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Hello everyone! :smileyhappy: My name is Mila, and I wanted to ask you guys about BB creams!


What's your favorite BB cream from Sephora? Does it offer good coverage for a BB cream? How does it feel and look on your face? And does it look good throughout the day? I'm trying to find a BB cream that has a decent amount of coverage and can make my skin have a more even tone.


My skin type is normal to oily. I have acne, open pores, and red spots on my face that I'd like to cover up. What would you recommend for me?


Thank you for reading this question! I'm sorry if it seemed like I was playing 20 Questions, haha! I'm looking forward to answers! <3



Re: ♦ Favorite BB Cream? ♦

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What's your favorite BB cream from Sephora?

the only 2 Bb creams I've tried were by smashbox and ud. Those bb creams were too orangey for my skin tone so i lean more to korean bb creams which provides more coverage for my acne and redness. They also have spf and other benefits.


Does it offer good coverage for a BB cream?

I feel that american bb creams are good for almost perfect skin or as a primer.


How does it feel and look on your face?

Orangey, not natural and you can still see my acne and some redness


does it look good throughout the day?

it fades over a period of time and shows my flaws.

I recommend getting the skin79 pink or gold bb cream if you have acne, redness, large pores etc. you can purchase them on pretty and cute, amazon, ebay, etc <3.
Good luck!


Re: ♦ Favorite BB Cream? ♦

I'm not a huge fan of American BB Creams - I tend to enjoy using MISSHA & The Face Shop BB Creams more, just because they have more benefits for acne-prone skin, IMO.


If I had to pick a BB Cream in Sephora, I'd pick the UD BB Cream, I only sampled it, but that minty smell and sheer texture seemed perfect for my skin! I might pick it up next time I'm in store.


If you're looking for something for acne prone skin, try out MISSHA's Perfect Cover BB Cream. It's got excellent coverage!


Good luck!


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I have tried several BB creams, high end and drugstore. The one I always turn to is Dr. Jart's Premium BB cream. I love the formula and the coverage. It is the only one that I don't break out from.



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I like Smash-box photo ready BB cream I finished it and bought a second because I really liked it.





Re: ♦ Favorite BB Cream? ♦

I LOVE the Dr. Jart Black Label Detox BB.  It only works for fair-medium skin though.  It gives me good coverage and seems to leave my skin in better condition too.  I wear it whenever I don't want a full face of foundation, but I honestly think my makeup looks just as good on days when I use the BB.  


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Honestly I don't really recommend American BBs for Oily skin. I have combo skin leaning a bit on the oily side with rare breakouts and every American BB I've ever tried just feels greasy and sticky on my face and makes me break out. Very unpleasant. BBs don't give very good coverage either. However if your skin leans more on the Normal side then hopefully you find one that you're happy with :smileyhappy:


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I like the one from Clinique because of its ingredients. It gives sheer-medium coverage.

Clinique - Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30


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