Highlighter for dry skin

Hi everyone, I want to ask what kind of highlighter brand would work for dry skin?

I saw this Dior Amber Diamond and read good reviews about it, I don't own any dior products yet and wondering if this would work? I have a light medium skin and have dryness on my forehead area and nose

Thank you in advance Smiley Happy

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I agree with lylysa about using cream of liquid highlighters for a little more moisure. I personally have dry cheeks & tried the Nars albatross powder highlighter & it just made that area look more dry. Not sure off the Dior would be the same

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 I have the Dior Rose Diamond and it is really gorgeous.  I have combination skin, and whether my skin is dry or oily, this product works great and looks amazing!  I definetely recommend it!

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Thank you all so much!  I really appreciate it Smiley Happy

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I have dry skin too.  I still use powders but I also have the Argan Illuminizer by Josie Maran.



I also have this one which I use around the eyes.  Touche Eclat - YSL




You can also try this one:  Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion  - Smashbox.  They usually have good products and I find they don't dry out my skin.  Unfortunately this one is out of stock at the moment.



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Dior Amber Diamond, I have a Becca one I haven't tried yet

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I have very dry skin plus have some peeling a couple of days a week due to retinol treatments. I have several blush highlighters and they all work fine. 


I wash my face, use antioxidant serum, put on one layer of moisturizer if my skin is ok, two if it's really dry. Then foundation (powder is necessary when I'm peeling), blush, then I highlight.


One is the Becca in opal, which may still be offered as a sample. It's a liquid highlighter.


I have Benefit Wats Up, which is in a tube like lipstick. It's just ok.


I have Smashbox Masterclass palette with three pressed powder highlighters, these are my second favorite. They are lens, prism and shimmer I think. Smashbox calls them soft lights.


My favorite is the pressed powder luminizer by Lorac that came paired with the bronzer in my Unzipped palette. I get compliments on my skin with this one in particular. 


None of them cause drying, but I would also never apply them without my regular routine first.


Hope this helps!

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try the becca liquid one. it gives a beautiful sheen and is not at all drying bc it is a liquid. i love mine. also lasts forever.

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Dior Amber Diamond is fabulous, as is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. Both would work on dry skin.



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If you're looking for a highlighter that won't emphasize dryness, try to first opt for a liquid or cream highlighter which will be a touch more moisturizing than a powder.


If you're dead on sticking to powders, ensure the powder highlighter you're using is finely milled. If you run your hands over the powder/compact, it should feel silky, smooth, and almost satiny in texture. If it feels grainy, coarse, or chalky, it won't translate well onto skin.


Try using a fan or stippling brush to apply a fine amount and to sheer out application. This fan you're getting a subtle touch of highlight and won't overload skin with powder. If you settle on a liquid/cream highlighter, use your fingers or a soft, synthetic brush to blend out product.

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I don't see why Dior wouldn't work for you. Dior Amber diamond is totally worth the splurge.

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I use Benefit's "That Gal" or "Highbeam", they both seem to hide dry flaky skin pretty well. I always put a primer before I apply the highlight because it helps even out the smoothness of my skin.

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