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I have been using Smashbox oilfree face primer for awhile, it works great but still a little dry on my skin..


dont' get me wrong l'm not looking for moisturzier/highlighter/primer all in one...l put moisturizer on my face and eyecream on my eyes before any primer


l looked @ Tarte's Clean Slate and Boscia's skin perfecting primer and they seem to have amazing reviews so l was thinking maybe l should try it out...which one do you think is better?

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Both primers you mentioned are great products! Another one that I would definitely recommend checking out is Houglass Veil Mineral Primer. This mineral based primer is an oil free, waterproof primer with an SPF 15. It leaves skin feeling like velvet and feels incredible under make up. Very little goes a long way but the benefits this product gives is many! This is a stample in my PRO kit as well as in my personal make up bag. Go into your local Sephora and ask them for a sample of a few different primers and see which product works best with your skin and which one feels the most comfortable on as well. Hope this helps!!





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I've tried hourglass and it feels so nice on ur face...I had to go with that one after I tried a sample.

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I've tried a bunch of different primers, and I actually keep a few different ones, depending on what kind of result I want for the day.  I've used Smashbox and been happy with it, but I recently tried the Hourglass and it is super nice too.  I also have fresh Twilight Freshface Glow when I want a little extra glow, and when I want to emphasize my pink undertones I'll use Benefit's "That Gal".


I would recommend you get lots of samples if you can get to a Sephora location, and try them to see what you like.  Smiley Happy

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I use Urban Decay's Primer. I found it's not greasy for me. But I do have oily skin. I hope this healps. Smiley Happy

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I will only use Stila One Step Correct. It has a three in one serum that color corrects, brightens, and highlights. So pretty much eberything a primer can do! And you can put anything on top of it. I use it before concealer and foundation. It helps the foundation not look so cakey and my concealer goes on a lot easier. Its a little pricey, but I am on my third bottle because its just that good!

One Step CorrectStila One Step Correct

Check out the link! Hope this helps! Smiley Wink

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Have you tried the Smashbox Hydrating Oil-Free Primer? It has a lot more moisture than the original primer and is my favorite primer. Sephora always gives free samples so i'd say give that one a try! Also maybe switching moisturizers would help with the dryness you're experiencing. 

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I've never used Smashbox so I can't really compare them. But I have used the Sephora Brand Primer, MUFE, and Tarte. Overall I'd say the Tarte and MUFE are the best. They are both really moisturizing. I Don't really have a preference over either. They price is about the same but I like that Tarte is natural products. The best benefit of MUFE is that you can get colors to help with your skin tone/ type. I haven't tried Boscia so I can't really say anything about it. I would try to get samples from Sephora and see which ones you like the best.

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I agree with Triciaann12, Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer is the best.

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