Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

What's your Holy Grail for foundation brushes?? 😄


if you have a different favorite for powder, liquid, cream, bbs, airbrush, ect.

list them all! 


And please tell us why you love them. 😌



Shoot let's go even further what is your HG brush for all areas of make up? What do you use it for? And again why is it so great?



Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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Foundation...Good Karma Optical Blurring brush.  I love how dense and soft it is, and works so well for blending!

Powder...Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush...did I mention I LOVE this brush???  I also use the MUFE Kabuki brush for the Smashbox finishing powder

Blush, Bronzer:  Good Karma Blush Brush...love this soft, angled brush!

Eyes...I have two sets of Sephora brushes (can't remember the name of one--maybe antibacterial brush set???) and the vanity brush set.  I know I have a bunch of eye brushes, but I hate accidently mixing my eyeshadow colors!!!)  I love these Sephora Eye brushes--nice and soft and so easy to apply and blend shadow and get the perfect liner line.  Looking forward to trying UD's shadow brush that comes with Naked 3!

Geeze...I think I just realized that my brush collection cost (almost) more than my make-up collection!  EEEKK!


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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Where to start!


I third/fourth the wonderful qualities of the UD Good Karma brush! I recently got the Becca One and it's now my everyday foundation brush. it's different and you want to put the foundation on your hand to apply it on the brush. I love it!



I love the Marc Jacobs Bronze brush for ambiant powder or bronzer. It's big, both brush bushiness and handle length. It feels quite glam to use. http://www.sephora.com/the-bronze-bronzer-brush-no-12-P379416?skuId=1505098


The Bobbie brown brushes for eyes are great (blending, smokey eye) but I must admit that for eyeshadow as eyeliner I use an art store thin brush that I've had for years.


Oh dear, I could go on and on. I had no idea I had a thing for brushes!


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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I will second the Urban Decay Optical Blurring brush. I use it for cream/liquid formulas, everything from tinted moisturizer/CC cream to the UD Naked foundation.  It's really versatile and easy to use.


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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I recently got the Shiseido foundation brush, and it is quickly becoming HG! It works well for many formulations, and it very versatile in levels of coverage and it blends beautifully.

upload_1526657551128393598.jpgI also use/used to use Real Techniques foundation brush (from the Core set), which I used for thinner liquid foundations and their buffing brush I used for thicker formulas (mousse, whipped, creams) to work them into the skin. I also like to use the buffing brush to build coverage with a powder foundation.


I don't know if I can get into all of my brushes, I have WAY to many that I use for an incredible variety of techniques and such.


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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I have many to choose from but the one that gives me the smoothest coverage in the least amount of time is the Sigma F80.


My HG all round makeup applicator? That would be my fingers!! lol! I wish I had a better answer. Apart from my eyebrows and lashes, my fingers can do it all!


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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Tarte's Airbush Foundation brush is amazing and oh-so-soft AND affordable.




Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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I agree!  I normally apply with the less wide, but longer Tarte foundation brush, then use my setting powder on this brush which also smooths any lines left from initial application :smileyhappy:


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

Nars Sheer Glow and Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush are a match made in heaven


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

I bought the Shesiedo foundation brush, Urban Decay Optical Illusion blrush and Beauty Blender after I saw they all won awards. I'm really like the Shesiedo foundation brush. Don't use the other two too much.


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

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UD Good Karma brush- love it love it, especially the heavier handle that balances a bit better than others.


Re: Foundation brush HG? HG make up brushes?

foundation brush:  sephora classic mineral powder brush #45

whh I love it: it always leaves even coverage and synthetic bristles mean no shed.  Perfectly dense bristles and just the right size for precise coverage.  I went to sephora to look for the UD good karma optical blurring brush for a liquid foundation brush but a makeup artist told me this one was just fine and UD came out with theirs because they saw sephora's brush was doing so well.  Not sure how much I believe that but I went home to try my brush with liquid foundation and it works perfectly fine and dandy :smileyhappy:


contour brush: sephora pro angled blush brush #49

why I love it: its synthetic, super duper soft, and is perfect size for couturier under over and around cheekbones. 


Eye brush: (discontinued) toki doki eye shadow brush (blue) 

although discontinued, this brush is so soft and distributes eye shadow evenly without being scratchy.  I got mine in the pack of three brushes with the angled liner brush, eyeshadow brush, and crease brush. Sephora has one by hello kitty that's on sale which is practically the same thing but the liner brush isn't angled.  Super cute and marked down. You should take a look at it :smileywink:


lip brush: I've only tried sephora's pro lip brush but it didn't work as well as I hoped.  Im still on the learning track with this one so can't recommend it or not recommend it. 

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