I need some make up advice please! :)

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My skin is crazy.. I have an oily T-zone & sometimes my cheeks & around my nose & eyes gets dry.. I have acne, mostly on my forehead, & sometimes on my chin..I want something that covers well, but also looks good.


I've been using Bare Essentials makeup for a while now, but I just feel like it's time for a change. I've read several reviews about a lot of different makeup on here tonight. I'm going to Sephora on Sunday, & I kind of want to have an idea about what to get before I go.


I originally had it in my head that I wanted to try Kat Von D's foundation. Most of the reviews were good & helpful but I have a few concerns.. I had been told by a Sephora employee a few months ago that if I used her foundation that I needed to buy it then because they wouldn't be carrying it much longer.. I don't know if that means only that store isn't going to carry it, or if it's getting discontinued.. which makes me wonder because online most of the shades are out of stock & have been for a while. Also, if I were to try this foundation, should i get the primer, concealer, & setting spray that is in her line as well? & is there a powder that would work well with this?


My other choice is clinique foundation & powder.. I can't remember which one it is though.


If anyone has any other ideas or advice for me, I'd really appreciate it! 

Re: I need some make up advice please! :)

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Kat Von D's foundation is such a wanted foundation that yes it is out of stock a lot so if you find the color you need you better grab it  because it's true it may be out for a while. But no it's not being discontinued.Only get concealer if you have to have not everyone needs it. Primer to me is a must it helps with the application and staying power of your foundation. Her setting spray is great it will do the job of a setting powder or you could choose one like the HD from MUFE. Only use what is in the lid after you open it any more than that will be to much. Hope this helps!

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