**Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

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Available at SEPHORA 5 Times Square in Manhattan July 26th and SEPHORA Powell Street in San Francisco, in early August

-    Find Your Scientifically Precise Foundation Shade From Over 1,000 Foundations In Our Stores -


SEPHORA, the leading beauty specialty retailer, and Pantone LLC, the global color authority, unveil SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ, the most advanced foundation matching tool available in North American beauty retail.   Powered by Pantone and based off the color matching technology developed by X-Rite, the SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ system is the first and only beauty device to scan the surface of the skin and assign an official Pantone skintone number, to find your scientifically precise foundation shade amongst our 1,000 foundations, brands and formulas.


“SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ POWERED BY PANTONE is an incredible tool that delivers a real benefit to our clients,” says Margarita Arriagada, SVP of Merchandising at Sephora. “We see this as the first application of this patented Sephora exclusive technology, and are excited to expand its capabilities for other uses in the color world.”


The SEPHORA+ PANTONE COLOR IQ is a hand held tool based off the Pantone X-Rite Spectrocolorimeter used in the design world.  As the first of its kind in cosmetics retail, the device works by taking an image of your skin, analyzing and assigning you an official Pantone skintone number.  With that number, Sephora beauty experts reference SEPHORA’s Universal Skintone Guide (via iPad) which holds over 1,000 foundation skus to determine what products are a precise match for your skintone.    


“SEPHORA + PANTONE COLOR IQ eliminates many of the variables that can affect shade selection, including pigment challenges, skin texture and undertones which can often distort the clients match,” added SEPHORA PRO Gilbert Soliz. “As an artist, I know the right foundation is essential to a great makeup look so this is an amazing resource to have for my consultations.  It allows me to pull the best matches across all our brand offerings for my clients personalized consultation.”






SEPHORA + PANTONE Color IQ Handheld Device:

  • Image takes 1.8 seconds to capsure
  • Produces  27 photographs in black and white using 8 different visible LED bands and 1 ultraviolet band
  • COLOR IQ measures only in red/green/blue
  • Ultraviolet and three split spectrums
  • Grid of 100x100 pixels across skin sample which then becomes one color composite
  • New method of color measurement, including texture and surface sample variables, allowing for the most accurate color positioning


Cameras vs COLOR IQ device for pigment precision:

  • Traditional cameras uses ambient light (huge pigment variables)
  • COLOR IQ can measure pigment in pitch darkness, does not require ambient lighting for precision matching


SEPHORA + PANTONE Color IQ Skintone Library:

  • Ethnicity isn’t relevant when color matching- there are more factors in the physiology of the skin that determine color (hemoglobin, sun exposure, freckles, skin conditions, sun burn, excess or absence of melanin)
  • 110 colors are mapped out by the Pantone Color Institute that comprise the SEPHORA + PANTONE Skintone Library
  • Colors are based on SEPHORA’s current foundation landscape and can be expanded as more brand offerings are added, making the most comprehensive foundation library available at retail
  • iPad app platform, exclusive to SEPHORA
  • only available in SEPHORA stores


Recommendations for the best SEPHORA + PANTONE Color IQ match:

  • No workout 30 minutes prior to match
  • No chemical or harsh peels 3-6 days prior to match
  • Drink more water and less caffeine prior to match, caffeine restricts blood flow, affecting flush of skin
  • If you are wearing self tanner, disclose to the Sephora artist for a better match









Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

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My observation would be that they are testing the waters on this new product in two of the most frequently visited stores in America...San Francisco and New York.  Once they receive some feedback...they will know how and where to proceed from there. 

Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

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That's really sad for the Color IQ to only go in two stores. I live in southern NJ, and it's a big drive to make the pilgrimage to NYC. To make it really available, it would be really cool for Pantone and Sephora to partner together to make it an app, or to add it to the existing Sephora app.



Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

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Hey, at least you actually live with in a reasonable distance for going there, haha. I live in Tennessee, and I am gnawing at the bits to try this thing!

Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

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How long will this be available at the Times Square location?

I will be in New York area next week, and this sounds like a very helpful tool and might be worth the little trip over there!

Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

Is this available in those 2 stores only? or will this service be available in other Sephoras at a later date?


Is this a new/trendy collaboration for this year? or is this going to be permanent service like Beauty Studios?



Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **



For now, the device will be at the 2 stores but they are looking to launch out to more stores sometime in Fall (*cross fingers*). So stay tune ...


It's a great machine and the accuracy of it is incredible. This is definitely not a new trend that will phase out and the idea is to have it permanently as another source to find your best foundation color match.


I had the opportunity to work on the back end of it and test out foundations along with the device. It's a pretty remarkable device. I can truely say that I have a new found love for foundation after working to create this device Smiley Wink



Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

Are they able to email the results of the scan so that the customer will have a list of the 1000+ shades that match them?

Re: **Pantone Color IQ in select Sephora Stores **

I'm wondering the same questions as beautytester.  If it is only going to be available in two stores, it's kind of not fair to a vast majority of people lol.  If it really does work, it sounds like it would be an extremely handy tool to have in all Sephora stores.

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