Foundation for cool undertones

So, I have been using the same foundation for the longest time (L'oreal true match) and I want to try something new and a little more expensive & luxurious. However, I've actually been having a lot of trouble finding something to match my fair/light cool complexion. I got a couple of samples of the Nars sheer glow & tinted moisturizer, as well as the Benefit Oxygen wow, but all the shades were so yellow toned!


I'm looking for something medium coverage, preferably liquid. THANKS!

Re: Foundation for cool undertones

Hi Lizzytotoro, take a look at these foundation colors for very fair skin tones with pink undertones:


-Laura Mercier Oil Free Suprême Foundation, or Crème Smooth Foundation in Blush Ivory - pink ivory/ for very fair skin tones

- Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15, Fair - soft pink shade/ for very fair skin tones with pink undertones

- Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation, Vanilla - very fair with pink undertones


Smiley Happy -Laura



Re: Foundation for cool undertones

Oh L'oreal True Match.  I have used that foundation before and it's a great drugstore foundation.  I use the lightest cool shade they have.  You need to try some Clinqiue.  I'm pretty much a vampire and that is always my go-to brand for foundation.  They have a few different formulas that may meet your needs.  Also they have more of a cool tone selection than most brands.  I can't even wear any MAC foundation or concealer because I'm so fair.  Even the NW15 which I believe is one of the lightest shades they have is wayyy to dark and warm for my skin.  Always ask for a sample before buying the whole product.  That way you can see how it looks on your skin throughout the day in different lighting.  Best of luck.

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I'm C2 in Loreal True Match. I also loooooove foundations, so I've got a lot, including some yellow-toned ones (which, warmed up with a pink-toned bronzer, like Benefit's One Hot Minute, some MAC skin finishes, the covergirl loose mineral powder, etc., can look amazing!).


The ones that have worked best for me for matching my skin are:

1. L'oreal's more expensive sister, Lancôme, has Teint Miracle, which is possibly my favorite right now for medium-to-full coverage. I wear shade Ivoire 4 (N) which actually neutral, but was actually slightly pinker on me than Ivoire 2 (C) was, and matched literally perfectly. I am 2 (C) in the powder, because the 4 (N) is a little yellower than I prefer.


2. Elizabeth Arden's Cream (in a jar) foundation, Ceramide makeup. I have 02, Vanilla Shell, which is the lightest warm option, and it works for me, but this foundation only has thirteen colors, so if you're fairer than me it might not. It has very full coverage.


3. MAC foundations in NW15. (Not many of them, but some of their formulations have/had it. Can't say for sure recently, because  right now I have MAC in NC 20 and 25, for the days I want yellow foundations.)


4. TheBalm Time Balm in Light. I love this stuff. It's got a weird, almost grainy texture sometimes, and the packaging is a pain in the **bleep**, but it's my go-to cream foundation. It's a perfect match for my skin, which is lucky, since there's like a whole five colors, and I bought it sight-untested online, but it is great for me.


5. Make Up For Ever Pro Finish in 110. I got this shade even though it's a liiiiittle light on me because two sales people told me it would oxidize. They...were right, it does, especially over my (preferred) liquid foundations. However, 115 was a pretty perfect match for my skin by itself, and if I ever wore powder foundations on their own, I would probably have gotten that one.


And finally 6. which is not a foundation, and not higher-end, but it's my go to product for lazy days (which, this summer, is all of them). Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream in No. 21. You can get it on eBay for 10 bucks, it has SPF 42 included, it's moisturizing, it's pretty dang close to medium coverage (I don't use a concealer with it, and you can barely see my freckles) and it matches me wonderfully. There's a No. 23 also, which is the darker shade, and more common, so if you do purchase it, make sure you're getting No. 21.


I'm including two pictures where I've swatched all (well, most) my foundations on my arm! I put all my foundations on there, including my yellower ones, so you can get an idea of what they all look like! These were all given five to ten minutes to fully dry down, and I tried to kind of blend out one edge on each so you can get the idea of how they look. Please note my arm does not match my face ( most people) so just because some of these don't seem good matches, or even all that similar to each other, doesn't mean they don't match when I've put them on.


Bottom to Top:

Urban Decay Naked Skin 2.0, Benefit Oxygen Wow Ivory, Lancôme Ivoire 4 (N), MAC Mineralize Moisture NC20 (to the left is NC20 in MAC Mineralize, to the right is NC25 in MAC Mineralize, to show how color varies within MAC and how the NC25 actually looks kind of like the warmer Lancôme or Elizabeth Arden because it's darker), then Elizabeth Arden Ceramide 02 Vanilla Shell, TheBalm Time Balm Light (it's...brighter, than the Lancôme when it dries down, which is probably why it's so flattering. You can kind of see the grainy texture, though, this isn't apparent on the face), Missha Perfect Cover No. 21, and then two powders, Benefit Hello Flawless Ivory and MUFE Pro Finish 110. The last picture is a close up of the two powders so you can see the difference in color better.








I hope this helps! If you need better pics or larger side by side swatches or something, let me know if I can help.

Re: Foundation for cool undertones

Kat Von D's foundation is pretty good and has cool shades. MUFE does as well. Steer clear of Benefit, Stila, or Smashbox though. Honestly I had your same problem and after some experimentation I ended up with Revlon's Nearly Nude foundation in Ivory (their lightest cool shade). It's amazing and I got it for like 8 dollars. 

Re: Foundation for cool undertones

NARS tends to be a little more yellow, which is one reason why I like their brand. 

What about MUFE HD foundation in 115 or 135?


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