How to properly set foundation?

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Hey guys I'm looking for the best way to set my foundation. Since i have oily skin it seems to fall into my creases and looks awful. I have bare minerals mineral veil and smash box photo set finishing powder and am currently using Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation with urban decay pore perfecting primer.


I have always applied my primer, foundation, makeup forever pro finish powder, blush/bronzer  and then the mineral veil/ smash box photo finish. In that order


What i am wondering is am i apply them in the wrong order and that is why my makeup does not set? Any tips on how you do your makeup i would appreciate! 

Re: How to properly set foundation?

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I agree with using a face care routine specifically targeted at oily skin. The Body Shop's mattifying day cream is quite nice.

Re: How to properly set foundation?

Ok, bit of a long post. I hear this kind of question a lot, and had this problem for a very long time. It took going to see a friend of mine that does makeup professionally for newscasters and models to figure out what was really going on.


I have combo skin that can get oily to the point of melting makeup and making the pores on my nose and forehead and chin look seriously gross. At first I thought it was my makeup, or the steps I was putting it on in, but that wasn't it. Turns out all I needed was the right toner, moisturizer, and primer... And then it was just a matter of which foundation and/or powder. I can literally wear almost anything now. It's actually crazy to me how much the right skincare made a difference.


Sadly, my HG products are not sold by Sephora. (For oily skin, you need a different toner - but Mel swears the rest of the steps are the same.)

-Toner: Suki Concentrated Nourishing Toner to make sure my face is totally clean and my any dry spots are gone.

-Moisturizer: Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic moisturizer. HOLY SCHMOKES does this stuff work, and it works for everyone that gets oily-combo or oily skin. I gave one to my Mom who is only oily skin like you and it was her HG moisturizer too. (The mask is also fricking amazing if you get any breakouts ever, gone overnight.)

-Primer: Pur~lisse Pur~Youth Preserve Age Delay Serum. Ok, I know this stuff is stupid expensive for a primer. It's supposed to be both a primer and a serum, but I'm not sure it makes much of a difference as a serum... and it wouldn't be worth the price to me at all if it didn't make any foundation I put on my face look literally perfect. Every foundation, every powder... I don't know how, and I'm not sure I care. ^_^


Anyhow, short answer is that it might not be your makeup. It might be what you're wearing underneath. (Though Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are pretty great for a finishing powder for oily skin... just saying.)

Re: How to properly set foundation?

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Totally agree! Skincare is where it is at! 

Re: How to properly set foundation?

Make sure you are applying a thin layer. If you need more coverage, add layers not product in the first. Kat Von D's is very think so make sure you blend it really well. 


Also, why are you using so many finishing/setting powders? Are these in different areas or on top of each other. You should only need one! I would say that this is WAYY too much. 


Do you put moisturizer on before? It needs something to adhere to or it is going to slide everywhere which is what it sounds like.


I would suggest


Primer, Foundation, Blush/Bronzer, Blend everything with a clean brush to blend everything and really buff everything in, setting powder. That is all you should need. 



Re: How to properly set foundation?

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ahh no! i don't use both smash bow and bare minerals i go back in forth between the two of them. i only use half to one pump of hat von d and apply mural oil control mattifier as my moisturizer.


Shouldd i not use makeup forever pro finish and the mineral veil together?

Re: How to properly set foundation?

Murad's Oil Control is a GREAT moisturizer for oily skin! I would make sure that you really make sure you blend it in with your skin because it can be thick when you first apply it. 


After applying foundation, I would take a tissue and blot your face with it. That will absorb any excess oil from the foundation.


I would only use one setting powder per application. You can mix them but I can't think of a reason to layer them. You don't need to set a setting powder, if that makes sense. 

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