Make Your Own NARS Palette

I thought this would be a fun thing to do! I know some people have expressed displeasure in either the colors (not _____ again!) or the inspiration of the NARS One Night Stand Palette.  So I was just playing around and adding items to my heart list and the idea hit me for a post. What 6 NARS blushes would I (and you) want if we could create our own palette. 


I would have it in similar packaging (three and three) to the danmari & One Night stand palette. But I would make the outside packaging less prone to finger prints and getting dirty. i'd also have a spot for a nice brush to be included.


What colors would you have in your "create-a-palette"?



Orgasm (I know so many people don't want this in the palette, but I would in mine).



Madly - seashell pink (reminds me A LOT of a Jane Iredale blush I have that I get compliments on).



Douceur - soft pink brown



Mata Hari - rose petal pink



Sex Appeal - soft peach



Sin - berry with gold shimmer


Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

IttyxBittyxMe , love those picks! Outlaw is gorgeous!

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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Oh I loooove Outlaw. I own it and Seduction and they are gorgeous. 

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

 I like this question! Hmm lets see I think I would go with Exhibit A, Luster, Oasis, Dolce Vita, Seduction and Taj Mahal.

Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

I agree with having the outside of the palette, less prone to fingerprints. Here are the colors I would want, since these are shades I do not own.

upload_977877769778168993.jpgLuster-Sheer golden apricot
upload_5302829038964546505.jpgOutlaw: Soft rose w/ golden shimmer
upload_6524912062559180716.jpgTwo Cream Blushes:
-Penny Lane
-Cactus Flower

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ohhh melisa16 I love that you put in two cream blushes. I so want Madly in my palette too Smiley Happy 


Re: Make Your Own NARS Palette

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Oh I wish our palettes could be made. I have trouble paying $29 for a single blush, after not being happy with Deep Throat.

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