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First, I have a light/medium complexion with cool (pink) undertones. I very seldom get acne, but I have a genetic disease that has left me with redness and small bumps on my face. It makes me really self conscious. I am looking for a liquid foundation that does the following (in no particular order)

1. Stays on all day on very oily skin

2. Suitable for someone with very sensitive skin

3. Provides good coverage but is lightweight and looks natural. I want something that will look like my skin only better. I don't want anything too matte, thick, heavy, or cakey.

4. I would prefer something in the $30-$35 range. The maximum I would be willing to pay is $40.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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I think for your price range, the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ might be your best bet, but my favorite is the Hourglass Immaculate, which is amazing but at a much higher price point.


Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ is good at oil control compared to normal foundations, but not the best because it settles into your pores a little and can end up looking cakey after a few hours. It is the most affordable oil-controlling foundation that I've found though.


Lancome Idole Ultra 24H is also one you could try, but while it lasts a long time, I don't think it's especially good at oil control. It's also a little more expensive than you're willing to go, but not as expensive as the Hourglass.


Hourglass Immaculate is the best oil-controlling and natural-looking foundation I've found, but it does cost a pretty penny. I honestly think it's really worth it though, especially because it almost eliminates the need for a separate powder since it dries down to a velvety, powdery finish. Its coverage is medium, but you can build it up and it is really natural-looking. The only thing about this foundation is that it oxidizes a lot, so I would select your undertone and then go a shade lighter than you normally would.


Just for reference, I have extremely oily and acne-prone skin and I've tried just about every long-wearing foundation that Sephora carries (and then some). Hope this helped!

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I already use both a moisturizer and a primer on my face.



Thanks for the recommendation. I tried the Double Wear a few months back. I didn't like the way it looked on my face and it was really hard to get off. Also, I was allergic to something in it. It made me itch like crazy.

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I would get a sample of Estee Lauder's double Wear.  It has medium to full coverage, but it isnt a thick foundation, so it doesn't look cakey.  It is VERY long lasting.  I have oily skin and it lasts all day without touching up and keeps my skin matte.  IT has a really pretty finish that is satin to matte, but it is not overly matte like some foundations.  I am not sure about sensitive skin as mine is not sensitive, but I would try it out!

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It's all about primer for longevity. Find a primer for sensitive skin that has green in it. It won't go on your skin green, but it will cancel out some of the redness. I use VS Pro redness correcting primer, which works okay, but on my college budget it doesn't do an $18 job. I'm looking for a better one.

Then, foundation. Find one that's either cream (more longevity, but wash it off VERY thoroughly) or liquid. It might seem more logical to use powder on oily skin, but oil can clump up the powder and look really gross. 

Finish with a setting spray. I've heard amazing things about Model in a Bottle and Urban Decay for that.

Also, one other thing for oily skin: USE LOTION, or even better, facial oil. I know this seems counterintuitive and it'll feel really gross for like the first week. But the oil found in oily skin (sebum) and the lipids between the pores and layers of your skin that make it nice and supple (these are the ones moisturizer preserves) are completely different and have no impact on each other. So, lotion/oil is essential. BUT 85% of your skin's hydration should come from within. Drink tons of water, make sure you're not lacking nutrients so you'll have that glow.

Good: lotion with SPF. Ideal: foundation with SPF (sensitive skin foundations usually have SPF--I know CoverGirl makes one) and facial oil at night after you take it off. 

My skin used to be super slick and oily. My makeup would just melt off. But it was also super-sensitive and would get dry/tight in the winter. I got a facial, and the tech told me that I had really dry skin that was producing more oil to make up for how dry it was. That's a very common underlying cause of oily skin--might not be the case for you, but it's very possible, especially with the oily/sensitive combination. Get into a routine, be vigilant, and give it a month with total consistency on your end.

I use CeraVe hydrating cleanser (it has ceramides, which restore the protective barrier in your skin--this is great for harsh winter wind, etc). Then I use the VS primer, then Garnier BB cream with SPF 15 to protect my skin (even in the winter--the sun off the snow can KILL your skin!) because I don't have the sensitivity issue. At night, I wash it off with jojoba oil from whole foods.

CeraVe = $14ish

VS primer = $18 (looking for one around $10 though)

foundation = $12ish

jojoba oil = $10

total: $42, and that's with the pricier primer. 

i wouldn't have written a post this long if my skin didn't have the most incredible, sexy, bombshell glow. it's the best thing i've ever done for myself. just putting it out there.

good luck x

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