinks, hazels, golds and bronzes.  Brown or red-brown mascara will compliment your eyes and eyeliners in brown; beige and hazel (not green) will also look great.   However, you should stay away from black mascara or liner because it can look to harsh.  A dark blond brow pencil or shadow will be perfect for brows too.


Foundation for Redheads

Using a sheer-based foundation in beige colors works best.  Stay away from pink-toned foundations, which can make you look ruddy or too pink.  A light colored bronzer can also be used in lieu of foundation if your skin doesn't require coverage, but you just want to add a little color all over.  A green-based concealer (or green color corrector stick) is perfect for blemishes and under-eye darkness, so be sure to blend over it with some foundation to achieve the perfect coverage.


Coral & Peach Blush

Blush colors should be in the coral and peach family of colors if you are fair, while darker redheads can also use a raisin colored blush as well.  You'd want to go lighter in shade for fairer skin and darker for medium skin tones.


Lipstick for Redheads:  Coral, Peach, & Pink Toned Lipsticks

All shades of redheads can use lipstick and lip liners that are light-to-medium shades of coral, peach and pink tones, and even a raisin-colored lipstick that is sheer and not matte will look great.  If you want to wear red lipstick, find reds that are orange-based rather than blue-based and find a color that suits your own shade of red.  Tinted lip-glosses in those shades will look good, too.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy



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It really does help me! If I can venture out of my house in this crazy blizzard this weekend. I'll be doing some cosmetic shopping!


Thank you!

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Hey girl,


No worries we all get stumped sometimes even gurus. The best way to determine your skin's TRUE undertone is to take a look at your chest. Most woman confuse redness in the face for rosy undertones, but this isn't always the case. Your neck is going to be lighter than your face since it doesn't catch much light. From the looks of your photos, my guesstimate would be rosy undertone. My advice to you would be to skip trying to determine whether you have golden or pink undertones all together, because wearing  a foundation with a pink undertone can make you look older. It's very rare I use a shade like that on my clients. I would opt to buy a foundation with neutral undertones, since this will help to balance some of the rose to your face without making you look fake. You can always use a rose blush towards the end to bring out the radiance of your skin.

         You want to look for foundations that have beige undertones to them. My recommendation to you would be the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, since they have a wide shade range for different ethnicities. As for your skintone, it can vary from fair to light, and isn't always stable. Depending on where you live, it might shift from fair to light. In your picture you look like you have fair skin that could shift to light easily. This foundation is a little pricey ($40), but I assure you it will last you a great amount of time, and it is the easily product to blend, perfect for beginners. A great look with little effort.

 As for makeup recommendations, for eyeshadows I would still to light and creamy shades with buttery undertones to warm up your face. Some examples include Daylight by Lancome, Mylar, Grain, and Ricepaper by MAC. The yellow toned eyeshadow will compliment your red hair. As for cheeks, go for something rosy such as Revlon Creme Blush in Berrylicious. I like to use baby peach colors on fair skinned such as Sex Appeal by Nars. Nars orgasm looks good on most people. I wouldn't use black eyeliner, it would look harsh. As for lips, something creamy peaches and raspberries would work well. I like Benefit's Georgia Peach as an overall face powder to warm up your complexion and bring out the red in your hair. A nice highlight for light skin is MAC's cream colour base in Luna.


Hope this helped a little!


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You're awesome!! Thank you so much for your advice. I'll definitely follow it!

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no problem hun

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