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I would like to get a new blush as most of my current colors are shades of pink.  I have found a few colors from NARS that I like. My problem is I cannot use anything with peach or orange in it because all these colors turn orange on my skin. 


The NARS colors I saw online that I liked are: Dolce Vita (dusty rose), Douceur  (soft pink brown), Oasis  (sparkling pink champagne) and Sin (berry with gold shimmer).


Does anyone know anything about these colors? Will they turn orange?


I want a more natural color. BTW I have blue eyes, fair skin and hair that is brown and gray (more silver than grey).




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Really, do give the big "O" a try. I have a similar skin tone - no orange or peach, please! - but the color works great for me. It's more pink than peach, but the peach addition gives it a very unique color. The gentle shimmer is gorgeous, too. 


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I am like you, fair and blue eyes.   I like NARS "Orgasm" the best.  I tried  Oasis, but its quite dark.


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Hi Macuser!


I personally LOVE NARS products and when it comes to blush, I love Dolce Vita, Orgasm, Deep Throat and Sin, although Sin is quite sheer if you have dark skin.. I wouldn't recommend it if you're darker than maybe NC 30


Anyway, best of luck to you!




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Here are a few tips to help you when selecting blush:


Warm complexions look best in yellow-based blush shades like peach and terracotta. 

Cool undertones are flattered by blue-based pinks and berries.

To find your perfect cheek color, go to a store that sells paint and has paint samples and pick colors that you think could work as a blush.  Hold the samples up to your face in front of a mirror in natural light and you’ll see instantly what brightens your complexion versus what makes it look sallow or gray.

A universally flattering color for all skin tones is a light pink such as Make Up For Ever “Powder Blush” in the shade “Candy Pink 85” which you can find at:​shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=4028.

I hope this helps you. :smileyhappy:


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I would definitely recommend Douceur; it is gorgeous and very natural-looking. On my light-medium warm-toned skin it almost looks like a pinkish shadow rather than really "blush-y." It doesn't pull orange at all, more a little bit brownish, so I think it should be very safe for you.


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Hi, macuser! Douceur is gorgeous; it's a soft pink/brown that's completely natural and easily buildable for more color. It's my current favorite, and I really hope that NARS adds it to their permanent collection. Oasis is kind of a rosy-berry-mauve, and it's very pretty, but it has more glitter than I prefer for daytime. Sin is also very pretty -- it's a deeper berry wtih gold shimmer, but it's not overpowering.


Of all the shades mentioned, Dolce Vita actually (surprisingly) DOES turn orange on me -- both the lipstick and the blush! I know it's supposed to be the universally flattering shade, but on me, it goes terra cotta instead of dusty rose -- so unless you can try this on first, I might hesitate.


Orgasm and Deep Throat are peachy toned, but they do not turn orange (I have very fair skin with pink undertones, and many blushes tend to go orange on me, too -- but these do not). I would stay away from Super Orgasm, though, unless you plan on wearing it at night only. It has a lot of glitter in it, and not just micro glitter -- it's definitely noticeable pieces. It's pretty, but definitely sparkly.


I hope this helps!  : )


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Sin is a very beautiful color and it stays true all day. I would highly recommend it! I also have Orga$m and Super Orga$m but those only work for me when I have a bit more color in the summer. Laura Gellar has really pretty baked blush but Sephora does not carry it any longer. The one I have is kind of peachy-pink but there is a very nice berry one that I would love to try.


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I would actually recommend my favorite NARS blush called deep throat, it is a peachy shimmer, similar to orgasm but it's more wearable and less shimmery. It looks really gorgeous on fair skin. But if you're still unsure about peach tones, best bet is to go to sephora and test it out for yourself. 


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I absolutely love NARS blush!  I have fair skin with brown hair, and my two personal favourites are Amour (peachy pink), and Orgasm (peachy pink with shimmer).  I know you mentioned that you can't use anything with peach or orange in it, but I've never had a problem with Amour or Orgasm.  Just thought I'd let you know.


Dolce Vita, Douceur, Oasis, and Sin are all gorgeous colours...I have all of them except Douceur. For a more natural colour I would suggest Dolce Vita or Douceur.  They're both kind of light, so you can always add more colour if you need it.  They've never turned my skin orange, but if you can, go into a Sephora store and ask an employee to swatch the colours on you.  That way you can see which colour(s) looks best, without having to second guess your purchase.


Hope this helps :smileyhappy:

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