I've tried a few primers but I have yet to find a good one for my skin type. For the most part I have combination skin, however it tends to get oilier in summer months. What primer can extend the wear for foundation on oily skin?

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I have oily skin with big pores... I recently tried out some primers & was happiest with Becca Ever-Matte & Benefit Porefessional.  I tried Dr. Brandt Poreless Mattifying primer & felt it did a great job of mattifying and controlling oil, but it was kind of hard to apply foundation smoothly over it.  It's almost like it was SO matte that it held onto the foundation and didn't let it blend easily. 


Korres Mattifying primer had a great texture & helped my foundation go on really smoothly, but I felt that my makeup didn't last as long when I used it compared to some of the other primers.

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Hi Katik713, you might want to try a mattifying primer during the summer to help control oil, such as:


Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector


becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.jpg


Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer


Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer.jpg


Sephora Collection Anti-Shine Foundation Primer


SC Anti-Shine Foundation Primer.jpg

Smiley Happy -Laura


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I'd also like to offer a shout-out to a product that I couldn't finish for what seemed ages- but now I miss!


NARS Pro-Prime Oil Free Primer



If you're by a store, I'd ask for samples of some of these to test-drive them first.

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Sometimes I wish brands would come together and make trial sets with primers alone! Gosh it would be so helpful and they could make kits for oily skin, dry skin, anti-aging, and brightening/evening skin tone!


Good call on the asking for samples, Starletta!

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For oily skin in particular there's a few options and routes to look into.


The first is water based primers, these feel like watery gels and feel weightless on skin because of their formulation. These are great because they don't sit on top of the oil on your skin. Lorac and Tarte make water based/silicone free primers, Korres makes one as well infused with pomegranate to nourish skin, but has rice protein and witch hazel to control oil and shine.


The next route is silicone/dimethicone based primers, these primers have a silky texture and feel very smooth. They form a barrier on skin over pores (which is often an issue with oily skin) to give skin a flawless finish so make up doesn't settle into those areas. The S/D also form barriers over oil that is produced and can help absorb and control oil that is present to give a matte finish. Benefit's Porefessional (can also be tapped over make up on oily spots if you don't use blotting sheets or powder to touch up), Givenchy's Mister Mat, along with Smashbox and MUFE make variations with S/D.

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