New OCC Skin Concealer... Help please!

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I'm so excited that Sephora is carrying the OCC Concealer. I heard about this a while ago and have been dying to try it ever since!




I'll probably be placing an order in a few weeks and would like to get some, but since it is online only I'm not sure which color will work best for me. I'm causation but don't really have "red" based skin, but it's not really "yellow."


Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation #2 is pretty much exactly my skin, especially in winter. (I don't really tan, but it is sunny where I live and end up 1/4 of a shade darker in the summer, haha). Can anyone give advice on what color they think would be best for me?


I would primarily be using this under my eyes, if that makes a difference.


Also, it seems like Y2 might be showing the wrong photo? :/


Thanks girls! (:



Re: New OCC Skin Concealer... Help please!

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emmaclaire, do you use this concealer for blemishes or undereyes?  How does it work on blemishes?

Re: New OCC Skin Concealer... Help please!

I didn't realize Sephora carried this!  I'm SO excited, this is my ALL TIME HOLY GRAIL concealer, I LOVE it!!!


If you know whether your skin is more pink or more yellow in regards to undertone that would be the easiest way to find your OCC Concealer shade.  It looks like the UD foundation you mentioned is yellow-based, so I would recommend Y1 or Y2 for you.  And yes, the picture on Sephora's website is definitely wrong, Y2 is the third lightest shade.


I'm very very very pale, and Y0 is actually a touch too dark for me, but it's close enough that it isn't noticeable.

Re: New OCC Skin Concealer... Help please!

Oh thank you for the tip! What color foundation do you wear, just so I have a comparison?

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