Foundation vs BB Cream

So, I only started wearing makeup last spring and the Sephora person and I decided that BB Cream was easier so I should start with it.  But I find myself more and more curious about foundation.


What are the benefits of one vs. the other?  What makes them different?


I'm asking mostly out of curiosity, but also because I've been considering starting to wear foundation.

Re: Foundation vs BB Cream

Hi Meg82,


The main thing that makes them different is often coverage.


Currently I am using Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate.

The reason why I like this:

1: It can be used as a tinted moisturizer

2: It can be used as a custom foundation

3: It can be used as a concealer

All can be achieved by simply adding your favorite water based moisturizer and the concentrate Smiley Happy

Some reviewers have mentioned they use their primer and mix it with, that I have not tried.

Re: Foundation vs BB Cream

If you didn't feel the nessecity for foundation earlier, I suppose you don't have much to cover. So I would go with a BB-cream first. I've tried quite a few, but Tarte BB-cream is by far my favorite - the only one I had actually purchased in full size and use daily. It coveres up some post-acne I have (concealer is needed on top to make it perfect, but most of the time it's good enough) and looks super natural, like I don't have anything on my skin at all. Consider trying it at you local Sephora!

Re: Foundation vs BB Cream

BB cream just feels lighter on the skin in general and is usually enough coverage for people who don't have issues with blemishes. I don't think primer is necessary when using BB creams since the formula goes on the skin so easily. I like to use BB creams when my skin isn't acting up because I feel like I still look done up and don't feel like I'm wearing makeup.


Foundation is great for covering blemishes and evening out discolorations and skin tones. Its harder to find a really good foundation that is suited to your particular skin type, its also important that you wear primer underneath and make sure the two formula's are compatible.


Honestly, if you can get away with just using a BB Cream, it would be more low maintenance for you. If you notice some days that you need a little more color or coverage, just top it off with a good face powder.

Re: Foundation vs BB Cream

Hey Meg,


I've always worn liquid foundation.  Later I started using a primer and can't go without it now.  When BB creams came out I got Tarte's BB. For me I like liquid foundation because it looks better.  Although I use powder I don't use that much because I have dry skin.  I also find that I get a better match with a liquid foundation. I'm currently using UD's Naked.  It feels like you have nothing on but you can build it up for coverage.  Tarte's BB is nice but to me the color isn't a perfect match.  If you start using liquid foundation I suggest getting a few samples of that first.  When you find your perfect foundation start shopping for a primer.  Not all foundations and primer go well together.  Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

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