Diorskin Nude vs. Forever compact powdered foundation?

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Now that summer is coming up, I am thinking of switching to powdered foundationn. I went to a Sephora store the other day and a staff member recommended me the Dior powdered foundation. I have tried both the Nude and Forever on my face and they both feel so nice and smooth!


I have read reviews saying that both are good for combo skin. I have combo skin - slightly dry cheeks with normal t zone. I do expect that my skin will get a bit more oily as the temperature rises here. I also live in a humid climate.


My question is... what are the differences between the two?

- texture?

- coverage?
- long-lasting?

- finish? matte/satin/natural?

- what skin types?


Also, I am wondering how long the comapct itself would last?


Appreicate your inputs! Thanks!! Smiley Happy


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