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Hi Beauties.  I'm hoping you ladies have some advice for me and my 42 year old face.


I have a very red face, for no apparent reason but just being my skin.  Have been red all my life.  My nan called it "peaches and cream".  Peaches and creams sounds wonderful, my cheeks are not that.  I'm not sensitive, I do not have rosacea, after exercise my cheeks are almost purple.  If I drink alcohol I can feel the heat in them and they turn blood red (alcohol allergy perhaps?).  Anyway, I have recently released from the military and I'm anxious to start being a "grown up" and start to wear make up.


I really want to wear blush.  There are so many gorgeous colors out there and I've never been able to wear it.  Unfortunately, when I've tried foundations in the past they just don't cut it.  My red shows through, even with a green tint underneath.  Or it looks like a caked on mess.  I'm honestly at a loss.


I have normal skin except for the area under my mouth, on either side I have two dry(ish) patches.  I have no idea if I'm yellow or pink based.  I look at my veins inside my wrist and they are blue or green, depending.  I press my finger into my forearm and when I remove it, all I see is white. My skin doesn't cast any color (that I can see) against a white backdrop/towel. I can tell you I look absolutely terrible in any beigey lipsticks.  I tried different types, to get a more natural look,'s terrible.  I think I look great in rose gold as opposed to white or gold, but I think that could just be personal preference.


I live in a very small, remote, northern town and all the shopping I do is online, so now I'm at a loss.  I need full coverage?  Don't like powders though.  Should I just embrace my red cheeks and live with it?  I'm so confused!!  It's makeup, it's supposed to be fun, when will I start having fun?  LOL

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Try using a yellow-tone face primer and contour your face with bronzer and a matte powder highlighter. You can contour around your redness and leave some rosiness on your cheeks so it looks like you have a little blush. Don't focus on layering and trying to cover up so much, sometimes embracing your skin and working around your issue can be a better solution. You want your natural beauty to show, don't cover up with cakey formula's, just emphasize and contour your other features Smiley Happy

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yellow and skin care, check!


You ladies are certainly talented and know your stuff!  With your help I know I'm going to eventuallly find the fun in makup, skin care and all things girly.  And mberteig, my mother has never taught me makeup application, or anything "girly", she claims she has, but she hasn't!


The last time I wore makeup on a daily basis was back in the 80s and very early 90s.  Now if trends come back around to those years, I'd have 'er made!

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Your coloring sounds a little like mine.  I am fair with blue eyes and red hair, but have a red nose and chin.  I like makeup to have enough coverage to cover up my red nose and chin, but not feel thick or cakey.


I've used the Clinique Redness Solutions foundation and liked it, as well as the Dior Nude Glow foundation.  I also really like the tarte BB cream and the tarte 12 hour amazonian clay foundation, as well as the Sephora microsmooth powder foundation, which can be used as a foundation or as a powder on top of foundation.


I recently found out my undertone is yellow, which I didn't know before.  I like the foundation to even out the skintone.  I actually only apply foundation where I need it, not over my whole face, but in the center (nose, chin, etc.) and blend outwards.  


As far as blushes go, a lot depends on your coloring or what you like.  I like the Too Faced Sweetheart blush (in the heart shaped box), it is more pink.  I also like an apricot or coral colored blush as well.


Also, have you considered skincare? I really like Ole Henriksen and Peter Thomas Roth products and was introduced to those at Sephora as well. They have certainly changed my complexion for the better!


I am also a latecomer to makeup, I am in my late 40s and no one ever taught me these things when I was younger!  It is supposed to be fun, don't worry!  If you order from Sephora, you can return anything that doesn't work for you or is the wrong color.   Have fun!


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Hi, SailorStacy!  Thank you for serving in the military!  Now for the best part...welcome to BT and to civilian life!


You actually do have inflamation.  The other thing is your capillaries/blood vessels are closer to your skin than other people's.  That's why you face is red without have a "condition."  When you go out in the sun, get nervous, etc. they become inflammed, which makes them more noticable (basically, you're blushing).  I have a similar problem, just not as severe.  The redness solutions/systems mentioned in this thread (plus others) are meant to help with the inflamation, like when you have a sprained ankle and you use RICE.  It will never go away, but it will become managable.  There are also individual items you can try such as yellow powders for the entire face and yellow cream sticks for spot application (I use this).  If you type "redness" in the search box at the top (under Beauty Talk), a lot of results will come back, which may provide more information and maybe peace of mind as well.


