Tarte Blush Set

I think this set is so cute/cool. I wish Tarte would come out with another set like this. Maybe for the holidays or something? 


Re: Tarte Blush Set

I am about as pale as can be (NARS Siberia), and I wear some of the darkest shades in this line all the time. It's all about using a light hand! I usually tap (not sweep; these have tons of pigment) my blush brush in the pan, tap it on the back of my hand, and then apply and BLEND! Smiley Happy

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@mafan   If a blush has a lot of pigment I just use a stippling blush instead of a blush brush Smiley Happy  I have a few blushes that are like HELLO if I use a blush brush and so I started using an ELF stippling brush I got for $3 at Target.  I use it for cheek stains too & its not a big deal if it gets stained cause it was only $3. 


Score big time on the lipsurgence sets!

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I never thought about using my stippling brush for powdered blush, I'll have to experiment with that! NARS Sin is definitely one of those 'HELLO' shades you're referring to on me Smiley Happy


The Real Technique's stippling brush is also pretty awesome- $10, but very frequently on sale. I know Ulta carries these brushes, not sure if other stores have them too.

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I just directly dot it/gently jab on the top of  the blush (straight up & down).  I dont swipe across - i tend to pick up too much product if I swipe - which is ok if the blush isnt too pigmented.

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Stippling brushes are great and give almost the effect of a fan brush when applying blush, bronzer, or highlighter. You can also use them to blend out and apply liquid or cream foundations, similiar to a buffing brush as it gives a diffused look and minimizes brush strokes when used in a rotating manner.

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I too am kicking myself for not getting this Smiley Sad I can't get enough of Tarte's blushes! Currently have Tipsy, Frisky, Blissful, Natural Beauty and Achiote, but I still find myself eyeing up other shades in Sephora!

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@crayzeeRN  Maybe they will come out with a set that has the blushes you dont have! 

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I'd be all over that Smiley Very Happy

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Oh gosh, you have no idea how much I'm STILL kicking myself in the butt for not getting this around the holidays!!! >.<



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@lylysa I see this set sometimes when I am just googling tarte stuff and I am like "whhhhhyyyy?!"   I hope they come out with another set. 


My imaginary set would include:




blissful or natural beauty








Re: Tarte Blush Set

I know!!!!! I should have picked up a FEW sets actually, the kit broken up would have made some great stocking stuffer blushes!


Blissful is one of my faves, it's got a great balance for a punch of color whether you want to play up a look or go for something very subtle. Blushing Bride is another one of my faves, it's got a hint of golden shimmer and the berry shade looks gorgeous, especially on tan skin!

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