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So Ken Gen Do is on Haute Look today... Ive been wanting to try their products for some time now but was shy because of the $$.  I was esp looking at the concealer palette and the foundation. Anyone like Koh Gen Do?

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If you haven't tried Koh Gen Do yet, you might as well send them an email asking for samples. Coz that's what I did. And I received like a ton of samples. I'm not even kidding.  Here's a picture of the free samples I got from them.





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just did it! thanks for sharing Smiley Happy

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WOW! Thats awesome, I'll have to do that, I've never seen the products instore before but I'm really curious.

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Hmmm, I wish Sephora would allow us to search our PMs, but here's the relevant passage regarding foundation:


"i got their aqua foundation illuminator from sephora a couple of weeks ago. i would like it better if it were a warmer color, but i will keep it because it's the best i've tried (which doesn't say a lot)... there is a very subtle glow, thin and sheer, and no shimmer whatsoever.. i hadn't found that up until this point. i mixed a little into my foundation and then a little extra above my checks."


"I'm using their aqua foundation and it's holy grail territory...i also bought their cleansing water and concealor (concealor is nice but no HG)"


Hmmm, i feel like we had more conv than that, but I don't feel like go digging. So, the foundation is worth a try, and if you contact the company, they are actually very nice and can help answer some of your questions about shades perhaps.

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@lylysa, Those cloths sound great! I remember this post! LOL. 


I was more looking for details on the KohGD foundation/concealer. Sounds like the concealer isnt what Im looking for. Anyone know about the foundation?
viviene23 had posted about the color selection being a bit tricky... but the foundation is really nice.

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I haven't tried their make up sadly, but I'll rave away about their cleansing water and cloths hahaha! Smiley Tongue Hands down, I have yet to find any make up removing/cleansing towel that is that durable and thick! I was verrrrry impressed!


I would weigh making a purchase if you are in NEED of concealer and foundation, as in you have run out/about to run out and also have had the absolutely dying passion to try KGD. Otherwise, it's a bit of a gamble as I'm not sure how the return/exchange policy on HL is, and it would be another story if you ordered it on Sephora online and just returned it in stores if it didn't work.

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@lylysa I love how you capped NEED. lol. I literally smiled.


Yeah I think it is a gamble with the no return policy. You talked some sense into me. I should def sample it first & get color matched and then make a choice. Plus I told myself no new high-end foundation until I use up ALL my samples and at least one of my foundations. So hard to keep to that.


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Eee, no return policy! That's super risky to me, even if it's a good deal.


I'm glad I could be the voice of reason....for now.... Smiley Tongue

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lol, I just hopped on and saw "beautytester where are you??" Their most popular one is the loose powder, but I find loose messy so I always go for pressed. I've only tried the gold/tri-colored expensive one and it does feel very luxe. I'm sure their normal pressed powder is just as good.


I like KGD tho I've only tried their skincare stuff (love the cleansing water). I was chatting with someone months ago about their foundation/concealer and she loved the foundation. The concealer shades are kind of limited so unless you have an light asian complexion and is ok with it not being exactly your skintone, I wouldn't really recommend it.

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Beauty tester, I was the person raving to you about KGD foundation.  My ears must have been burning because I haven't been on here in forever. You covered it all, but I'll chime in with my reviews incase it's helpful.  


I love love love KGD foundations.  I was using the aqua foundation all winter and never thought I'd try anything else.  But, when I needed a darker shade in the summer, my sample of the moisture foundation happened to be a perfect match so I gave it a try.  It's excellent too, especially when you don't need as much coverage.  I'll mix the two when I want a bit more coverage.  I've used Chantecaille Just Skin, Laura Mercier, and Giorgio Armani Luminous Sheer and this is by far the best I've tried.  I have sensitive mature skin and have had no problems.   I adore there is no annoying fragrance!   


The concealer- I think it's really good. However, I still prefer Cle de Peau for it's coverage.  I keep this in my travel bag and it's great because with it's 3 colors to choose from, there is always a shade or mix of shades that will work for any need and any time of year (tan to pale).  


The cleansing water is the best.  I wish it didn't have parabens, but other than that it's absolutely flawless.  


I have their oil free moisture gel which is very nice.  It's very light but somehow still provides plenty of moisture.  I would consider repurchasing but it's not a slam dunk.


Their Aqua Highlighter is very very subtle.  I'm glad I have it but think it's might be too subtle for what most people would want.  


I tried their lip products but there was an ingredient in there that didn't agree with me.  They seemed wonderful though.  


If you wanted to dip your toe in the water, I'd say to try their foundations and cleansing water.  If you want more coverage, I'd start with the Aqua Foundation and not the Moisture F.   I don't use powder and they say their aqua foundation doesn't need it but they are supposedly very good too.  


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Hmm, okay, thank you! I might have to try the loose powder and cleansing water since it is such a great price. Your reviews (and @lylysa's) are glowing about that stuff...


I don't like the mess of loose powder, but I also don't usually carry powder with me, so it isn't that big of a hassle.

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That water is like liquid gold to me! Hahaha, I only use it when I need to remove a full face of make up, otherwise I use a less costly remover! It works so well, it even removes eye make up from the waterline/lash line without irritation or stinging.

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Yes! beautytester where are you?? haha


I have been wanting to try a light powder/setting powder type of product of theirs.... I'm not sure which, though?

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I'm waiting for Beautytester to hop in!

She made an awesome review thread of some of KGD's products not long ago worth a read:




I'm a fan of their Cleansing Water and cloths! That stuff works wonders, isn't irritating, and removes everrrrrything! Their cloths are super thick and durable, not some flimsy, thin towelette, you can actually remove all your make up/cleanse your skin and actually FEEL clean afterward!

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