Upcoming Josie Maran Bargain

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you all know that there is going to be a Todays Special on QVC starting at midnight and going all day on Tuesday for a Josie Maran Set.  It includes 6 products for around $70 (you can make two payments).  The items include:

1 oz of Matchmaker Serum Foundation in your choice of shades

Argan Brightening Face Balm with brush in compact (says new and exclusive product)

Argan Love Your Lips Hydrating Lipstick in Tickled Pink

Coconut Cheek Gelee in Island Pink (exclusive color)

.50 oz Argan Oil

 Foundation Brush


I pre-ordered mine already and can't wait to try the Foundation and the new Face Balm.  I have one of the coconut gelee's already and I really like it, so I am looking forward to a new color!


Hope anyone that wants to try these products can get them tomorrow!


It's about a $100 savings!!

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I just received mine in the mail.


The Argan oil - I have used this product before and I am a big fan, I use it on my hair and face, even on my cuticles.


Matchmaker Serum Foundation  - This foundation appears white with gray dots, but did in fact blend into my skin (Its a sheer coverage foundation which is great for summer when you want something light) however if you like more coverage from a foundation this is not the product for you.


Foundation Brush - I was surprised by the quality of the foundation brush, definitely a good investment.


Coconut Cheek Gelee - this was the product I was the most excited to try.  It was more sheer than I expected, however I liked how natural the blush blended into my cheeks (it really gives you a sun kissed blush without appearing fake or overdone) 


Brightening Face Balm - this product is basically a cream highlighter, its light and very creamy. I didn't really see any difference when I first put it on. It wasn't until I went into the sunlight that I saw a very natural highlight on my cheeks and forehead.


Overall I feel that its worth the price, especially if you like the more "natural" summer makeup look.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy 

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aragan.jpg(photo property of QVC)

Thank you so much for this... I placed my order so excited.. I had ordered the Foundation Serum alone through Sephora but looks like Ill be returning... Really cant beat this deal....

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whats the item #? i checked my emails but can't find a preview email for that

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Thanks for sharing!!!! This is a must have Smiley Happy

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Ahh can't wait to see it! I love the TSV! They are so great sometimes. I'm a sucker for Exclusive items! Thanks for sharing!

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