I am new to makeup, any tips?

I am new to makeup, does anyone have good products to recommend or any tips on makeup?

Re: I am new to makeup, any tips?

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How about you schedule a beauty consultation at your local Sephora store? They will walk you through lots of different products and techniques, and give you information about your skin and skin tone as well. At the end of the appointment, buy the products that you liked, and then like Tayvm mentioned, there are tons of YouTube videos and blog posts as well that can help you get used to using makeup

Re: I am new to makeup, any tips?

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I did pretty well once I got a sort of multi-use palette by Smashbox (like the Masterclass palettes) with eyeshadows, cream eyeliners, blushes, blush highlighters, lip colors. The same could be achieved with a small kit with all the things you might need to start out. 


But...if you don't know your skin tones or type, you may need some direction first.  Do you have access to a makeup store of any kind that might do a makeover for you, or otherwise assist in pointing you in the right direction?


YouTube is a great resource to learn techniques.  I also like to experiment on weekends when no one will really see me, that's when I try winged eyeliner, colors I wouldn't normally wear, etc. 


I also like to get stuff on sale, either here at Sephora or elsewhere, and see if I like certain products.  One of my best introductions to a product line was a mini eyeliner set, three travel-sized liners by Urban Decay.  It wasn't expensive at all, but what using them taught me was how much I liked their product and how good a liner could be.  So I now own oodles of Urban Decay.  Smiley Very Happy 


Good luck and HAVE FUN!!  Smiley Happy  We are here if you need us!  Smiley Happy

Re: I am new to makeup, any tips?

You Tube is your friend Smiley Happy Just type in "beginner makeup" or something similar and you'll have oodles of videos to choose from.

Re: I am new to makeup, any tips?

I have 5 major tips that I am going to give you that I wish I would have been given when I started wearing makeup.


#1- Invest in a beauty blender!  I know they seem crazy expensive but seriously they apply foundation like nothing else does, it really gives you an airbrushed, perfectly blended finish that can't be beat!

#2 - Get an Urban Decay Naked Palette, personally I like 3 but pick one that you like because this is a palette you will use absolutely every single day, and if I could only have one eyeshadow palette it would be the Naked 3.  It is worth the splurge

#3 - It is a crime not to prime.  This is possibly the most important because a foundation or eyeshadow is never going to preform as well as it should without a primer.  I recommend the Too Faced Primer and Poreless for face (Tarte primers are also amazing) and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer potion for eyes.  

#4 - Samples are your friend.  Don't go and spend $50 on a foundation, find you don't like it and go through the hassle of returning, get samples of everything.  If you find a foundation that intrigues you (my favourite is the Tarte 12-Hour Full Coverage foundation) get a sample, especially if you are not sure about the colour or the consistency, get multiple samples of one foundation to find the right shade.  Same with primer, get samples to try different ones and find what works best for you

#5 - Have fun.  Makeup should never be something that stresses you out, make it fun, if a morning makeup routine becomes boring, change it up, change the order in which you do your face, just remember to always have fun!


Oh and welcome to the wonderful work of beauty!  Cheers!

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