P.S.  I find yellow to be much more helpful than green.

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Sweet lord baby jesus, we have a winner!!  I have cool undertones!  Now I have to decide if I have porceline, fair, medium, etc skin.  Unfortunately my Irish background has not given me porceline skin, of that I am sure.


The equation begins to take shape.  Thank you ladies!

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Thank you so much for the replies, if I had a choice I would like to keep my skin dewey or natural.  Matte tends to settle into my fine lines (booo).


Those blushes are soo pretty, and makes me loathe my skin (not really, but i am kinda jealous of those who can wear it)


My face, I have a love/hate relationship with it.  People comment all the time that I have great skin, minus my constant redness. Yay no blemishes, but I would take a few pimples over red.....


Do you think those creams/lotions/gels work for what I would call a non-condition?  I'm not irritated, or inflammed, just red.  I love the suggestions, and I've seen countless youtube videos using MUFE HD foundation.  Argan oil does wonders for my hair, must try something for my two patches of dry!


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i have your non condition as well, sometimes it flares up due to sun or when you feel stressed i really have no idea what it is, but i know alot of pale women have it, and usually redness-rosecea products work to minimize it Smiley Happy

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@SailorStacy Those blush tones work well for red skin because they are either blue or peach based so they may work for you. For foundation, I recommend tryingDiorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup SPF 15. The shades that end in 0 are neutral based, which might be a good option if you are unsure of your undertone.  It gives a nice medium coverage and a soft glow. MUFE HD is also a good choice, but it has more of a natural finish and can cling to dry areas.

Dior - Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup SPF 15

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I don' t have this problem, but Clinique has a Redness Solutions Kit that might help.  These are trial sizes with enough product to see if it works for you. - Redness Solutions Kit


From your description, you may have a cool undertone since beige lipsticks do not compliment the rest of your coloring but there are cool and warm beiges.  For instance, I have yellow-toned skin and if there is any pink in a neutral shade, it really shows up on my skin.  However, I don't have enough yellow tint in my skin to wear a yellow based foundation.  I wear a neutral.  I discussed a very simplified version of finding your undertone in the thread below. It is not a definitive coloring classification, but it may be able to guide you one direction or another.  I would also do this when you are not experiencing a lot of redness.  Hope this helps and good luck!



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Hi SailorStacy, your skin sounds pretty similar to mine.  I have always had that natural redness too and find that I usually need a medium coverage foundation to cover it.  Blush can be challenging because the redness likes to come through and can intensify anything that is too pink.  The best way to tell if you are warm/cool is to try a swatch of each and see which stays most neutral.  However, if you have always had the redness, I would would say you are more likely cool toned. I think Josie Maran Argan oil would work well for your dry areas.  It is very concentrated and you can use it all over or just to treat the dry areas. For foundation, do you have a preference in terms of finish? (matte, dewy, natural)

Josie Maran - 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

Here are a few of my favorite blushes:

Nars Blush in Sin

NARS - Blush

Benefit Hervana

Benefit Cosmetics - Hervana

Kat Von D blush in Wish

Kat Von D - Everlasting Blush

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Hello SailorStacy! Welcome to BT Smiley Happy


well, since you don't have rosecea (unfortunatly neither do i, but i have that redness too, sometimes when i walk out in the sun i feel like my cheeks are over heating) so what has helped me out TONS and really changed my skin were..



I used Murads Redness Therapy System, unfortunatly sephora doesent sell the kit, but you can get it from the murad site, Smiley Happy


over time my skin has gotten less red and inflamed


Makeup i would reccomend would be - in the shade (1) you use this pre-foundation to dull down the redness, it also smells amazing Smiley Happy - this is the fullest foundation i have ever found, it covers redness, scars, everything, its great.


also, some people don't have an undertone, but since we both get red, i use something yellow based, it cancels out the red tone Smiley Happy


as for blush, i really like tarte 24 hour blush in dollface, benefit hervana is actually good too Smiley Happy


Good luck Smiley Happy

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