Make Your Own NARS Palette

I thought this would be a fun thing to do! I know some people have expressed displeasure in either the colors (not _____ again!) or the inspiration of the NARS One Night Stand Palette.  So I was just playing around and adding items to my heart list and the idea hit me for a post. What 6 NARS blushes would I (and you) want if we could create our own palette. 


I would have it in similar packaging (three and three) to the danmari & One Night stand palette. But I would make the outside packaging less prone to finger prints and getting dirty. i'd also have a spot for a nice brush to be included.


What colors would you have in your "create-a-palette"?



Orgasm (I know so many people don't want this in the palette, but I would in mine).



Madly - seashell pink (reminds me A LOT of a Jane Iredale blush I have that I get compliments on).



Douceur - soft pink brown



Mata Hari - rose petal pink



Sex Appeal - soft peach



Sin - berry with gold shimmer


Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

Nars Perfect Blush Palette    (Acording to BTers)


Number one with 9 requests is  


Exhibit A - brilliant red


7 requests  Sin - berry with gold shimmer


7 requests   Mata Hari - rose petal pink


7 requests   Seduction – sangria   LE

5 requests   Outlaw - soft rose with golden shimmer


5   Luster - sheer golden apricot


Runners up with 4 requests each are

Albatross - sheer light golden sheen

Deep Throat - peach with shimmer

Orgasm - peachy pink with shimmer

Taj Mahal – blazing burnt orange


My choices are


Taj Mahal




Exhibit A

And will be ordering the Almeria, looks beautiful!

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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Hmm, since I already have 4 NARS blushes in my cart for the sale, I'll play along Smiley Wink






Mata Hari,

Exhibit A (just because I'm curious)

or if we are including ones not available at Sephora, then Taj Mahal.


Edit: I currently only own Almeria, Seduction and Amour, plus the dinky sample size of Orgasm that I'm not all that fond of.

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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yeah all you have to do is google "NARS exhibit A" and look at the pics to see how universally flattering and not-as-scary-as-it-seems that blush is. it's in my future. plus i just feel like that blush in particular is ART. 

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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FUN. thanks for reviving this thread !! 

these are colors that speak to me regularly even though i'm scared of blush. i own SIN and LUSTER. the order here is chosen not on favorites but on gradient !


3. SIN



yay i want this palette !!
just want to say my runners up, just because i love the colors in theory but could never wear them, are SEDUCTION and NEW ORDER. actually i want new order just because of the name !!


Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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1. Deep throat

2. Luster

3. Mata Hari

4. Dolce Vita

5. Laguna

6. Albatross 


Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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1. Desire

2. Deep Throat

3. Seduction

4. Exhibit A

5. Amour

6. Douceur

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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My Nars Blush Palette would be: 

1) Albatross

2) Laguna

3) Deep Throat

4) Sin

5) New Order

6) Mata Hari


But I want Taos and Torrid too! Can I make an 8 pan palette?

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

We have the same favorite shades of Nars blush! Haha I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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Fashionforlife18, I think madly & douceur are my top picks but I like all of the colors I picked out. I read today that sex appeal doesn't show up unless you are really fairSmiley Sad

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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I'm super pale and I got Sex Appeal from a friend at school, and there was absolutely no color. Smiley Sad I was so disappointed! It was my first NARS blush, so I was kinda turned off by the brand but I just bought the One Night Stand Palette and I'm so excited! But anyways, Sex Appeal was a huge disappointment, in my opinion.

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

roxystar4, thats such a bummer, thats the color I'm dying to try. I'd love to find a similar color thats more pigmented. Let me know if you find anything! Smiley Happy

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

I like this thread. The only nars blushes I own are the multiple in Riviera and cactus flower (both cream blushes).


Here's what I would want.....


1. orgasm

2. laguna

3. taos

4. sin

5. deep throat

6. exhibit a

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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oops I mean torrid, not taos

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

The 6 I'd want in my palette would be:

  • Orgasm (I know but I love it)
  • Sin
  • Seduction
  • Exhibit A
  • Miss Liberty
  • Albatross




Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

Exhibit A would be really cool in a palette! great pop of color!

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

Oooohhhh outlaw is going in my love's list!

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

I love NARS ( it's one of my fav brands )... But I really don't care about their blushes. Is that strange or what? Smiley Happy

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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I currently have eight Nars blushes on my wishlist and narrowing it down to six was much harder than I thought it would be!


Okay, here are my choices:

  • Sin - berry with gold shimmer
  • Seduction - sangria
  • Oasis - sparkling pink champagne
  • Orgasm - peachy pink with shimmer
  • Mata Hari - rose petal pink
  • Lovejoy - shimmering bronzed rose

Honorable mentions: Outlaw and Amour. Smiley Happy


I can't wait to see what everyone else picked!

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

A palette that's a little more women of color friendly would be awwweeessssoooommmeee. 









Exhibit A 


Taj Mahal


Mata Hari


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