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Hello all. I thought this would be a good thread to start and hopefully keep up as reference for those looking at foundation matches across brands. This can be helpful to look for colors in a specific range I am light-medium skin tone with neutral to yellow undertone  ... Here are mine
-MUFE HD 120 soft sand
-MUFE MAT VELVET + 30 & a little 40 added
-CLINIQUE STAY MATTE 8 golden neutral (half shade too dark now, need to find a shade to mix)


-MUFE PRO 128 (touch dark)
- LM powder fdn no4
-CLINIQUE almost powder deep (touch dark light on bronzer)
-BARE MINERALS READY golden tan (touch dark light on bronzer )


-MUFE DUO MAT 205 (being discontinued ;(


BBs / CCs






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Yeah Findation is a great tool to assist but what's the only thing that's 100%? I'm sure there are lots of women who have posted their matches with orange & pink masks thinking they have a perfect match. 2 years ago I would have been one of those women. Another thing people tend to forget is our biochem is all different so something might be a match for you and not someone else. At least we can all give some direction to turn in if we know our coloring.

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Temptalia's foundation matrix (link is on her blog) is really helpful, but not completely foolproof. I have very few to contribute (I am/would be about an NC/NW5-10 on the MAC scale), but my own are:


1. NARS Sheer Glow, Siberia

2. Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation, 00 (Alabaster)


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in 00 (Alabaster) matches intensity wise, but I prefer a yellow based foundation to counteract surface pinkness in my chin / jaw area (and both the NARS and Tom Ford shades are yellow-based).


Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation (not sold at Sephora) in 115 -- this is lighter than Bobbi Brown but not sold at Sephora (and I still prefer NARS)


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet No. 15 (Alabaster): Too pink-based for my liking, but is an okay match in terms of intensity


Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation in 42 matches (it darkens slightly), but again, it's more pink-based than neutral


For pressed powders, I loved the (now discontinued) NARS Snow, and Becca Eggshell (really pale and yellow-based). NARS Pressed Powder foundation in Siberia is actually a bit darker than the actual foundation shade, so it's not a great match. Right now I'm using the NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Powder, which is colorless.


I have a huge list of foundations I have tried in my makeupalley profile, but I do not have an automatic match in most cosmetic lines (Dior, Lancôme, Chanel, etc.).


EDIT: I'm adding an image, in case it's helpful. From top to bottom, I swatched NARS Siberia, then Illamasqua Light Liquid 115, then Kat von D Light 42. You can see the yellow base in NARS Siberia...then the Illamasqua is probably the most neutral, with Kat von D going slightly cooler. 



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I'm very very pale, so the only truly perfect foundation match I've found is Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Porcelain or Alabaster.


Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in shade 2 might be a HAIR too light but perfect in the winter.


Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder in the lightest shade (I think it's called Fair but it might also just be 1) is a great color match.


Re: Foundation Matches

I love Smashbox Halo! The finish is amazing Smiley Happy

Re: Foundation Matches

Has anyone heard of a website called You type in your shade from at least one foundation and you choose the brand and it will show you tons of other foundations and what shade you would be. I've used it quite a lot! 

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editing my post- this ROCKS!  Thanks for sharing kissXmakeup! I wonder if there is an iphone app that I can use when I am out shopping Smiley Happy

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I looked for one! I did not find any, but I just typed out a couple that I was interested in on my notes. It has helped a lot!

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some of the colors on findation dot com arent true matches (like the alima pure match they gave me is def off (i sampled that one and it is not the right fit for my skin). oh well! it gives a general idea which is great!

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lol yea i saw some that made sense and others don't like the SB CC i wear in light is pretty much the same in the bb and they matched me to fair haha

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i found a few more shades that are not the correct match...

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no but that sounds cool. il check it out Smiley Happy

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This is such a great idea. Have you put in your matches in Temptalia's Foundation Matrix? I always go to Christine's site when looking for a color match. It's pretty accurate. 

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i just tried temptalia's matrix and it kept giving me error messages :/

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ive tried and i don't know if its me but it always gives me too large a range

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Love this idea of a post! I saw this on another board about a month ago and thought it was an awesome idea. That way if you match a shade in a few brands in a list of someone else you may have your match in a brand you have not tried but have wanted to.


I have included concealer to help in this category too Smiley Happy



☆ MUFE HD 120 or 117

☆ MUFE Mat Velvet #30 (this is a tiny bit dark on me)

☆ UD Naked 2.0

☆ Revlon Nearly Naked- 120 Vanilla

☆ MAC Mineralize Liquid Foundation NC20



☆ Pure Hearts Clean Hands Mineral Foundation- Seashell 7

☆ Alima Pure Loose Powder Foundation- Beige 2, Warm 2, Beige 3, Warm 3

☆ MUFE PRO- 117 or 120 (when tanned)

☆ Bare Minerals - Golden Fair

☆ Loreal True Match W1 (this is a tad light but the next step up was too pink).

☆ Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder - 020 Light (this is a tad dark but the Fair was too pink).

☆ Jane Iredale Pressed Powder (had a heck of a time matching this product!!!! I can wear Amber, Warm Sienna and Golden Glow. Golden Glow is PERFECT for when I have a tan in the summer but is too dark the rest of the year.



☆ MUFE full cover concealer- #5 vanilla

☆ Bye BYe Under Eye- Neutral Medium

☆ Kat Von D Lock it concealer - 22

☆ Benefit Erase Paste - 1

☆ Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch- Radient (this is more of a highlighter to brighten under eyes)

☆ Jane Iredale Active Light Under Eye concealer- 2

☆ Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller - sheer tint

☆ Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer - Medium light (this concealer comes in REALLY light shades! If someone who is really fair is looking for a heavy duty concealer Hard Candy has options).

☆ Tarte Creaseless concealer - light (is a bit pink for me but can work under eye if I only use a little).



I hope this helps someone and I look forward to seeing other people's lists.



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I love this!!


my friend also wears ud 2.0 Smiley Happy she was looking into getting 117hd and either 117 or 120 in pro.  She also wears 25 in mufe but its a  touch pink so i gave her some of my 30 to mix in .. she said it matches well-- but she might just get 20 to mix and eliminate the pink altogether. 


AND she just got golden fair because fairly light was a little too light in BE, how cool!!

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feel free to copy the list I made and send it to her or send her a link to this thread!  

Re: Foundation Matches

thanks!! I thought that was really cool how a lot of the matches were similar haha. 

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I absolutely love this idea. I haven't worn the Mac studio fix foundation in years but every time I reference my skin tone I mention my NC42 shade of seasons past. I will get back to you on my shades and brands.

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Mufe 120 (current perfect match), Pur Minerals light tan, Tarte Amazonian Clay light (winter), Smashbox 15hr 1.1 (winter and still a tad too pink but wearable). I'm guessing I would match to Mufe 117 in winter also. 

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