Questions about foundation?

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I don't have flawless skin but my skin is good enough that I don't wear makeup. I do want to look 'flawless' for prom, though. But I do want to still look natural..I had to use my friends' for my a different prom and I came out pretty pale (not a good look on me)

What's the best kind of foundation to use then? Liquid or powder?? How should I apply it?

If I get primer, do I need to get foundation? Can you use just primer? Just foundation? I know I need setting powder. (I don't plan on using any after these prom pictures so i don't want to spend too much money on things I'll only use once, and maybe for other picture taking events)


Re: Questions about foundation?

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In general, liquid/cream for dry skin, applied with brush, sponge or finger. Powder for oily/combination skin, applied with a brush or sponge pad....but now there's hydrating powder foundation and liquid foundation with a matte finish so the line is a bit fuzzy. Anyways, first thing first, go to a store and get yourself color matched, tell them your skin type and that you want a lightweight foundation. If liquid, get samples of 2-3 different foundation, take them home and experiment. If powder, apply them on your face/hand and examine in natural like.


You don't necessarily need primer or setting powder/spray, but they are good depending on the problem (oily, make up don't stay, too dry, pores, etc).

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