Searching for my first bronzer...

So I'm beginning to search for my first bronzer. I own one from Rimmel, but I don't really care for the shimmer in it, and I'm not sure I'm applying it correctly.


Is it just as important to get a good bronzer brush as it is to get a quality product? Bronzer seems like the type of product that requires a bit more skill to apply.


So my questions are:

1. What is a good bronzer brush?

2. What is a good bronzer to purchase? (I have fair to light warm skin with olive undertones, brown eyes, reddish-brown hair).

Re: Searching for my first bronzer...

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I personally think that a bronzer looks GORG with out shimmer!  a matte bronzer looks like you have a natural tan &  add a pretty highlighter or blush with a tiny bit of 'shimmer' on top of the bronzer (cheeks) and you will look natural with a sun kissed glow and lovely.  Remember a bronzer with shimmer can make a face look a little dirty.  I like NARS and Smashbox



Bronze Lights

Sunkissed Matte - matte warm tan

Re: Searching for my first bronzer...

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I bought my first bronzer this past weekend. I never used bronzer before and how my artist showed me was so easy to use. He suggests a fan brush is best for application.


I'd suggest trying the Marc Jacobs Tantric Bronzer its worth the money for the amount of product you get !. 


Good luck.

Re: Searching for my first bronzer...

Tarte Park Ave Princess in matte & Hourglass Waterproof Matte Bronzer are my two favorites. 

I love the Bobbi Brown Powder Brush for application. 



Re: Searching for my first bronzer...

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For a matte bronzer I will also suggest TF Chocolate Soleil. I would buy the travel size set for $15 to see if you like it. I've been using this tiny thing since the beginning of summer and still see no hint of pan, it will definitely last awhile.



Depending on the kind of look I want determines what brush I reach for. If I want more of a contour, the RT contour mentioned above is good, as well as Sigma contour, which is more of a flat top (one of only 2 brushes I've tried from them).


If I want just an overall glow, the RT blush brush also mentioned above is great, as well as their duo fiber brush, or Sedona Lace Tulip brush.


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Nars Laguna is my HG!



Re: Searching for my first bronzer...

Benefit Dallas is my holy grail bronzer. I'm on my 3rd box right now. I have Hoola but its a lot darker, so its great to countour but not as all over bronze for me.


I use the real techniques blush brush as my bronzer brush, its this big fluffy domed shaped brush or my Ecotools bronzer brush. LOVE both of these brushes so much and they don't break the bank.

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I love my Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer. I have similar coloring and eye color but my hair is more dark brown. this bronzer is matte.




I like to use my Real Techniques contour brush (brush on the bottom).





Sometimes I also use a different brush and squish the bristles into a flat line (to try to replicate NARS Ita brush). and then apply my bronzer.

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the Too Faced that was mentioned also has a lighter shade that i use sometimes - it is a great bronzer - the brush suggested sounds like a good deal too

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1.) i use a $1 angled face brush from target from the brand ELF, i have yet to find something better

2.) i like too faced' chocolate soliel or makeup forever's mat bronze, there both good, but i prefer matte bronzer to shimmery bronzer, 



this helped me alot when i started using bronzer, goodluck <3

Re: Searching for my first bronzer...

I recommend the brand real techniques expert face brush for applying bronzer. It has the ability to contour your jawline and cheekbones without creating a harsh obvious line, but is also good for buffing out and blending. The price and quality are excellent, especially compared to most high end brands.



For a matte bronzer, I recommend Benefit's Hoola bronzer! Great for building color depending on your skin tone, and the consistency of the powder makes it so easy and smooth to blend naturally into your skin.benefit-hoola-bronzer.jpg

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