Favorite BB Creams

I recently tried a few BB creams, and I think i like them more than tinted moisturizers. I want to get a BB cream once I am done with my current tinted moisturizer and I am wondering whay everyones favorite BB cream is.  I want to find something with decent coverage (light to medium coverage) and something that has skin benefiting ingredients.  Any suggestions?


Re: Favorite BB Creams

My favorite one is Diorskin nude bb for light cvg and a little glow from within, for more cvg the SB cc. I did  get the SB bb in the travel size during their fnf sale figuring i would like it as well but ive only tried it on my hand. it feels more hydrating so im saving it for fall.


I just got a sample a few days ago of the guerlain lingerie de peau and theres something so luxurious about this bb. even when i sent my friend a pic of this she couldn't quite name the finish. def think il be purchasing the fs. Its got a light-med cvg thats buildable and adjustable but only comes in 2 shades. all my bbs are in shade light with the exception of dior which is fair, the 2nd shade is yellow toned of 4.. and bobbi brown fair which is the 3rd shade of 5. 


Re: Favorite BB Creams

I second all the ladies that said Smashbox Camera Read BB, this is the one I keep buying...


Re: Favorite BB Creams

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image.jpgHrmm! Three come to mind!

Smashbox BB cream, Skin79 and Shiseido!image.jpg


Re: Favorite BB Creams

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I also like the Dr Jart+ Premium BB cream. It's my everyday one and I don't know if this is just in my head but I feel like it helps my blemishes heal faster. (I really want to try the Black Label one now though)


Another one I like is the Smashbox one, but I don't know if it has skin benefiting ingredients. I feel like this one has more coverage though.


Re: Favorite BB Creams

I like the Dr Jart+ Premium BB cream.  It's a good color match for me.  I just bought their sampler set so that I have a smaller tube for travel and I can check out the other versions, too.  (I know I liked the small store sample I had of the Black Label Detox.)  I agree, though, that you really need to see how the colors work for you.  But if you can't go to the store, the sampler set might be something worth trying to see if it works for you.


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I got a sample of Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream that I'm really liking. It really evens out my skin tone enough that I just need to use a little bit of concealor on my "problem areas" :smileywink:

I liked the Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB for awhile, but I've noticed that the color just isn't quite right (it's a "one shade fits all" kind of bb) and can't use it anymore.


I also recommend something that you can color match that has a bunch of different shades... the one shade fits all ones are very hit or miss.


Re: Favorite BB Creams

I, too, love Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream in Light!  I also tried Smashbox's CC cream, debating over which one to purchase.  The CC cream seemed to have less coverage and not as mattifying as the BB cream.  I have oily skin and live in the South.  So finding something that stays on in the heat but doesn't feel like your smothering under your makeup (I call it the "greenhouse effect!")  is very important to me.  Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream does last in the heat but also doesn't feel heavy and suffocating.


The amazing thing is how great my skin looks when I'm not wearing makeup!  Since I've been wearing Smashbox BB cream, I have not had any breakouts, my skin tone has improved, and my skin texture is soft and smooth.  There are days that I throw on Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Nude, but I feel I'm robbing my skin the benefits of this BB cream!


Re: Favorite BB Creams

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I've tried a few.  


I liked the Too Faced Beauty Balm for a while.  It provides light coverage that evened out my skin tone and beautified my face.  It had a bit of luminous glow to it which I liked except as warmer weather came it started to look more shiny.  The colors aren't necessarily the best, but it still worked for me.  I'm fair/light and wore vanilla glow.  It didn't really have much for benefits.  


Next I tried the Tarte BB Tinted Treatment.  This one gives better coverage and no shine.  It really goes on like a primer--silky feel.  I found if my face was dry it would show.  I also found it applied best with a brush.  It didn't have much for skin benefits, but I still like this one.  


And right now contrary to what the others thought I'm really loving Dr. Jart's Black Label Detox.  I find it gives decent coverage without looking like makeup at all.  (With Tarte, I feel like I'm wearing makeup--not because it's heavy, but it has a foundation like coverage)  It covers up my redness and blemishes without being heavy.  If I add my blush on top I really look like I'm glowing.  But best of all, I've noticed when washing my face at night since starting this my skin looks better--brighter, more even, clearer.  But do note that there is only one shade that seems to work for light to medium complexions.  


I'm always trying something new though, but for right now I think  Dr. Jart is my winner followed closely by Tarte.  


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I have tried all the Dr. Jart bb creams.  My favorite is the Renewalist (in the red bottle).  It provides the most coverage, so good job at evening skin tone without looking too foundation-y.  It also has a pretty high spf (40).  


I also have tried the Garnier and did not like it at all.  It made my face too oily and break out.  I also found that the color did not match my skin tone.


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I love love love love my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.  It evens out my skin tone and provides a great base for my makeup.  My only complaint is that it doesn't hold up in the hot weather.


I've also tried Dr. Jart's Black Label and it is good but not amazing.  It's a little more matte than the Smashbox so I like it in the hot weather.


I've also tried Garnier BB Cream and I feel like that made my skin look dead, though all the people I asked about it said it looked fine.  There was just something about it though that didn't work for me.


Re: Favorite BB Creams

I have tried Dr. Jart's Black Label Detox - don't hate it but it doesn't seem any better than the Maybelline one I picked up at the drugstore


and Dr. Brandt - hate


Re: Favorite BB Creams

None.  I haven't found any to be worth the hype.

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