New NARS Matte Multiple


New NARS Matte Multiple

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Do you think these will be better than the original?


NARS-Matte-10662.jpg(L-R) Cappadoce, Vientiane, Altai & Laos

NARS-Matte-10663.jpg(L-R) Siam, Exumas & Anguilla


These will be released April 14 at NARS counters


source: Beautezine


Re: New NARS Matte Multiple

Ughhh the multiple is literally the worst thing ever. Not pigmented enough to be a blush, too clumsy to use on the lips and the wrong color to use on the eyes. If you're even SLIGHTLY shiny, it turns into a total fail. Plus, it has the staying power of a cheating boyfriend! 


Re: New NARS Matte Multiple

Jaime, OMG, I almost did not recognize you hiding behind that super real looking mustache and the bug eyes!  Lions, tigers and bears!  You are so clever!


Re: New NARS Matte Multiple

ITA. Having oily skin, the multiples have always been an epic fail for me :smileysad:


Re: New NARS Matte Multiple

I gifted mine away. 


Re: New NARS Matte Multiple

i couldn't PAY people to take mine! 


Re: New NARS Matte Multiple

The multiple, in my opinion, is the worst product Nars makes. This coming from someone who loves Nars. I have two full size and they just sit there. They'd have to do a complete 180 with the product to even get my interest. I hate to give 2 thumbs down but I hate to see anyone waste their cash!

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