I look sweaty

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So I have been using aloe vera gel on my face as moisturizer and putting my Maybeline BB cream on top, and then a translucent powder by Marcelle. My makeup stays on all day and it's the right skin tone for me which is SO hard to find being an indian girl.

My only problem is my face looks kind of sweaty an hour later despite putting the powder on. I look like I'm wearing ALOT of makeup but I'm not. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Re: I look sweaty

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Curvygirli -


Same suggestion as I made in your other post - use the bb cream on its own or switch to an aloe vera cream.  Aloe vera gel can look shiny when it dries - I notice this when I use aloe gel to cool my skin in the summer.

Re: I look sweaty

Is the Aloe Vera from the plant or a specific product with extra ingredients?

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