Teen New to Makeup! Dark Skin!!

I am college student and teenager who is recently new to makeup. I just bought foundation a few days ago. I like it but I don't love it. It makes my skin look dry since it is mattifying and I want my skin to look dewy. I need help in all makeup aspects but just to get started are there any foundations that don't make skin look dry and come in darker shade? I am the last shade in the Sephora foundation collection and it's not many brands that come even close to that color. 


This is my color. I also don't really know good colors for my lips if I were to do brown/ nude. I went to the sephora makeup artist but the woman I had seemed to just show me random products for dark skin and not guide or help me apply it. My mother is lighter skinned so I need  dark skinned womans help. Or anyone who is good at makeup and handling adolescence. 


Re: Teen New to Makeup! Dark Skin!!

I'll be honest I have the opposite coloring of you, but I love to talk about technique to makeup newbies.  You did the right thing getting help matching colors, but you should go for a liquid foundation with medium coverage and a soft or natural finish.  Clinique has quite a few shades that may work for you.  So go back to Sephora and ask for a natural finish in a liquid, in a good color on you. 

The most important lesson for beginners is to blend, blend, blend!  Prep your face with a light lotion, I love Clinique Dramatically Different Gel, for light moisture and Clinique Moisture Surge for more moisture (this is the best lotion ever).  If you don't exfoliate now ou should start exfoliating once or twice a week, I love Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, Clinique 7 day Scrub is good and less abraisive.  Always follow with your lotion. 

Start applying your foundation to your moisturized skin after it has set a few minutes, use less than you think you'll need in the center of your face.  Blend outwards making sure there is no harsh line along your hair or jaw adding a bit more if you need it, if your foundation has a pump start with 2 pumps, if not put your finger over the opening and shake, apply what's on your finger to your face about 3-4 times( then do your blending). 

For your eyes:

I would use colors with a bit of shimmer, a deep brown, gray, plum, green, navy would all be very pretty on you, for a  more natural look you can skip shadow or use a matte shadow.  Urban Decay has some great colors for you to look at, keep in mind that drugstore has great options to see what colors you like with out spending a fortune.  From UD I would look at Busted, Dark Horse, Roach, Evidence, and Loaded.  Find a medium brown a little lighter than your skin, maybe with a golden shimmer and use this in the inner corner of your eye around your tear duct in a > shape, and under your brow this will brighten your eyes.

For liner use black, it will make your lashes look thicker, any drugstore brand will do, pick a pencil that you don't have to sharpen (twist up), Loreal and Revlon are my favorites, you can get waterproof if you have watery eyes.  Start toward the outside of your eye and use short strokes making a thicker line on the outer corner and thin on the inner. 

The most important step to pretty eyes is curling your lashes, I like the metal Maybelline lash curler.  Put your lashes in the slot, get as close to your lid as you can, don't get your skin in there it really hurts!  Pump a few times, repeat on other eye. 

Apply lots of black mascara, I really like Covergirl Professional in the blue tube with the curved brush.  Some beginners like a small brush, Maybelline Great Lash.  Take your brush and start at the base of your lashes in the middle of your eye and wiggle the brush and pull to the top of your lashes, do this all over your lashes until you get the desired look. 

Cheeks, I can't help you on the blush color, but they say the color of your cheeks when you exersize, if it's not that noticeable on your deep skin try a few plums or even a deep pink, Nars has the most color choices.  Get a real blush brush, Target has Elf and Eco Tools which are inexpensive and good.  Smile and apply to the apple of your cheek.

Lips, I think with your naturally nudish lip that's the way to go, a baby pink shimmery gloss or golden shimmery gloss would be beautiful. 

For more detailed techniques watch these ladies on youtube, Lisa Eldridge, Pixiwoo, Pixi2woo and Tiffany D.  Type in pixiwoo basics.  



Re: Teen New to Makeup! Dark Skin!!

For a dewy look, try Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation! They have a wide range in colors that compliment various skin tones and give a nice dewy-matte finish so skin has a nice glow but doesn't look greasy!


Smashbox and MUFE also have great foundations is various shade ranges as well and the coverage is buildable so you're not wearing anything cakey.


I think you would look gorgeous with a fresh, sheer cherry or rose color on your lips! I think it would add a quick pop of color without you having to mess too much with a full face of make up and be super fun! Benefit's Benetint lip balm is a gorgeous shade of rose red with a sheer finish. It gives lips a glossy shine and a "just bitten" flush even though it looks bright red in the packaging. It's very hydrating, has SPF, and can be worn alone or layered over lipsticks.


Tarte's lip stains are also a great route, some are full color, some are shimmery, and some have a sheer glossy finish. Moody is a rich berry shade that has a sheer glossy finish.


Try visiting your local Sephora and getting an express service done like the Flawless Foundation or Perfect Lips! A cast member can color match you with a foundation after hearing your needs and wants and recommend lip products too! The services are free and if you want to invest a bit more, book a customized application for $50, where you can get a full face done, but go over techniques, applications, and try on various products!

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