Make-up and Skin Care for Older Women

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I'm looking for advice regarding make-up and skin care products for older women. Just turned 60. I skimmed previous conversations, but many replies are several years old and the recommended products are no longer available. Interested, specifically, in moisturizer (one with hyaluronic acid, preferably), eye cream, foundation, and type of foundation (liquid, cream, powder, etc). Finally, afraid to ask for advice regarding concealer because I own so many and none of them work for me. I definitely do not want a cake concealer: too drying. Please offer easy to use concealer that does not make me look like a raccoon or bright eyed wonder girl. Thank you so much for any thoughtful suggestions.  


Re: Make-up and Skin Care for Older Women

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I buy skincare for my mom, who is ~a decade younger so not sure if it's 100% applicable. She had some great success with Murad Resurgence line, Perricone plasma line, and Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist line. Can't really help you with foundation, sorry. Good luck!

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