My foundation always sucks!?

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Ive noticed my skin was getting patchy throughout the day but sometimes I'm noticing my makeup is looking patchy after the first application in the morning right after I've put it on, what am I doing wrong? Also skin type is combination. 


What I'm using: 

Nivea Moisturizer

Mister Mat by Givenchy face primer

Kat Von D liquid foundation applied with a Beauty Blender

Dior compact powder foundation applied with Sephora's Pro All Over Powder Brush #61 or #66 or something

Oil Control makeup setting spray by Urban Decay


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

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I agree with everything garnett said. For me personally, I apply my moisturizer at night and skip in the morning, or else my makeup just doesn't apply right. I also have combo skin, but I don't have any dry patches whatsoever so I get away with it. I spritz some UD B6 spray before my primer and it works well. I don't know if it really does anything, but it feels nice :smileyhappy: Also, I just did not like the KVD foundation as even with the smallest amount, it settled in fine lines and got cakey and patchy throughout the day. I'm a new fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear, nothing has lasted as long throughout the day on me with this!


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

Im not familiar with your items other than the spray but that wouldn't do anything to it. Your primer may not mesh well with your fdn. are they both water based? water based primers and water based fdn should be stuck together for best results. and likewise for silicone based.


Also make sure your fdn is completely dry before powder. and instead of buffing in the powder, gently stipple and press it on so you don't disturb the liquid


Is your moisturizer thick? make sure that is really absorbed well. I like to do my eyes first so by the time i go in for my liner, my moisturizer is already dry and i add my primers. go back to add liner and then go for fdn etc.


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

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i found the kat von d foundation doesent work well with the beauty blender at all for some reason, i like using it with my fingers to blend it in.


also try exfloiating pre-primer and foundation, either with a gentle scrub or with a clarisonic, it should take off any dead skin the foundation can stick too that can sometimes make it look patchy.


i also found out that when i put on liquid foundation and then powder foundation it tends to cake up, instead you should try a setting powder, like makeup forevers setting powder or tarte's, it mattifies but its transparent and it won't leave your face with the dry spots or cakey-looking 


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

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Sometimes the type of moisturizer/primer/foundation combo you are using isn't compatible. I noticed that thicker, less watery primers work well with my foundations and the watery primers work better with BB creams. The combinations of formulas you use on your face can affect how the products work together.


I do however, believe that you are following the correct steps in your routine. It's just about finding the right products to fulfill each slot.


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

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i agree with garnett's suggestions, and wonder if it has anything to do with the number of products. in my head using primer, a wet beautyblender for liquid foundation plus powder foundation plus setting spray seems like a lot, and the very least may take time to dry in between steps. also is any part of your skin feeling tight/dry/dehydrated? I know this contributes alot to how foundation looks on me.


good luck! I hope you'l let us know what you figure out!! 


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

thanks :smileyhappy: lll take everything into consideration


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

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 Possible problems:

-Your moisturizer may be  too heavy.

-Your moisturizer has not been absorbed enough before you put on your primer.  This can cause an uneven application of foundation.  

-You are applying too much makeup.  Liquid foundation plus powder foundation just might be too much. You might want to consider a setting powder instead of a powder foundation.

-I do  not use a setting spray but I am wondering if all the layers you have on including the spray are just too much.  If that is the case it just won't adhere properly to your face and it will get patchy.  

Keep your layers light.  Make sure they are absorbed or dry before going on to the next layer.  Consider the fact that certain products are not compatible.  


Re: My foundation always sucks!?

I use Estee Lauder Double Wear. Great coverage and seriously it looks great even at the end of the day!

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