Great concealer for under the eyes and face?

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I have been on the hunt for a great concealer to be used underneath the eyes as well as my face; a 2 in 1 concealer really. Keeping it short and sweet this is some specifics:


  • I have an oily t-zone- so i want something more with a matte finish
  • Something that lasts ALL day (like 10 hours +). I'm very low maintenance and once i put it on i don't want to worry about it.
  • Something waterproof or something that doesn't sweat off easily.
  • Minimal to no creasing- I don't have fine lines since I am near my 20's or so creasing isn't a big issue.
  • Something under $50
  • Something that covers fairly well since I don't use foundation and just primer,concealer and powder.

Would the MUFE Full cover work or Amazing Cosmetics Concealer? I heard Amazing Cosmetics Concealer creases and doesn't last all day.


Thanks a bunch! :smileyvery-happy:



Re: Great concealer for under the eyes and face?

I've always found that I need something creamy under my eyes and something a bit drier for covering any spots on my face.  If I wanted a two in one though, I really like Laura Mercier Undercover Pot.  

Laura Mercier - Undercover Pot



One side is the Secret Camouflage, which is the drier side which is good for blemishes, scars, etc.  


The other side is a creamier concealer.  


Underneath in the pot is the setting powder.  


It really is a great product.  I still swear by the camouflage to cover any breakouts I get.  


Re: Great concealer for under the eyes and face?

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Benefit BOI-ING is awesome!


Re: Great concealer for under the eyes and face?

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I'm a huge fan of 2 concealers currently:


  • Benefit Boi-ing (my winter concealer)
  • NARS Creamy Concealer (currently wearing).

I wear my concealer under my foundation/TM, and both last all day for me.

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