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Okay, so I currently wear bb cream and nars light reflecting powder to set it.


I am contemplating the move into foundation, when the MUA did my makeup with foundation she listed pressed powder that was the same shade as the foundation which makes me think she used that to set it (i obviously wasn't paying close enough attention /o\), does that sound right? If I start using foundation should I set it with the powder that is the same shade?  Can I use the nars light reflecting powder instead? 


Do these questions make sense? Am I using the right terms?  I am still a n00b in so many ways.

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I don't worry about matching the shade, but that being said, I just try to buy products that match my skintone, so I think pretty much everything is the same shade anyway.


I rotate between 3 or 4 different foundations.  I use the Sephora microsmooth powder foundation as a setting powder for all of them.  Just a very tiny amount of powder is needed.  I bought a second microsmooth compact and keep it at my desk at work - I find that I need to re-powder midway through the day.


When I am done with my makeup, I've been using the Hourglass Ambient Light powder as a finishing powder and have been happy with that.

Re: Question about setting powders

Thank you so much for posting this!  I need a new setting powder desperately, but one that will not give me a white "glow" under the flash of a camera.


Any tips?

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You really don't have to set a liquid foundation with a powder foundation, I would only do that if you need extra coverage. But I always prefer a translucent powder such as the Nars one, it keeps you from looking too cakey.

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You can use the Nars as a setting powder, I really don't see a need to set liquid foundation with powder foundation unless you want very heavy coverage, which I don't think you need.  You may lose some of the luminosity of the reflecting powder, if used in this manner.

Re: Question about setting powders

I use MUFA's liquid as a base and their HD powder to set, both in the same shade (or as close as they come), so I guess that sounds right to me.  Smiley Very Happy  I'm thinking about getting some Guerlain during the 20% sale, though.

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