Giorgio Armani 'Designer Lift' Smooth Firming Foundation

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if this was an everyday foundation, how long would it last me? would I have to reapply during the day like most foundations? I heard this makeup is really good, and stays on your face, doesn't rub off on clothing and ect., is this true? has anyone used this and could tell me a little about it? maybe a cheaper alternative? i've been thinking about trying the dior skinfinish but im still skeptical about it. I'm still in the search for my perfect foundation. Really need to find something that doesnt get cakey and melt off and doesnt make my pores look huge! im willing to break the bank at this point! but not for a product that will just run out in two/three weeks

Re: Giorgio Armani 'Designer Lift' Smooth Firming Foundation

Like with most make up, factors such as how long a product will last, whether or not reapplication is necessary, and whether or not it will rub off/is long lasting can all be dependent upon other variables.


For example, how long a product will last, the bottle of Armani's Designer Lift is a 1 oz. bottle, which is the traditional standard size of many foundations on the market. Traditionally, consumers will use anywhere from a dime to nickle sized amount of product on skin with each foundation application. More of less will be used dependent upon the coverage you wish to have and whether you prefer to add more to specific areas. With thus being said, liquid foundations can normally last anywhere between 3-8 months on average with regular use, meaning daily use or anywhere ranging upwards to 5-6 days a week. If you use the foundation less frequently, for example 2-4 times a week, of course you will run through it slower than someone using it the 5-6 times a week.


Whether or not you need to reapply will cause you to factor in how individual formula types last and wear on your skin. If you have constant or frequent issues to where foundations do not last on skin, tend to fade, or even rub off easily, take into account things like skin type, foundation formulation, your skin care routine to prep your face for make up application, and whether or not you are using a foundation primer to prepare skin for smoother wear, easier blendability, and longer lasting results. Keep in mind that some things such as using too much make up doesn't allow product to set on skin, staying "wet" and allowing it to easily slide or be rubbed off of skin. Do you using a finishing or setting powder over your make up? Do you live in a climate or environment where the weather and temperatures constantly work against your make up staying on? Things like extreme cold, heat, humidity, rain, and dryness can all affect your make up from external points. Do you or have you considered make up setting sprays? These can help act as a barrier over your make up to set and prolong wear.


Though the Designer Lift formula does tote an impressive finished look to skin with a semi-matte finish to help minimize pores and diffuse the look of imperfections, the actual skin care claims of helping to "firm" or "lift" aren't going to be as prevalent as getting results from products actually rooted in the skin care department rather than a cosmetic. Armani is a wonderful luxury line and this formula offers buildable coverage.


If you're shopping around for foundations in the similar family but in a lower price range (Armani's DL retails for $65), try looking into the below:


Lancome Renergie Lift Make Up SPF 20 $45:


It's formula and ingredients are similar to DL and both contain vitamin E to help condition skin.


MUFE Liquid Lift Foundation $44


Oil free, buildable coverage, also contains sweet almond extract to nourish.


Others to check into would be Korres' Quercetain & Oak Anti Aging Foundation, which uses gentle, botanical based alternatives to combat signs of aging to improve skin's condition $39:


Lorac's Break Through Performance is another option like Korres that's good for sensitive skin and has a vitamin and peptide complex to firm skin $39:



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