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I have recently started using a product on my face for foundation and its wonderful but i think the color is too light so i always apply a lot. What should i do?


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HI Kaietlynn, 


What kind of product, is it an actual foundation or a tinted moisturizer?


You may want to visit a store nearby to get a color match because applying more will only make the color look MORE light and possibly even heavy! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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Is the product a foundation or is it something else like a BB or CC cream?  When you say it's too light do you mean the color is lighter than your complexion or is it too sheer to give you the coverage that you want? 

If it's a foundation and the color is too light and doesn't match your complexion, adding more will not make it any better.  Since  you like the formula, you may want to purchase it in a deeper tone.  If the problem is the product is more sheer than you want, consider using a concealer on the problem areas instead of applying a lot to your whole face.  That is what I do when I use my Dr. Jart BB cream.  It generally gives me a nice finish but I add some concealer in certain areas.  I like to put the concealer on first, then go over it with the BB cream.

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