Questions About BB Creams

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Hey everyone, 


So I have a few questions about BB creams that I have been curious about every since I first came across them. I have owned 2 drugstore versions before so I am familiar with coverage and benefits of them ect :-)


1.) Is there a BB cream that is sweatproof/waterproof ?. Reason I ask is because my occupation ( hospital housekeeper ) I am always doing very laborous and tedious work which can make me sweat profusely. 


2.) Can you wear a face primer underneath a BB cream ?. I know that most usually have a primer built in but can one be worn underneath ?. 


3.) What would be the most BEST BB creams that you've tried or know is very much worth the money you've paid for it.

4.) What would be the BEST brush or tools to apply BB cream for a flawless finish


Thank you in advance to all those who participate in responding to this post !. 



Re: Questions About BB Creams

You can't label products as waterproof any more in the US. Stila's BB creams are rated water resistant for 80 minutes. I think you could wear them over a primer. 


I like the Dr Jart+ BB cream, especially the Premium. It isn't listed as water resistant, but I find that it wears well even when I'm sweaty. The Stila leaves me feeling a bit sticky, but good setting powder can sort that out. 

Re: Questions About BB Creams

1) I believe there is only one that is truly marketed as waterproof.  A Korean brand called Face It has a Waterproof BB.  There are some reviews saying that Boscia's Broad Spectrum BB cream is good for sweaty situations.


2) Agree with the others who commented


3) My BB cream needs differ depending on my current skin tone, condition, and the season.

  • Lioele Beyond The Solution - great coverage, a little too light for me right now (I'm currently an MUFE HD foundation 140), slight floral scent, pretty thick and a little goes a long way, pretty & cute sells trial version of this
  • Skin79 Super+ BB (Hot Pink) - has whitening and anti-wrinkle elements, medium coverage, fits my current coloration (does go on grey but oxidizes), no discernible scent, p & c sells samples of the Skin79 line
  • Dr Jart+ Black Detox Label - scent free, light-medium coverage, semi-dewy finish but fine on combo/oily skin, sephora has a trial size version
  • Dr. Jart Water Fuse - low coverage, great for dry skin, not as much skincare benefits as other bb creams
  • Smashbox CC Cream - been using over the summer, decent coverage
  • Supergoop CC Cream - more matte than a lot of other bb/cc creams, good for more oily skin, buildable, I felt a little tightness after putting it on (might be good to moisturize before)

4) It depends on the consistency of the BB cream - for the most part, though, I use my fingers


Some bloggers I found useful eviews of an array of bb/cc creams: frmheadtotoe, hudabeauty

Re: Questions About BB Creams

1.) Is there a BB cream that is sweatproof/waterproof? Ehhh it depends on what else you're wearing (setting powder or primer) because BBs alone definitely are not

2.) Can you wear a face primer underneath a BB cream? Yes! although I believe if you want to get the full skin benefits BBs offer you might want to skip the primer, I never use any and I've never had a problem

3.) What would be the most BEST BB creams that you've tried? I've searched but I don't think I've found my HG yet. I usually go for fuller coverage BBs so I've tried Dr. Jart's Black Label Detox (really good coverage, just not for my combination skin I got SO oily after a few hours), currently I use Clinique's BB which is better oil control wise and really matte (unique for BB creams) but still really natural looking and still having good coverage. I tried Tarte's BB (Tinted Treatment 12 Hour Primer) in store and liked it- I think that might be my next purchase. I think it really depends on your skin type to choose the right BB for you (:

4.) What would be the BEST brush or tools to apply BB cream for a flawless finish? I use my UD Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush (made for foundations) but I think you could use any foundation brush!

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You bring up a good point.  I loved the way my skin improved using the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.  Then I started wearing a primer underneath when the weather turned hot.  I can't say that I see the same benefits now.  I will try not using a primer and see what happens.  I learn so much from BT!  Thanks for posting great advice!

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1.Despite the claims I've never found a makeup that is completely sweat/water proof. My Holika Holika BB is probably the closest thing I've found. It has some transfer but seems to hold up better than any BB I've tried or sampled so far. 


2. I don't see why you couldn't. I have noticed it can make it adhere to my skin better but I don't use it unless I know it's going to be a busy day. 


3. I've bought several drugstore ones. Quite frankly they aren't anything more than tinted moisturizer to me. Sephora's are a bit better. I've tried and sampled quite a few of them but have yet to find any winners. Right now I use the Holika Holika Petit BB Clearing. My mom also uses it now and so do some of her friends. It's an actual Korean BB cream. I've discovered that Korean BBs are much better. The Holika Holika one is a almost $6 including shipping on Ebay. As much as we pay for makeup I really think this one is worth a gamble considering how cheap it is. 


4. I've tried different tools with mine, but honestly it looks best when I apply it with my hands. 

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I never tried a BB cream, but Origins CC Cream is beyond amazing! I don't have to wear foundation with it. Ask for a sample of it and give it a try.

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Hello!  I wear the Smashbox Oil Free Primer underneath Smashbox BB cream and have liked it so far.  The color I wear is a dead-on match for my skin.  I use a brush for a lighter coverage, but your hands are fine also.  Do you use a setting powder?  Powders are great for giving a flawless finish and absorbing oil.  I love Korres Setting Powder.  It works great for me and is very inexpensive.  I also have a sample of Urban Decay's All Nighter makeup setting spray.  I have not tried it yet, but it may keep your makeup from melting throughout the day.  It might be worth a try.  Good luck!

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I've heard great things about the Tarte BB Cream! Perhaps you could try that Smiley Happy I either use the Sigma F82 (when I mix my BB Cream with my Tinted Moisturizer) or my fingers to apply the BB cream.


And yes, of course you can wear a primer underneath! 

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Hey Roseate,


I will definitely look into that product as well :-). I've heard about the Tarte Amazonian Clay BB cream. Is that the one your refering to ?. I use to own the Sigma F80 but will have to repurchase that and the F82. Awesome :-D


Thanks for your response :-)

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Hey Carmen...I say yes you can wear a primer underneath, Im not sure if there are waterproof ones but I can tell you that both the bb and cc cream from smashbox are both amazing...also the bb cream from Lioele (lioeletexas .com) is also quite has very good coverage and in my experience last very long and in heat..( I live in Texas)...... I have heard great things from my oily skin friends about the Garnier one...says it controls their oil..

I personally find that I get better coverage and a flawless finish when  I apply with my hands...hope I could help Smiley Happy

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Hey Amira,


You've been more then helpful with your response !. I feel relieved to know that a primer can be worn underneath a BB cream because I feel that it's a bit strange without one. I'm always use to primer being under any type of face product be it foundation, powder, bb cream ect :-). I've heard some hype about the Smashbox BB & CC creams. Definitely might look into the travel size and work up to a full size if it works nicely. I will look into the Lioele one as well. I used to own the Maybelline Dream BB and it wasn't bad actually. I also tried the original Garnier one and it was OK. However the Oily to Combination skin version worked MUCH better. Sounds like an option and it's costless too lol !.


Thanks again girl for the response :-)

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