Tarte Amazonian vs Benefit Blushes?

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I have been searching swatches between the two brands of blushes, and I'm unable to tell for a few shades. 

Tarte Dollface vs Benefit Dandelion 

Tarte Tipsy and Glisten vs Benefit Coralista 

I have light skin, with a cooler undertone.


Re: Tarte Amazonian vs Benefit Blushes?

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I can help you out with the Dollface vs Dandelion Smiley Happy


Same swatches with different lighting. Left to right is Tipsy, Dollface and Dandelion.


Dollface is matte and a bright, blue based pink.

Dandelion is very sheer- this swatch is a couple of layers. It is a baby pink with a light golden shimmer to it. On fair skin tones, this is a gorgeous blush. On darker skin tones, I'm told this shows up more as a highlight.

Tipsy is a bright orange coral with a very fine milled shimmer. The shimmer isn't very noticeable.


I don't own Coralista but from swatching it in stores, I know that the shimmer is much more obvious. It is an orange based coral as well, but less bright than Tipsy.

Re: Tarte Amazonian vs Benefit Blushes?

Hi, xalexandriax!  I have Benefit Coralista and Dandelion.  I do not have the Tarte blushes listed, but I do have other Tarte blushes.  Coralista is my favorite blush.  With that said, if given the choice, I would go with Tarte.  They have much more pigmentation and one light swipe across the compact will give you enough for both cheeks.  For the picture with Coralista and Dandelion, to get Dandelion to show up like that, the person probably used half the box!  (OK, that's an exaggeration, but you will have to pile it on to get that much color; it is very pale.)  If Coralista is shimmery, I don't notice it (I don't like shimmery); it looks pretty much like the picture.  If you're interested in Dollface and Tipsy or Glisten, I would go with those.

Re: Tarte Amazonian vs Benefit Blushes?

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Tarte blushes are so much better than Benefit blushes...hands-down! Tarte's are better quality, made with more natural ingredients, better blend-ability and long-lasting. Dollface and Glisten are 2 of my favorite blushes, actually. Dollface is more of a baby pink while Dandelion is a very light pale pink color. Also, Tipsy is a bright coral, Glisten is a shimmery pink with coral in it and Coralista is a shimmer coral color. I found some swatches for you to compare, hope this helps! Smiley Happy


TARTE Tipsy and Dollface:

Tarte tipsy and dollface-2.jpg


TARTE Glisten:



BENEFIT Coralista:



BENEFIT Coralista and Dandelion:



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