Help me with my Face makeup. Complete newbie :)

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Hi there Smiley Happy I went away from this community for a while and was unsure how to access this on the website but now I know Smiley Happy


I have a question that I know gets asked a lot but I really hope you can help me Smiley Happy


I get oily skin especially in the summer and I really do not like wearing anything on my face but realize that I must start. Please recommend a foundation, primer and powder for me!


I need something that will not cause breakouts, is good for sensitive skin, and helps with oily skin. I prefer a liquid foundation but I am flexible to be honest. I do have marks on my face and do break out so good coverage is ideal. I would like to get one that is light feeling as I want to make this my go to for daily use (groceries to parties).


This is what I bought today in stores but I am unsure if I made a good purchase. The MUA was very sweet and helpful and I liked her makeup and she told me what she uses. However she is Cacausian and I am indian so clearly we have different skin tones.



So I have brown skin (MUFE HD 170)  matched to me but it's a little too dark for me I feel.


So here are my issues about this. Keep in mind this is just based on trying it on ONCE in the store and coming home today, putting some of the powder on to see if the oiliness leaves when I got home and it didn't.


Foundation: $50 canadian


I like that there is a foundation stick so it's portable and it seemed to cover up all my acne marks too! Felt nice and moisturizing. I'm nervous the stick can break and I do not think it will be easy for me to use it with a brush. Using it just straight makes me worry about bacteria. Can I spray something on the tube daily to keep it hygenic?


Are there any other foundations I should consider? Keep in mind I am a NEWBIE at  this and I want something quick and common sense for me to start off with. I would love a dewy finish but I think my oily skin will cause that anyways lol.


I have tried Mac, Smashbox which broke me out and Clinique just did not match.



Powder: $46 canadian


I did not realize that the powder was a FOUNDATION powder until I got home. I do not like foundation powder as I have tried MAC's a few times and have broken out. I don't like the grains of the powder and I feel like they are emphasized on my face. I expected this powder to reduce my oiliness when I used it at home but it didn't.



Can anyone recommend a setting powder? How do I use it? how often? 



Primer: $63 canadian


I like that this is a two in one but I feel it is way too pricey. The MUA said that it was good for sensitive skin and did not have silicone or perfume. She said that I could wear this as a moisturizer even at night which makes me worry about it being too thick and oily at night. I would like something that gets the job done and won't make me break out.



Please help me with your recommendations. I know that the powder I will be returning for sure. I don't want to make these high end purchases if there are other brands that can do the job just as well and are not as pricey (ie primer).


I am considering the MUFE kit as it has everything in it and comes with a brush. $92 canadian


Since I am starting out I want to ensure that I buy something that works and not going for something "fancy that MUA's experiment with" as this is my first purchase.



Re: Help me with my Face makeup. Complete newbie :)

Hello!  I feel like we have similar skin but I'm on the fair side. In terms of primer.. I've been trying quite a few and the best one so far is the Becca one. You should give that a try. Its mattifying too so it should help your oil.  Instead of foundation, I would try BB Cream.  A lot of people think they lack coverage, but its actually not true.  They have buildable coverage, and because they're lighter formulas, they don't look cakey.  If you really want a foundation then you should try Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Its light and buildable and it adds a glow.  Or the Dior Airflash.  You can spray it on and its good coverage and Dior's formula's are great.  For BB creams I also like Dior. For concealer I like to use a product that will add light to my skin, so I wear Dior.  I know that a GREAT drugstore option is Maybelline Highlighting concealer, and I'd also like to try Guerlain Radiance and YSL Touche Eclat.  For blush I'd recommend a powder or cream.  I like Nars for powder, maybelline bounce for cream, or benefit stains.  I use Cover FX setting powder but really want to try Make Up Forever's or Shisheido's.  And I recommend applying with brushes or the beauty blender.  I also use Benefit Whats up to add some light.  Good luck!

Re: Help me with my Face makeup. Complete newbie :)

i have mild rosacea and my skin is very red, very blotchy, can dry out easily in patches and a lot of products break me out. i've tried a few things and just recently bought the new tarte airbrush powder foundation. it is amazing. i use the smooth operator underneath to cover the redness and my skin looks flawless with the combination. and it doesn't feel heavy or cake-y at all. i haven't used a primer with it and it lasts all day, looking perfect. i did use the porefessional on the two small patches on my cheeks where makeup tends to flake off and it worked great with it. i also haven't tried a concealer with it, but i like the too faced concealer a lot for covering dark circles under my eyes. 


i would highly recommend getting the airbuki brush if you get the tarte foundation. and when applying it, do it in a downward motion so you don't press the powder into your pores, as it can cause irritation. 


here are links to the products i mentioned Smiley Happy


tarte airbrush powder foundation:


airbuki brush:


smooth operator (new name, but i think it is the same formula as what i use)


benefit porefessional:


too faced concealer:


OH and setting powder... i don't often use this, but i do like to put it under my eyes at least if i'm wearing concealer, or even if i have no concealer on because it brightens the under eye area. and a little goes a long way so it lasts forever! 


make up for ever finishing powder:


i think that's everything! i would also recommend trying out tarte's blushes... they're fantastic! i use a nude cream blush from nyx over my tinted moisturizer and under my foundation, and then use one of my tarte blushes over the foundation. i feel like that neutralizes the redness a bit more and gives the blush a nice base to start with so i don't go around with tomato face Smiley Very Happy as for eyeshadows, i have the stila in the light palette and i love it. it's the only palette i own! and it's a bit cheaper than the urban decay naked palettes so that's also a plus Smiley Happy and urban decay eyeliners are the best! they have a set that comes with 3 of them (not full size, but they still last forever!) in different colors. i love it Smiley Happy their older eyeliners are on clearance for $6 right now, too, so if you want some fun colors now is the time to stock up Smiley Very Happy


ud eyeliner travel set:


ud vintage eyeliners:


best thing to do would be to take a list of items you want to try out and ask for samples at sephora. that way you can go home and play with everything and see how it looks on you Smiley Happy


have fun shopping for new makeup Smiley Very Happy 


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