Tinted Moisturizer help!!

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I use foundation every day but on the weekends I like to keep it light so I currently use Tarte BB Cream. But I'm not liking the texture anymore. I just want a nice tinted moisturizer to use for the weekends and in the summer but it has to be moisturizing- DRY SKIN HERE. Smiley Sad Any ideas ladies?!?!?! Thanks in advance. Smiley Wink

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I use Laura Mercier, which is more powdery and have great coverage but not that moisturizing. NARS and Boots no.7 are also great but have sheerer coverage.


What don't you like about Tarte BB cream? BB cream usually have more fancy skincare stuff as well as coverage, so perhaps try a different brand like the one from Dr. Jart+? The only BB cream I tried/use is Maybelline. I have combo skin and need a moisturizer under the BB or TM since the weather haven't warmed up yet.

Re: Tinted Moisturizer help!!

I recently did the winter to summer switch. I was also using Tarte's BB cream (love that stuff), but wanted something with a more radiant finish so my skin looks glowing. I got a sample of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and liked it for the fact it was sheer, and hydrating that left a glow to the face. I personally won't use this because I have combo (oily t-zone normal cheek) skin and went with its competitor NARS tm which is more based for people with oily sections. However, I would recommend the Laura Mercier over the NARS tm for dry skin as its more hydrating.swfupload_424601596091030413.jpg


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